Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Large Hibiscus Blooms

Here is 5 bushes of these large hibiscus, I am not sure but think these are called "Rose of Sharon" but than I might be wrong as I have another bush, but now looks like a tree that could be my "Rose of Sharon..It's been so long..but will find the right name for them

Dh woke me before he left for work so I would not miss all these blooms..and looks like there is going to be a lot more..with all the rain and me or dh watering every day helps a lot this year with all my flower plants and bushes...I am going to make a small quilt out of this for sure, it is so pretty and might have the while one below some how in the same quilt...they are hugs...this one is taken farther away than I normally do but got a real dark photo so I had to back a bit..it is about 6 inches..but my real hibiscus on the deck isn't that much smaller..they keep on producing flowers every day..my red and peach hibiscus.
Here is the white one and it is starting to open up..but had to get a photo..just lovely..Only one left and that is the "Rose of Sharon bush and that I wait to fall to see what might surprise me and come up again..maybe nothing..lol

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