Friday, August 31, 2007

Wire and Bead Rings

What fun these were to do up today. I made 5 of them, these are only 3 of them. but you can get the idea. The only one that has more tiers is the Swarovski crystal peridot ring. It looks like a cocktail ring. I also made a red/gold stone and lilac number 6 bead ring.
I also worked on my Flower Challenge tonight. I added 3 buds and leaves. Now for the sewing and than I can work on the journal quilt. I may not make it on it but will give it a shot. After all it is an art quilt that I have wanting to make one way or another.

We are not going to be in the Times magazine

Anne sent me and sis an email and they cut the paragraph of us out. She had a 6 page layout and cut it down to 4 pages. I did notice they had another set of twins in there. So I won't be buying the Times for sure. Very disappointing but I will get over it. It was fun at the time. Anne had no control over it. Thank you Anne anyway.

Felted Pin Cushion made

I have been wanting to do this for a long time and finally did it last night. I just love it. I love the way the colors are. I added 3 rows of beads to the side. It is 2 and half inches wide and 3 inches in the round. I did not think it would take a lot of wool roving but to me it did. I am going to make small beads and also a larger pin cushion later on.
Here is a side view. I used smaller beads around the middle, so it can so one can easily pick it up. I love the color on the outside.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A bunch of goodies in mail today

Today being my birthday, these items could not have come on a better day.
I received this post card from Denise Spanos from a post embellish group. I just love sandals and love the embroidery with felting. thank you
These swaps are from 10 other girls from the ARTBits group run by Diane Becker. I have put their tags up front so that you can read them their names. They are just awesome..thank you all. There are 50 of them. I sent in 10 sets of 5 and get back 10 sets back.
This is purse Phyllis McKay made for me in a swap in my group FabricPalsPostCard group. It is awesome. It looks like something I would buy in a store. She did some embroidery on this purse and it looks great...below is the detail of the embroidery..Now I see why you did not want to part with glad it is Thank you so much love and hugs.

Cigarette Silk ATCs collection

I have started making copies of my cigarette silks and making ATCs out of them with beaded work. This is my first one and finished it last night. She is Nioeris. I will be adding to this as I finished one. I have 25 of them. I just love these.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fabric ATC received

I received this today in the mail from Dot in Australia for a group swap-metal. She said it was her first and wasn't sure if she did it right, You did just great and loved it. I love Oriental themes as I have a Chinese heredity. Thank you so kindly for it. I love it..

Havent' felt good for a few day and chat

I haven't post anything as I have not felt good with two new meds I have been given by the doctor. One is tricort, cholesterol med and ear drops.. the later one is the worse, as my head feels like it is going to fall off.
I have done a few things in the last few days. I sat at the dinning room table and rolled my fibers/yarn into balls. all of 139 skeins. it took almost two day but nothing I felt like doing standing up and did not want to be in bed the whole time. I have an under the bed container, with the skeins fluff up like you buy them, I could only get about 38 in it and had baggies all over the place and one huge container full..and it was all knotting up on me..So my organization list has one less to do..yeah. I got 97 skeins of the novelty 50 grams in this container and the rest of the yarn are over 3 oz and larger went into the larger this will works for me.
I still have a few more on the list but I think I will tackle the one that will take longer to do. that is taking photos of what is in all of my containers and setting them on the table and than print it out and put that on the outside of the container...this way I do not have to move it or take it out and it will be so much easier to work around. I will add a photo of the container with the 97 skeins so you all can see what I am talking about later..just edit this post lol

Friday, August 24, 2007

What Jewelry Dad and step mother made and others

These are jewelry my dad made me while we were there in Hawaii in the early eighties. He and his wife, Helen, made jewelry for the tourist and did catering on the side for parties. This is after they retired..what a way to live. She died in 2001 in Dec and my dad died Jan of 2002. she of diabetes complications and my dad of lung cancer.
The Black necklace and bracelet are called Kuki nuts. It grow on the tree. They have to be hulled open and then you have the nut. My Dad showed me the process. You have to shine the nut and drill, which is hard if you do not have a drill press. He told me that the Kuki Nut tree had one white nut and it is very rare to get. He never did get to make one as it takes a lot of nuts as you can see to make a necklace. He also made jewelry out of shells they would get on the sandy beaches near where he lived, Haleiwa. Where Tom Selleck made his TV show, Magnum PI..he would see his red car go by and they would stop traffic while filming. On of course is a regular shell necklace. On has a shell on a gold pendant. The others are tree seeds of the trees of Hawaii, I of course have forgotten the names of them and the paper work I had on them is lost. but I have not worn any of these since being back. I only wore these in Hawaii with my muumuus The were on the island of Oahu where we were on Kauai, my dh was stationed on PMRF Barking Sands. ( got this name because of long ago when walking along the shore on the sand it would sound like a dog barking. lol)
This is the necklace my step mother Helen made me while there also. This is a rare seed bead. She said her and dad would go to the swampy areas to find these and gather as much as they can. I did not really believe her till I left Hawaii and someone at the airport offered me $300 for my necklace. She made it so large, It measures 48 inches long, I wrapped it around my neck twice and it hangs down to my waist line. very pretty one. I am fortunate to have all these.
This is a POP bead necklace that my step grandmother Ruth gave to me when I was nine years old. Can you believe it, it still pops of and on. I will have had it after next week, 50 years. A classic for or is it an antique!!??
These were made from the Hawaiians of Nihau,. My girlfriend hired 3 of the men and women to make these for me. The real thing for a pukka necklace. She did not want to buy one of those made in the store. It took them 24 hours and she wasn't sure it they were going to be done before we flew back to the mainland. I have never wore them either. When I return to Hawaii I will. one

New Jewelry and chat

Made this specially for Donna to put into her purse. I made it a bit larger and she can always remove some of them to fit. One thing about making bracelets, unless you their sizes it is hard to make it permanent.
I made this for a swap in a group class about making jewelry and now awaiting her address to mail it. Those are Swarovski peridot crystals and the drop is glass that is foiled line. I use stretch cord..this way she can cut it to make it fit. I will make on for me and sis as I just love this one to and that is our birth stones for the month of August.
I also made a bottle tab bracelet for sis as I am planning on mailing her package to her tomorrow before the post office closes at 2 Pm..
I am not clear of any deadlines till a few swaps closes for Sept. I do have 2 ATC swaps to do and will make them next week while dh is on vacation. May not do much as we might do a lot of running around and that wears me but do need to cut fabrics for my art quilt, journal one.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Received post card and 2 ATCs today

I received this post card from Marian from the Uk today and it is so lovely. I love butterflies. This is from my group. thank you!
I received these from Jean in the UK Embellisher group today. Jean put them in a protective sleeve for ATCs I guess, I will have to get some. I am always trying to find ways to protect them in the envelopes. I am still making ATCs and charms but very little post cards, I just have to many and do not know what to do with them as they are in boxes now and they are taking up more they will end probably in my attic or shed, protected the best way I can and reminisce with them at an older thank you kindly Jean.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sis and I in the Times Magazine

My sister and I will both be in an article written by Ann Kreamer. It will be in the Time Magazine coming out on labor day weekend. It is about dyeing hair. I found it to be interesting and fun. The reason I volunteer was at that time about 3 or 4 weeks ago I was contemplating whether or not to dye my hair as it has been 3 to 4 months, think the later. I had a about 4 inches of gray showing. Well, when sis and I went on the Web Cam and saw her gray hair, she hasn't dyed hers in over an year. I knew I had to dye it and I did the very next So when volunteers were asked for in the quiltart group I thought why not....Ann asked to interview my sis too besides me..So if you are interested pick up a Times Magazine and read about it. There are other volunteers too. Ann has a website and her URL is thank you Ann we had a ball.

Sissy Mary Fairy

I just made this with sis on the web cam showing her how to do one. I am done and she is still doing hers. This is another birthday present for her. She wanted a lot of yellow feathers for her wings..Happy Birthday to you and me...on August 29. We will be **&^^% 59 and boy do I feel

Purse and Extension table for HuskyStar ER10 machine

Purse is done. I started out with two 8 x10 pieces of fabric, iron interfacing on it. Than I thread played with 3 different holographic thread, gold, teal and pink. I did star shooting with the pink and blue, and curly loops with the gold..Took about 2 hours. I had 2 smaller pieces also that I did and used one for the flap. Than I beaded the front with pink and teal beads on few of the tails from the stars. This took almost 3 hours as I beaded them 3 times to make sure they were secure because it is a purse and it will be getting some usual treatment than other items that are beaded. Then another 6 hours trying to figure out how to put the darn thing together..I did not want to look at a pattern so a lot of guessing and taking out but I did it. Could not find any of my hand dyed silks or silks that are ready for dyeing, it is in a box all by itself, another job to St Tony, lol, Anthony Once I had it all figured out it was such a breeze. Sewed the handle while I sewed the inside lining and front together, was wondering if it was going to work and it did..So now I have made my first purse. Now I used make draw sting bags for my sons when they were little for their marbles and toys but it is not the same. I will put this out in the mail on Sat. I hope she likes it.. 8-23
Here is the purse that I am still working on. Was gone most of the day yesterday and was tooooo tired to work on anything yesterday.. When I got home my extension table package was leaning against the door. What shock me was it was a smoke color and thought they were that dh has seen what they look like, he can make my others for me. I am so glad he is a handy dandy man, lol It is huge, it will take most of table and now have to find a place for my cutting area...not sure what I will do as I like having this area for cutting so I might move it under the designing board and just place the ironing area away and pick it up when needed.

This is in the makings right now. I was going to use a pattern but found it was taking me time if I did my own. I took some card stock cut out an 8x10 rectangle.Cut out a 10 inch piece and fold it in half for the flap. Cut 2 inch strips that I will use like rope and add a string of beads and fibers on it for the handles. Right now it is not sew together as I am beading the tails of the stars in 2 different placed. Hanging from the flap will be some beads or tassels that I will make myself. This is due Sept. 1st. Keeping fingers cross that I can get it done. well actually I have to get it done so I can have a free peace of mind not having any other deadlines to meet for my journal and other two quilts to make. I can make all of these in a weeks time for the journal quilt has to be first at it has to be mailed, plus have to have the statement laminated, photos done properly where as the other I just need photos for now. whew..
I received my second lesson for the fairies and this will have to wait it is little bitty pouches to house your fairies, I have 9 of them right now and not I am making sis one for her birthday and just printed up her face to be the fairy, how cute it small. lol

Monday, August 20, 2007

Fabric ATC Metal swap-Red and two other colors ATC

I started out with red fabric, but knew I wanted to do the three colors of red white and black. It did not go well with me so. I use black and a check print than added the red..It is red with two other colors.
Did the two more but with smaller metal heads, that is all I had. I have added a blue background.

These are due on the 27th so I figure I better get them done and out in the mail. It is for a group called fabricard run by Martha Rose Bond, a truly wonderful person. I did get to meet her and her dh in person in Nashville.
It really felt good doing them. This is a metal swap for a QTC..Quilted ATC.. I made them so they can use them for a fun pendant if they like. I have always loved working with metals. This is far the easiest I have done, but fun. Enjoy them girls.
Whoops I have to make two more. I got the swap mixed up. lol it will be a differnt background though.

Seasonal Fairies and my nieces

The top photo is my Christmas and Fall Fairies. and below is my summer fairy. Summer fairy is dedicated to my friend, Donna, who died in May, she loved yellow and summer very much. I am going to add more to her but not sure yet, it has to be extra special. I had all these supplies for these fairies but had forgotten about them. When I woke from my nap this afternoon, I just did not feel like working on my journal quilt. boy can not wait till it is done. I guess because dh is home and do not want to be
For you Donna!!
Thes are my Haley fairy, above and Katie fairy below. You can hardly see their faces as the half moon glass was putting out a glare that I could not get out of both photos. But this is from a photo of them both together. I used feathers as there wings. Added butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs and a heart, for the love I have for my nieces. If you click on the photos you get a larger image to see them better.
I have two armatures left. I will make them later one as we now will make pockets for them either tonight or tomorrow night, forgot which night the class will These can be very

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Red and Purple Fairies done-Green added

My last fairy, I use petals from potpourri and it worked. I used rainbow lame for the wings. I love them all and look forward to make more later one.
Finished my green one. I crocheted the background for the head of the fairy. Used lutador for the wings, I did bead the red and green fairies on the bottom. I have to go and need a break. I do not have silk flowers or anything accessories as I gave them away many years ago when I was done doing my own displays for my booth. Now I wish I had all of Will buy a little bit just so that I have them. I made 11 bodies and will need something to decorate them with.

I finished the red and purple fairies. I could not find my left over purple poppies for the purple fairy but found some lace and beaded it and added rainbow spun (lutador) for the wing with Angelina fibers punch on. The red is some vintage sequins bought at vintage store in Northport Fla by my little sister Patti. so I just used hot glue and went around till a flower is formed. I used rainbow lame that is crinkled.
It took me most of the night since finishing the heads to paint 8 polymer clay faces. Nothing like my ceramics or others that are poured into a mold and comes out really neat and clean. These were uneven and the eyes did not match one another..that tells me I have to do more practicing with but they are cute and have a personality..I am not sure if I have another lesson or not in this class. I will ask Carol today. lol

Friday, August 17, 2007

My new class and loving it

I am taking a Pocket Full of Fairies with Carol Murphy at I did not know how to add photos on the class so I put them here for now.. These are bodies for my fairies. The one on the left was suppose to be black for a witch but could not find the black fiber for it and this is the closet I could come to she will be a pretty now I will add the faces when I get done painting them as I have some polymer clay faces already done. I will than make my purple-a poppy, the pink, a pansy, the green- haven't decided yet but will. I will make the wings out of crinkle lame in the rainbow colors..
It is good to get away to something so much fun once in awhile. I had to as my journal quilt has me all in a Once I get it figured out I will be okay, but have to do some experimenting with different techniques I have never done and this is what I get for waiting till last minute to do my art quilts that all are due in Sept. but it keeps me on my toes, sorta of

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My friend in Hawaii-Breast Cancer

I called my friend, Chermain Ropozo, in Hawaii to wish her a "Happy Birthday" today. Of course I woke her up..I do have the tendency to do this to it was 6:45 and 11:45 I found out she just recently got back from going through radiation treatments for her breast cancer on Oahu, She lives in Kauai, where we were stationed at while there. They caught it early so just radiations. I felt so bad, as I haven't called her for such long time. Before Fr. Rick's death. She did not he had died. She was waiting for me to call her so she could get my phone number and address as she lost her addresses and also told she can never remember how to spell my name. but this won't happen again. I will call her every month from now on, no matter how busy or what time it is..Friends are hard to come by. Happy Birthday my dear friend..

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Recycle Bold Bracelet made out of soda can tabs

I made this the last few nights. I had to wait till I had enough tabs. It is not a good photo. I can not wait for my camera to come back in. It was one of Sony's camera with a defect. I am getting a lot of images with blurred visions and tried to fix it but I guess I am doing something wrong. This is made with stretched elastic cord. I saw this on the Jewelry show on DIY, they don't seem to showing it anymore. really a bummer. Looks really bold on. not bad. I am going to collect more to make a belt.
I have been working on doing my sketches for my journal quilt and flower challenge in between making some jewelry. I am still practicing the tube crochet with beads and boy it is not easy. No matter how easy it looks in the book. for me to say that it has to be hard. I am now practicing with pony beads and sports weight yarn. Still not that easy. I have made a pair of earrings to go with my green fiber bracelet and necklace. So will have as set to wear soon.
The bad news, my dh is going to be selling on eBay soon and I am not going to be ready for selling my jewelry. I will not till I can master some of the parts of jewelry makings. At lease he will be set up when I am ready.
Little Katie saw her photo and her coloring page and my niece, Leah, told me that she was smiling so big. I got to talk to her and she wanted to know where her necklace was that she saw on here...not realizing that her mom had it..

Monday, August 13, 2007

Photo of Katie and From Katie

This is my favorite photo of Katie, Go Slugger..LOL
This is what Katie made for Uncle Terry and me last night. I told her I was going to put it on my blog. Here it is Katie. love you, Aunt Lorraine

Pony Beads bracelets, bracelet for Katie and chat

I made this two pony beads bracelet to practice on crocheting on a thicker wire. I like this pony beads, they have larger holes.. I am out of clasp so they will have to wait till I get more. This weekend I will go shopping. With our hot and I mean hot weather, I will not venture out much more than to sun bath every morning for about 10.
I have psoriasis on both calves and elbow and it is right now with me not driving the only way to keep it down. I did not last two years..but this year I am..boy am I getting dark. lol I know at my age I should not be, but what is a gal gonna do when she does not drive to go the tanning booth. The tanning booth in a month it would be gone..about 15 minutes twice a week. It is the Ultra rays I think that does that or something that the tanning booth does. Where in the sun I need an hour of 15 in the tanning booth.
I made this little necklace for my great niece Katie Duggar who is in the hospital. She had her tonsils and adenoids removed on Thursday. She was an out patient but ended going to emergency room and was admitted Friday. She was in a lot of pain and was dehydrated. Yesterday she was put on IVs. My dh and I went to visit her last night. She was doing a little better but still was not drinking enough. I made a very tiny bracelet to match and will give it to her when she is hope safe and sound. I love you Katie. When she would visit me, we would go to my fridge where I have a huge magnetic sheet on the front and draw..when we are doing our thing, we hear or nor see no one xxoo to you Katie. She is at the LaBonner Hospital. A great one too.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Cloth bracelet and crocheted button pendant wire fiber chain

Finished this today. I made two of them. One with crochet thread for my third finger and this one for my ring finger on the left hand. I like this one much better as I put 3 layers of beads on top. very cool looking. Now for a green outfit will surely set the pace for me. lol.
I finally finished these last night, I notice one is the left one. I need to buy me some 14 k gold wires to wear these or sterling I have a set. 8-16

I made this last after a few tries at trying to design my own crocheted bracelet and rings. And I decided to play with some buttons, which I have not done yet. It was a bit hard but here it is and it is a very pretty piece in person. It is a large button with huge holes. I put the crochet needle and grab the crochet thread from the back and beaded it also. This part took about an hour and half..very tedious but worth it. Than I crocheted a crocheted chain and did not like it and decided to crochet some of my green wonderful fiber around some lime green wire and here it is.
I did this the other night and most of yesterday beading 3 types of beads and colors on this cloth. It is really glitzy and feels very soft to touch. I still have to add the ribbon in the back. All of my crocheted items I will add ribbon on the backs so it looks finished. but not the rings, kinda hard for them as I tried dahhhhhhh..
Here is a close of my glitzy cloth bracelet and its beads and holographic threading to add to it.
I have kept myself busy. I also did pin basting and basting with thread on my novelty quilt and now waiting to go see mom to be sure it is done correctly, photo below added to the pieces that are shown cut up. It still does not look right to
Good news, I have lost 12 lbs and my sugar levels are just great..and it has only been 2 weeks since I have been to doctors. I have not done much exercises but a lot of every time I do try I end up laid up with my knee in pain. I wish I could get on the thread mill like I use to. I used to do the hula and dancercise every morning till I had knee surgery and its been 2 years ago on my birthday this month, 29th. Sis had her knee surgery and she is fine, she does not use a cane either. I am wondering if it is all due to fact that I am diabetic..but doubt it.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Novelty Quilt started twin size

Here is the novelty quilt. Not a great photo but the camera batteries went out and was lucky to be able to get this one. I am having mine fixed by Sony as it had a defect and this is my son's camera. I have never seen a camera that uses so many batteries..
I spent about 4 hours at mom's yesterday and sewed, ripped out stitches and sewed and ripped out I kept sewing them in the wrong place. Mom would help pin it and give to me and somehow sewed on the wrong sides. after awhile we both wanted to throw it in garbage..but we kept on going. It was not her doing. As she did her pink mock up in no time and we took, the two of us, 4 hours..such an easy and simple design if you know where to sew. Oh the below piece was all basted by me all wrong. Mom took one look at when I got there and said you have to take it all out, it is wrong..what a way to begin a day. Above I still have the 2 pieces on the top and bottom to sew plus the 3 pieces on each side which I am about to do this evening and Now I just love it and am going to do another one and spend the day with mom on Sunday to finish the At lease I will have mine to look at. I do not know how you traditional quilters work on those smaller piece..and I am wanting to do my Watercolor pieces so bad. This is from a class with Carol Miller and those pieces are 1 inch but pretty..I have them all in order of rows and been sitting in a baggie all this time over 3 years. I tried it for a bit and got really I never picked it up
Here are the pieces basted in rows. I sure hope it looks better than this, lol. I tried my best to get the colors even distributed but looks like I did not. I will worry about that later. I did notice a few of my prints are going sides ways..oh well. lol Better next time, if there is a next time. Only time will tell if I like doing this type of quilting. lol
I am feeling so good not having any deadlines that you sign up for in a swap and have to commit to those. Challenges are great. They are not written in blood and can get out of them. Classes, all of the ones I have taken, you can do them a your now it is my play time to do as I please and I am. I had forgotten about a class I am taken till I got my notice about the supply list and this starts on the 14Th...only two lesson..this should be fun, all about faeries..lover of faeries

I cut these pattern pieces all day yesterday. I am going to try and make another traditional quilt. This will be my second one ever. My first was was for Fr. Rick. and that was a queen size..maybe that is why I never made another one. lol (I often wonder who ended up with it.) These are my novelty prints that I bought for post carding the last year and half. I do not use that much novelty prints so now I am trying to to get rid of them any way I can. It is taking up a whole shelf in my closet. I did not even make a tiny dent. So I have a long way to go. I do not plan on making any more post cards. My Mom will be using my stash to make 3 twin size quilts so hoping this will help lower my stash. But I doubt it. My closet is a 4x8 and it is nothing but fabric from top to bottom with shelves in a U shape and a space to walk into it. Plus I need to add all the fabrics I bought to do a class with Christopher Nejman and not doing it now but have such lovely fabrics that are in bags now as there is no more room for them. Now here's hoping they will go together for me. They have points on I have not even repeated a print in quilt. Mom said it will be like a crazy quilt and she thinks it will be pretty. I hope so. I will start sewing them tomorrow or the next day. I have to prepare myself for Maybe this will get me in gear to do those art quilts that are due in September.


I made this choker over the weekend in between being domestic getting ready for a birthday gathering for dil on Sat and Sunday. I crocheted a flat button and added the same beads for closure. The picture does not show this well. I made the crocheted rings today. These are for my sister and I, pinkie
I made this on Friday night for my sister and I. A huge glass bead for a a pendant that you can just throw on before going to town. I used black elastic cord and have worn mine since and haven't event taken it off except for showering. Very comfortable. Do not even know you have it on.
My green fuzzy bracelet below was not a hit with my family, they asked me what it was. Dil said it look like a huge furry bug. It just happens to my favorite for now. Can not please everyone. lol

Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Summer blooms

Update. These are also called naked ladies but the real name of them are lycoirs. Here is an url to view them in their glory. (8-12)
These flowers are called Surprise Lilies. In the spring a bunch of long leaves would grow but no flowers and than die off. Than in the summer months, these lovely lilies pop up every where. We bought this house in 1986. The lady grew these in front of all the flowers beds. After a few years we would get so tired of those leaves taken over the flower garden and pull them out and throw them in the back yard down the hill. We would fine them growing down there too. Now they are not longer there but we still have them. I love them now..and let them do there thing. The are bulbs plants.
This is a Rose of Sharon I have had growing in on the corner of the south side of my home now for about 8 years. It is a huge bush now. We trim it but it get bushier and bushier during the summer. These flower can get as big about 4-5 inch spread. They are so pretty doing the hot summer to see both of these flowers popping up. My hydrangea did not make it this year, I figure as much as last year they did not do well either. I will more in the fall and plant them as I must have them for the wonderful flower blooms.

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