Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Summer blooms

Update. These are also called naked ladies but the real name of them are lycoirs. Here is an url to view them in their glory. (8-12)
These flowers are called Surprise Lilies. In the spring a bunch of long leaves would grow but no flowers and than die off. Than in the summer months, these lovely lilies pop up every where. We bought this house in 1986. The lady grew these in front of all the flowers beds. After a few years we would get so tired of those leaves taken over the flower garden and pull them out and throw them in the back yard down the hill. We would fine them growing down there too. Now they are not longer there but we still have them. I love them now..and let them do there thing. The are bulbs plants.
This is a Rose of Sharon I have had growing in on the corner of the south side of my home now for about 8 years. It is a huge bush now. We trim it but it get bushier and bushier during the summer. These flower can get as big about 4-5 inch spread. They are so pretty doing the hot summer to see both of these flowers popping up. My hydrangea did not make it this year, I figure as much as last year they did not do well either. I will more in the fall and plant them as I must have them for the wonderful flower blooms.

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