Saturday, August 4, 2007

More beaded works

Made some flobs ?? not sure if this is what they are called, last night. Need some ratification right These are so easy. But did not have any of the those "thingies" to put them on my scissors so used round rings. It works for now.
My Hunky Bead bracelet. Another I have worn this to bed and just love it. Just plain old beading on wire. Using some of those big huge beads to make room for
This is my latest, about an hour ago, finished crocheted Hunky green crocheted bracelet. I have larger beads than seed beads in between the shell beads. I use macrame knots to make this button. It is fun using old techniques that hasn't been used in a long time. I really love this one. It is a lot larger than the others and that is more me.
I am knitting my beaded bracelet but that is going to take some time as using a size 2 needles and haven't used these in I am putting it down more than usual. At least I know what I am doing now.

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