Thursday, October 30, 2008

Celtic table runner-book-chat

New book I received about 2 weeks ago and had not had a chance to put it in my blog. So far I have just glanced at it and so did my dh so I think this book is going to a very used book. Digital Essentails written by Gloria Hansen.
Above is a close up of my Celtic Runner Table Runner, a class taught by Nancy Chong. I blieve there is one coming up this Friday at QU. Below is what it looks like completed with all the appliqueing done. I am going to hand quilting on this piece first, reason I went ahead and finished it even if I had the tuplips and bread fruit ready...
I am suppose to go and pick up my sunglasses this Sat but dh has to work. It has been ready for almost two months..I off course did this on purpose to see they would call..I for sure am not in a hurry for them as I do not go I called yesterday and the receptionist is no longer there and Mrs. Reed and I had a long talk about her..she was responsible for a lot of the orders on my glasses that is why they always had to go back in...anyway I will call tomorrow to see how I can get in there and pick them up and make sure they fit properly...we have been in and out since Dec of last year....
My video card has not come in and no word or email either..we are going to take it back I guess Sunday I am not sure least they are open in the evenings..but I can not wait forever for customer support who is not supporting hopefully in the horizon something good will come out of this mess.
Dishwasher is broke so we are looking around and boy the prices sure went up and all the do dads they have one them is one reason..I just one that will wash and dry them..I have not been without one since 79 and won't stop we are trying to find one without all that new stuff..more than likely a Kenmore...we have one now..the replaceable part is going to cost $200 so we might as well put in another couple of hundred and get a new one.
Tonight I will relax and do nothing else..Hope every one has a Happy Halloween. this is my least of

Classes in spiral blinders-new chair and lamp

Here is my new chair and lamp, both are Thomasville and maybe more money that what you would pay for but worth it for me...the lamp was very expensive but if you look at it, it can move from one chair to the other without moving it around from the bottom..Has a high and low light switch..It is very heavy..My chair is a recliner and love it for relaxing from working with the other chair...and of course my laptop caddy...perfect place to enjoy doing what I enjoy doing, quilting.
Just the chair and laptop caddy up close.

The upper black spiral binders are what I have done plus about 20 on the second shelf....I would not do any quilting and or come online till I was done doing this task..The tool for pushing down and making the holes in the paper was tough but got it all done. I had classes to bind for the last 2 and half years..whew..glad this is also took up spaces on my shelf that I wanted back..for more

My Canopy in my front yard

This is the Canopy my dh put up last weekend with the help with my sons on Sunday to put it has been to cold for me to sit in it..but when it warms up I will for sure be in there..hoping to do some hand quilting or appliqueing under it...This is a closeup and the bottom is the view from my fence.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My finished hand quilting sampler

Here it is my finished hand quilted sampler for Nancy Chong's Hand Quilting class. I do not like white, whole cloth, quilts so I used watercolors with chalking to get a pastel look. It looks a lot better on my designing board than here.. My dh and sons just did not like the white either..they all asked me if I was putting something on it and I say no it is they might like this least it has some color in the middle. Now I can finished up some other quilts that I have to machine quilt, satin stitch, and also get to know my new is will be 2 months on Wednesday since I bought it..lots of hugs, Lorraine

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Miscellaneous photos-threads for new class

These are oriental crackers I found at the commissary. I did not know they had them..we use to eat these as kids in Hawaii. I took this photo to show my sisters as I am sending them a can. They have seaweed wrap ones and seaweed mixed it some of them..very good for a but the peas, they go in the trash...has horseradish on them and as very
These threads are for a new class with joggles with Sharon Boggon called Sumptuous Surfaces which stars on the 28th also bought some linen..I am looking forward to it..we are suppose to start of with neutrals but I am not..I like color period..Have a great evening and Sunday, hugs, Lorraine

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Here are my fabric choices for my tree skirt class

These are believe or not all that I had left over in yards or a little less to do this class so I used what I had. I do not think it will be that bad..but not going out and buying any more till next I have use most of Christmas fabrics with the projects that I have done this this is good. Instead of putting up two huge boxes I will be putting one up with scraps of the I am glad i had them..the only ones left with yardage or yardages is my sheer with different designs on it and I did not like them mixed with these..The blue snowflake is the one I am not happy with but when it is cut up it should not be that bad and it is a tree skirt and will not be hardly seen anyway..Does it look that bad, do you think I should go out and buy another print to add and take away the blue? have a good day, so far I have not received in my email box a notice from HP saying there is a delay so I should get my video card this afternoon..Or I will SCREAM!!! and you all will be able to hear me, lol hugs, Lorraine

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

EQ6 Sampler Bonus Excersises done

I have only put up 3 photos for the bonus exercise we do in Fran's class. I am having a wonderful time doing this. I am hoping sometime today I can play a little with it and try designing my own work.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Here is what I have done on the Holly Leaf Quilt

Updated: I redid this as I could not sew a satin stitch with the holly wreath under neath the leaves. they were so I really like it as the white shows..Just pretend it is on those wire holly leaf Now I will get to satin stitch again tomorrow. hugs,Lorraine

Isn't it pretty. I like my holly leaves a dark green, I have painted them on ceramic, on canvas and etc a dark green. My holly leaf bush outside shows them to be dark too. I did not add the border like we were suppose to as I am going to add fusible interfacing on the back, there is going to be a lot of satin stitching done..I still have some details to add one..I use Mint Fairy Dust fabric for the back ground...Not sure if I was suppose to sew them together now or wait for lesson two..but will if I have time tomorrow.

Tomorrow is EQ6 Bonus, more hand and applique quilting. I still have my Tree skirt fabrics to cut out.

I am also going to try to do the classes that i missed out because of computer trouble on EQ6, it will be fun to play..I am designing a pattern for my Bargello Blues and hope it comes out OK.

Well it is late about 130 so I am heading for bed, will sleep till at least 9 or 930...if I get up earlier the better for me..have a great day, hugs, Lorraine

My Hand Quilting and Laptop table and pin cushion from Sis

This is what I have done so far. I first started out with that poke down and up from the back and than got those slanted threads in the back..but the front was great..I did this last time I took this class and forgot what it does on the back. but than did it the way I was suppose and pretty soon I got the hand of it..but knew when palms where tired, especially the left one..I would go but I did not take it out as it is going to be a reminder..I did get a lot better and every time I would do good stitching I was besides
This is the best I could do for the backing, it just did not want to photo very well, but if you look closer, by clicking and getting a larger photo, you can see the slanting stitches and my better ones..boy do I have a long way to it is relaxing once you stop biting you lip or holding your
This is my laptop table that I bought and lay my hoop on it for has saved my a lot more pain in my hands..I can still have my left hand under to feel the needle and my main hand on top. It has wheels so I can go from my sitting chair to recliner and it works wonderfully. I bought is at Walgreen's for $24.99...worth every penny of it...dh uses a laptop so when I bought it he reminded me what it was and told him I did not care because I knew it was going to be great for hand applique and quilting and if it did not work, he would have a Laptop
It measures, 28 tall, 16 inches deep and 24 inches wide..and it rolls, oh sorry, I told you that already, this to me makes the It fits under my chair and recliner so I can bring it in closer too.

Another tool that sissy, Mary Adkins, made me it is a finger pin cushion and boy it sure comes in handy when I am hand appliqueing to put the needles that are no longer needed when finishing appliqueing an is made from a bottle has to be a certain size one, I believe from a water bottle..I hope she makes me a couple more..thank you it..Have a great day all, today I will finished up Ruth's lesson and put that in this evening or tomorrow morning..I have decided that I can hand quilt every other day..or I won't be able to use my hands for a bit..hugs, Lorraine

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My EQ6 Sampler Blocks finished

Here is all my blocks I worked on this late evening and had a ball doing them..I now have the bonus to do and will save it for the middle of the week. This way it will keep me from forgetting it before lesson 2..I probably will have to revert back to the beginning of lesson one...but practice will help me remember what I have done.. Have a great Sunday. hugs, Lorraine

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two Classes at QU

This is a class taught by Nyla Morrison called Fingers of Fire Tree Skirt. I am taking this class as I enjoyed Fancy That so much and I also need a new three skirt..I of course will make mine in Christmas colors.

These are photos of Fran Gonzales's class EQ6 Sampler..this is the first of the series of what she has for EQ6, she has 3 that I know of. I look at these photos and think, am I able to do this? lol

I had a misunderstanding of why I could not put my blog on forums..Carol has explained to me what can happen so it has to be an inactive link and I do but I forget a lot of times but will try and be a good girl at it..not sure about those are active I would think too..I asked her about that as I am going to try it again with a website..I never give
I have done only hand applique this week, trying to get them ready for hand quilting. I am on the last third of my Celtic table runner. should be done with it in a few days if I do not go anywhere..which I might my chair comes in and want to take my new machine, not my Janome, lol, but the newer have it fix..something happened and I do not know, but the needle goes all the way down to the bobbin case. I told dh all I did was turn the knob when I hit the thick area of fabrics by hand and than it started to do that, it is under warranty...I wish so hard that I do not have any problems with any more machines, or I am going to chuck them out the just kidding..but sometimes I could...

Academy of Quilting class that I am taking

I am taking this class with Ruth Blanchet's Academy of Quilting classes that she now offering. I told her I hope there is more to come..which I am pretty sure there will be. Isn't it pretty..You can find this and sign up at It starts on the 18th but we got to sign in today.
I am also taking two other classes but since I can post my blog on the forums anymore, why bother to post them here. But they are EQ6 and Fire of Fingers Tree Skirt. You will be able to view photos of what I do with them here if you are interested. So keep my blog in your favorites if you are in any of the classes at QU..I will not be posting my blog there anymore. I probably only be taking the EQ6 classes next year with QU as that is all that is left for me at this time..the others I have no interest at this moment...and probably won't next year..but I do have a lot of classes that I haven't done that I plan on making so keep on checking my blog to see what I am up too..have a good evening as I am going shopping while I tape my CSI...hugs, Lorraine
Oh I forgot, my chair is in already and will pick it up on Sat as they are only open till 5 and dh doesn't get home till after lease something is making me does have it ups and downs doesn't it, but we still go on..I know I will, I always finds ways to make me happy and smile and keep

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Madder than you know what = HP does not help customers

I received an email and now I have to wait till the 23rd for my video card. I just spent an hour going from here to there and getting nowhere with the customer service from HP. Went to their site and could not find a place where I would like to let others know how they help their customers...make a complaint!! most of them you can not understand what they are saying and having to repeat yourself over and over...and want to get rid of you as soon as they can to someone else..I would like to know why they are having a problem getting video cards..maybe there is a serious problem with them and I would like to know this..I should have taken my computer back to BEST BUY with all my info in there at least maybe I would have had a newer one to work with, but I did not, I did what my dh wanted to do..I will do what I want to do next time... My venting did not make me feel any better, I will have dh to call when he gets home..They said they would call, but they took the easy way out and sent me an email instead..a bunch of you know what!!!

My Tulip Quilt to be hand quilted

Here is my three tulips that I started in Nyla Morrison's class Hand Applique and finished the last one last night. I am putting them together and hanging it vertical. I did not like the horizontal look. I am wondering if I should change the arrangements on them..what do you think, some advice would be great. I thought putting the solid tulips on the bottom and top and mixed in the middle. The red fabric is my binding as I will use borders on these. Have a great day everyone!! hugs, Lorraine

Monday, October 13, 2008

Setting of dinning room table-chat

I finally got to set up my dinning room table for Mom's birthday with my new place mats and she even had her own too. I always have 4 and have to find her one but made one for her too.
Every one just loved it..conversation piece with the recipe on it..something to read while you
I took the sewing machine off and not sure I want to put it back on as it looks so nice to walk into the dinning room and see a pretty setting going on.
Mom's birthday is on Tuesday so we decided to get together last night as Tuesday is a working day and so in Wednesday.
I started out at 430 in the morning, could not sleep but 4 hours, so I cut my Korean spareribs in 3...and brown all the sides. Then I put them in the crock pot with my BBQ sauce and cooked them till 1130 and put it the refrigerator..till I came back from shopping..and put them back in the crock pot..ohhhhhhhh they were good. Along with these ribs we had Fried Rice. A lot of preparations but always worth it. I also made a cake and brownies in the morning. It was a wonderful night..
I did not get any photos and actually was so tired that I did not even think about taking probably would have gotten mad if I took some of her and it was her day...I did not get her anything as I just did not know what she wanted and when she lets me know I will buy it.
Today I am not sure what I want to do..I want to read all the magazines I have bought over the last two weeks relax but know it is not going to happen I might go ahead and start my place mats for Christmas..and also start needle applique by hand on my tulips so I can hand quilt it..I haven't done this for over 3 years and since then I have develop nerve damage in my palms, so I am hoping I can and will do the best I can to hand think I have an embroider class coming in 2 weeks..6 weeks long too. If sis wants it I will buy it for her too.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sister's Ripless Paper Piecing quilt

This my twins Mary Adkin's Ripless Paper Piecing quilt..Her colors are so bright and of course she it so much better than mind. hugs, Lorraine

Hand Quilting project goals and photos

This is my table runner from a Celtic Table Runner with Nancy Chong I haven't finished but will now. Have one third to needle turn the bias..I may get to it before class closes.
This is my Bread Fruit, forgot the Hawaiian name, on tip of It is hand quilting in the middle. I can see where I started and had gotten better as I quilted. Hope this will happen again..reason I am doing the sample for practice..
This is my Tulips from Nyla Morrison class, Hand Applique and just need to needle turn the tulips and it will be ready for hand quilting. I will work on this tonight.
My sample that Nancy had on lesson one that is already prepared for next week. I used masking tape to keep the ends from interfering while quilting..It does not leave a residue and only for practicing and it will not be seen by anyone after this..

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ripless Paper Piecing with 3 borders

We had half of what we used to do the blocks leftover for the could what you wanted. You had to sew the strips together as they were not long enough..I decided to use all of it..So my 3 borders. The two middle blues will be my binding fabrics. I am already done for lesson 2 but will go ahead and sandwich it and if I have time this week I will machine quilt it..I will do stitch in the ditch and the borders I haven't decided yet.
I had a new class with Nancy Chong, Hand Quilting. I have taken all of her classes and I have a few of her projects to hand quilt if I can...I will I will do them slowly. I love her sample piece so I will do that first..I needed a refresher
My video care will not be here till the 14th..they did not even send it out as it had a wrong ordering number on I hope it does..
Thank you for visiting my blog and have a great weekend.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finished top of table runner

Thought I would add it as it should be, a table I do not know or have trouble deleting photos in my
I did not realized it was so dark but it is brighter than this. I just have the red binding to finish the top and than sandwich it and quilt it. It measures right now 70x14. It is really pretty in person. I will use gold metallic thread to machine quilt and will do stitch in ditch method on the one.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Stonebarger babies

This is Nathan Stonebarger..Isn't he just a living doll. I haven't seen him in awhile and can not wait to see him again..he probably has forgotten me by now. Nathan, Aunt Patti just loves this photo!!! Another one of him below.. Look at the big grin..what did you get into,
This is Nathan's little sister, Sidney Abigail , and she is called Abby and I call her Sidney..there is it fixed Michelle...Thank you so much for sending it Michelle!! I have not met my little angel yet..Aunt Patti loves your little pony tail on top of your head..
Just a living doll. Nathan to me now looks like his father and Sidney looks like Michelle..Makes me want to grab them both and kiss and hug them!! love you my babies, Auntie Lorraine

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