Sunday, October 26, 2008

My finished hand quilting sampler

Here it is my finished hand quilted sampler for Nancy Chong's Hand Quilting class. I do not like white, whole cloth, quilts so I used watercolors with chalking to get a pastel look. It looks a lot better on my designing board than here.. My dh and sons just did not like the white either..they all asked me if I was putting something on it and I say no it is they might like this least it has some color in the middle. Now I can finished up some other quilts that I have to machine quilt, satin stitch, and also get to know my new is will be 2 months on Wednesday since I bought it..lots of hugs, Lorraine


Marion said...

Hi Lorraine! Good job on the hand quilting. I agree with your male relatives, it needs something more colorful in the middle or edges. Maybe more hearts that are the same fabric as the border?

Marion in Wa.

LorraineS said...

Hi Marion, this quilt is done and put away already..enough is enough..I know I will never do another whole quilt again and to think this is just a I will hand quilt my other as they have appliques one them and COLOR too..thank you for visiting and the kind words...lots of hugs, Lorraine

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