Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow and Ice storm..Jan 29 2010

Right now it is sleeting and has been for about 35 minutes..the snow is already crunchy, as Suzie had to go out and decided to take a couple of photos..memories, lol..anyway, underneath is snow than some sleet and snow and now sleet again..Already saw two cars doing their sliding and slipping in front of my house...I am pretty sure they getting off work early trying to beat it before it gets really far the trees are not all iced up..that is what happen in 2003 in hoping this is not a repeat..
Wanted to show my gazebo...dh did not take the screen down and you can see ice on it...probably ruin for sure..I know one thing Suzie did her business and came a running usually she likes to prance around like a
All have a safe day and stay warm, hugs Lorraine
click on the photo and it will be larger!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

How long will it take me to get these two rooms done?

This is where the computer area is in Studio one..which is my sewing and computer..printing and scanning stuff for my art before being laid up.. The second photo below is my sewing areas..
The far let is my new Janome, I bought about a year and half ago and still has not been used..I know but was laid up and I did try a couple of times...but being my right knee it just did not work out..on the same desk to extreme left is all the classes I have taken stacked up and that needs to be put in spiral binders, about a foot tall..but have to have help as I do not want to bring on my bursitis know the machine you have to push down to make the holds..and make it into binders..why I wait for such a huge pile every time I do not know, I keep telling myself to do it after each the back wall is my designing wall with about 7 quilts to be finished..and when I looked at the first is my son's from 5 years ago..I do believe before getting into anything else I will work on that one and the one zodiac class with Ruth Blanchet at QU..I love that one..and on the little table is my Husky Star Embellisher, brought it in here about 2 months ago when son did not know what to do with his HUGE it went in Studio two on my cutting that it is gone it will go back in there as all the stuff I used for this machine is in Studio two..

This is Studio two, I call it my wet and dry one because I let my dyed fabric dry in here and do gluing, painting, heat gun and such in you see my Embellisher can come back in here..Also you will notice when dh did not know where to put stuff it ended up in here because I am not using it...trim, the last one for this room..

My dh also has stored wood under my table that I keep my quilts that are ready to be quilted, they were covered but I went in here the other day to see what I had to do..putting them away for another and such but not too this is my plan for the week...If I wanted to push it I could get it done in a few days, but l will pay good attention to my Dr and take it will be there for the next So this is my agenda for next week..not tomorrow as we going running around but not for 10 hours either..
Got out of the hot tub about a half hour ago and believe it or not, I fell asleep in there and dh came out with my hot tea..ain't' he doll, I had a bottle of water with me..but he did not know this..I would not have drowned because of the way I had myself positioned..was in there for about 40 minutes and now I am rearing to go...but will check out some games first, crops always needs to be tended I quilt most of the games but the ones that I have done pack on how to do it and not take so much time either...except when I decide to redo it than that could take hours..not
I have search the Internet for my Egyptian art that I want to do..and found some awesome information and readings on it..also different ideas of what i really want to do..some wonder I probably will change my mind about what I have chosen..we will see..I have done a King tut and Nefertiti in gold leafing, ceramics..and when in Canada bought a medal art of both of them together, a hefty 285 for it but it was worth this will be so right above my shelves with both of them..When you walk into my home you can not miss them..right in front of
I will let every one know that I am doing so well on Celebrex right now I just can not believe it..I have no pain except for the exercises that I do and you all know that is a good kinda pain..goes away with more..I did my figure 8 hula with knees bent for about 2 minutes and it felt hopefully I will doing my 30 minutes exercises in a few months for more..I am not going to push it to hard..I have time now..Thank you for all your support through my ordeal and I could not have asked for better friends that I meet online and my faithful followers here on my blog..I hope all your dreams and wishes come true for this new year..lots of hugs, Lorraine

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm Back on track again-new books and new art to make

This is the art I am going to do, I want to do it on fabric and I know I can but it is going to take a lot of designing to get it larger to see what I am doing. Bought a program to help but dh has not load it yet nor my it and it will be larger and the title will be on it..
I bought these four books, the one you can not see is by Stephen King called Duma Key, had to buy it when I read what it was about..I have never bought a book from him before..and the price was just and it is so thick..
The other 3 are art books, the top one Egyptian Art, Impression, can never get enough of this style of art as I love impression art..and the other one Renaissance Art..I am still reading the Egyptian art, well I read it but keep on going back to it..and also reading and have about an half hour one the newest book from Jennifer Chiavernini called A Quilter's Holiday..what will I read next..I have bought over a dozen books in the last 6 all but 6 so...guess on my mood what I feel like..I have bios of two people, mystery and so on.
Chat: of course there is always a chat section on my blog lol
Quilt University has finally move into that direction and knew one day they would..glad to see them there.
My games I am cutting out a few of them and keeping some of them as I do love a few of them.
Made a lot of new friends online and the games kept me from going I will never down games on fb is addicting but I now have and hope to have my life back for long as I can take Celebrex I will be fine..
Christmas was not the same this year as my spirits was really low and sorry I brought that upon my family but we did have a great meal at my son's place..New Year as usual we stay home..we don't go out and venture into the world of a bunch of people who drink tooo much and think they still can at home..
So onto the New Year and it looks good and promising for us..but we will probably have some ups and downs..especially with dh work..they now have me sending in paper work or my dh gets a point against him and after 12 he will get sick leave here, we used up 3 weeks of vacation last year for Dr's apt for me and him and took days off without pay too...even with a Dr excuse..I had canceled a lot of when the paper comes in I will be able to make the apts is good for a whole year, oh boy, yippee for us!!! Anyway..I know I won't be seeing that many as last year I had so many test done, it was horrible..won't do them again..either.
I will be adding my progress with my art..I also will start my acrylic are class I have been taking..I have not done one yet and they are the 7th block..but at least I get to pick the one I want to do hoping me back blogging will bring my friends back to my blog..lots of hugs and may the New Year bring to you what your heart's desire..Lorraine

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Quilts Mom made for two of her great grandsons

This one is about trucks..I do not remember the name..This is for youngest sister's grandson. They look better in person.
This a scrappy one with all of our scraps..and it looks awesome in person..I love quilts done this way..This one is made for my brother, Bob, grandson Daniel.. They are on their way hopefully you will get this week.
I haven't been on this blog since Nov 20th..less hope it is not going to be this way this year..I will try to post something every week..I promise..
Chat:Fb people don't have to read it unless you want my friends and family here on my blog.
I was put on Celebrex and it did work but had I think some side effect but was also taking potassium pills..any way went off both..I had the itch on my back..I went back on the potassium pill yesterday and the itch on my back was back within 3 hours..drank a lot of water trying to flush it out of my more itch last now it was the potassium pill that did that..
Today I went back on see if the other side effects comes back..I see the dr on the 8th and we can see how I do...but if I wake tomorrow with the other systoms, I will not take another one.. I took dh meds that I use to be on for over 9 months..and it has helped me for the last 4 days and woke up feeling really good..but after awhile being on my feet the pain came back but not as bad..I will and say will positively, get this resolved this year for sure..I am not going back and forth to other Dr's..I will get one of them to help me..period..I say this in a very stern You see I will get my life back one way or another this year..enough of all these Dr's and no one can help..a bunch of bs..if you ask me..
I hope all of my friends and family that are not of face had a wonderful Christmas and hope the new year brings all new hopes and dreams to come true for you all...remember we make our lives so do as you have wanted to do for a long time and enjoy it as life is too damn short not too..
I still haven't done any sewing and still can not sit and reach and pull fabrics so till this is resolved I will be able too but realized that I can a paint on my table with my table easel so will start to do something like this..I bought a kit on Fairies to learn how to water color..for the up teen time..I will this time..than I plan on painting all the classes I am behind in my class that will last for a year..I am already 7 behind..but am a fast learner and will catch up in a month or I will some thing to look forward too...All of sudden a few weeks ago I wanted to get back into my ceramic and pottery and also realized I can not pour any molds or do slab but at least I am think of it as I still have many bisque waiting to be not all bad at will put my mind at ease knowing I can still be creative but not in the fabric way..there is a class I will take at QU and that is with Marjie McWilliams new class that turns our dyes into gotta learn this for sure...pretty sure I can do this class..I now have to find out wen it is and sign in and pay for it..It would be nice if I can use it my painting and just on fabrics but soon I will know this..or I will experiment as I like doing this a lot...
So what have all you wonderful friends been up sorry I did not think much of writing in here to at least say Hi..forgive me for that..
I am still plugging along and playing fun game on FB..and oh I knew one day QU would be there and they are so go and look them up and become a fan if you are on FB..
I want to explain Fb a little here so that maybe a friend or two would join me there..if you were to join and became my friend, only you and I could read what each other say.If other friends join in on your page, they will be the only ones to read what you put and same for me..not the whole fb book hope this clears up that you and I can become friends to each other and not worry about any one seeing what we write...on the other hand, under our profile there it a send a message to me or whoever and it is between you and me personally..I have miss all of you..
Not much else going on around here but the same old thing..and getting older..that is lots of love, hugs and A Very Happy New Year to all of you, Lorraine

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