Monday, June 29, 2009

Still working on my Fishes so far this is what they look like

This is my seahorse..I had him looking like a real one with the tan color and fibers with bumps on it..but he just blended in the wall as my wallpaper is a tan I just picked up some bright fun fur and felted it on. the bottom part of him is now cut and I still have a lot of work on him...don't judge me now..but he really does look better in person..I broke 4 needles with this sewing yet but that is the next step and than a lot of beading.
This is my kissing fish, I think as the other one I did has big mouth too...I have just about every thing in this guy but with one technique on top the other you can not really see it 7 different colors of lame under the pinkish purple fiber..but you can see in person...No sewing yet that is next too and also some beading..

My angel fish..he is the best I think so far...but I had this wonderful green sheer fabric that had stitching going down, in the middle of that a small ruffle and another row of stitching but with a very shiny see through thread..the first thread had sequins in it and I did not see it so there went one than I had to remove all of the sequin to felt it on the sewing machine would have ate those now to the sewing machine..all the above fish will have feathers added to their extra fun in them
They are not as stiff as I want them to be, but will try some other kind of medium, have samples to use..I just do not to melt them are for my bathroom walls and I do not want prints any more..the only print I will have in there is my mermaid..on her own ceramic shelf I made about 8-9 years when I was in business.. I might have to do some other way to keep them up if my way does not putting sticks on the back and then hang them..this for sure will keep them up straight..I take 2-3 hot, very hot, showers a day for my pain in my the moisture is what I worry about even if I have a fan in there...I have put anything with fabric or fibers in my bathroom..except for the shower curtain by are different...but thinking of making my own shower curtain with all the fabrics I have in bolts that I have had the chance to do any dyeing lately as I believe I will have problems finding the just right shower curtain..the one I am using now took a whole year before I found, about 15 years ago..
went the Dr for my regular 3 month check up.,,so far my sugar is fine. LOST another 4 pounds considering I tried to quit smoking about 2 months ago and put on this is good news..Hooray for Lorraine!! oh no I haven't quit and told Dr Joseph I did not want to hear anymore about me quilting smoking..I have had..I waste a lot and try not too but do know that I can not really sit there and smoke the whole cig it makes me sick and dizzy..I waste them, I smoke a puff or two and forget about and than when I go back for another puff it is gone...Now dh looks in the ashtray and reminds of how many I have wasted....oh well, I am happy and my nerves are back to be it..this is me!! lol
Any way I have these red like moon shape under my fingers nails just where you nails start to grow. I ask my Dr what is going on here..when he told me it looks like I was starting to a fungus I about had a fit..what it is going to be is my is probably one of the worst place to have them under your I will not grow my nails long anymore and will keep them sort and no nail polish I will have get rid of the 200 or more polishes I have collected in the last 5-6 years...I always go through them and throw out older ones..they are all still good...I might put some clear on them but that is I will soak my nails in olive oil 3 times a day now and see if it will stop it from forming as the olive oil has does wonders on my psoriasis on my calf area, knees and rid of them under my toes nails and between my feels good and looks so much better..Olive oil so far has been the best for my psoriasis..warm is feels so when working with my fibers I will have to wear gloves for sure..
I am back on vicadin, generic ones, for my back pain and bursitis...they hurt me more than my knees do now..So now we wait to see what the other blood works is going to be like...told them to check on my thyroid, spleen, pancreas, liver and taking the pills as long as i have I just do not want to harm any of my organs..if it does, I will not go for any type of treatments for any of them..I have my thermostat at 81 and I am freezing...being depress a lot and that is for sure a sign of thyroids, or at least that what it did to me 10 years never mind the 66 lbs weight gain that I am finally getting rid off..keep your fingers cross..still on the walker due to the accident with the walker and me..ended up with sciatic nerve and my knee hurting again....but dealing with it fine...thank you for visiting my blog and hope you all have a wonderful week and especially a Happy 4Th of July if I do not make it back here by then..
I have on Shelfari , link below, join and we can become friends..and having a ball putting all my books that I own in there been working on it for 3 days now..I have shelf in all my rooms...I love my books and never throw one out..We both use to read a lot when the kids would go bed at night to relax..I am still on my large books case in the hall way, 6x8 and they are all the floor with me right now..but had to take a nap after the Dr's so I will be doing after going out and getting some wonder under..for my two charity quilts I want to make and a class I sign up with Ruth...I also signed up with Dale Rollerson for the end of July..I am back and hope to stay back..sorry for all the chatter..but feeling pretty good right lots of hugs, Lorraine

Post cards from Sis Patti for 4th of July

What a wonderful job you did Patti. I love the tatted and old looking card. Patti said she used some wonderful type of papers she had for the inside to make it look tatted and she tea dyed the fabric...the other is different prints of fabric fussy cut and put on a piece of fabric..I love them both and now I have 4 cards to put up my 2ND best holiday...Can you believe Terry still hasn't bought me my flag for outside yet!!!! thank you sis and lots of love and hugs..and have a special 4Th of July, Lorraine

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crazy Felt by Jeannette Knake using water soluble Stabiliser Book

Well, got my last of the 6 books I have ordered trying to find the right light weight shawl or scarf to make to shopping in stores..I have to say, I am not really that happy with this one as for every process you do you have to spray light adhesive, in others words for every different yarn or fabric or whatever you use..I am not a user of spray adhesive..I have a can but never use I have read so much about the fumes.. I would have to outside to probably do this..and it is not for sure using the Embellisher machine which I thought it was, it is with a sewing machine..I was in hurry trying to get my books to me and should have read more about all 6 books...but I did not..I am really with the my Wrapped in Comfort and have started a shawl with that last I now have a lot of different ways to make shawls, purses and scarves and so on.
I also thought I was ordering the templates at Kaye Woods and ended up only buying the 2 patterns..I will be able to make them till I have those templates....some other time..other things I want to order right now..
It is so hot here..We complain about the rain, cold and heat..knowing we need all this different weather and I will admit I am good about this..but we sure could use some rain to cool it down some but with out the storm like last time.. I have my thermostat at 80 all day and I do freeze in my house and will go under the gazebo to warm up...sis, Patti, could not believe me...I usually have to put it down to 78 before dh comes home..I sleep at night with a sheet, bedspread and my winter blanket..might be my thyroid acting up after 10 will have that checked out on Monday next week...but 3 months ago it was just fine. Have a great evening and thank you for viewing my blog..hugs, Lorraine

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Received this book in the mail today, about time

Fast, Fun and Easy Fabric Knitting by Cyndy Lyle Rymer.. I have been waiting for this book and another knitting book for over a week and half and also order 4 books read from two different authors and still have not got them..Amazon use to be really good about receiving their books..but lately I am having to wait longer than usually, what's up amazon...I have not change, have you? anyway, now I know what I can do with my stash of fabrics in that takes up my whole 4x8' sorta of walk in the 70's I guess this would have great, lol Thank you for viewing my blog and have nice evening...

Monday, June 22, 2009

first gladiola isn't it pretty

Went outside to check on everything since its been so hot here...hit 100 or 101 yesterday and suppose today, at 1030 it was already 91...Found my first gladiola blooming...I thought it was kinda early but maybe not..the others don't look so will water them heavy later on. Perfect color too..thanks for looking hugs, Lorraine

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Don and Kendra June 2009

Here is my youngest brother, Don, and his daughter, Kendra. It is so good to received photos when you haven't seen them for awhile but did get to Don in Feb but not Kendra. love you all 3 of you..hugs, Lorraine

Friday, June 19, 2009

Received my BOM called Ladies of the Sea today

Here is the 4 months worth that I am behind with but the ladies, all of them, where just so sweet at Stitching Heaven..they had one more block and let me join in..but I have a problem, I thought you could sew by machine and it is by hand but you know me I will do my best to do most of it by machine..some by hand who will probably take me years to finished..I love anything to do with the sea and always have...especially ships..if I could get a trip when in Hawaii on any type of ship or boat, I was
Here is the paper that came with it..lots of work huh,,but still excited about it...Had to buy the bolt of backing for this but at least I won't have to worry about the backing of the ships or back..I will have them...We get two a month..whoa Nellie!! lol It is called Ladies of the Sea by Susan H Garman...

Photos of my brothers visit to my twin home

Here we have Philip, my twins oldest grandchild, Joycelyn, Philip's mom, Daniel Sr, Daniel Jr and Jenny, my brother, Bob, son wife and son...I know it all get confusing...but so glad to have these photos as I have never met Daniel's wife or son and haven't seen Philip in about 10 years..

Sheila, Bob's wife, Joycelyn and my brother Bob, now no one can say he is not my Dad's son..looks just like him even older too...

Again, Philip, Bob, Daniel Jr, Daniel Sr..sorry guys that is the way it going to put on my blog...A lot of men do not like using the Jr and Sr...but hey, it's in your son is one and never uses it...I love you guys and wish I was there to meet you all and love on Lil Daniel..hugs, Lorraine

Thursday, June 18, 2009

4th of July post card from sis Mary Adkins

Here is my card from my sister Mary in Florida for 4th of July. It surely says it all sis..I love it. thank you, Lorraine
Background is made of paper. The flags are fussy cut and put on and beaded through out with seed beads and sequins.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Elegant Lace Scarf and yarn and chat

Here is the yarn I finally decided to use for this pattern. I will make it wider and longer than the direction has...7x34...sorry when I am at the grocery store this will do for me...I want it to cover my shoulders and This yarn was suppose be 11 oz but I was ripped off, when we weight on my post office scale is was 10.4 ohhhhhhhhhhhh I was mad..the other run is on the reddish side and its weight was 11.4 but that was with the paper around wonder sometimes we run out of yarn if we buy just what the patterns calls for...
Isn't this just right for a summer scarf. I got to download from the site of Knitting Daily and it is done by Lene Holme Samsoe... I am going to make a swatch first. I haven't done a chart without written instructions in years but did fine in figuring it out.but hey I guess we were lucky to get it free..I do not get there magazine anymore...way to much ads and not enough patterns and such to do..I do that with a lot of magazines...if too many ads I do not get it again...
I would show you the other two projects on my table but it looks like a hurricane hit a tornado...I have or am going to experiment with my embellisher making another scarf or shawl so have all that out and the other project I finally got in my head how I can do my colorful and I mean colorful fish for my bathroom..I do not want them frame but be able to stand on there own...well I did some felting with peltex and it was such a breeze and figure that will get me the stability I need to hang them and they not flop all over the place..I am going to make 3, an angel fish, of course. and not sure of the sketches are the greatest as I haven't been sketching for months at least at that point in my life again...oh yes...I think I have a life again..
I have not done much for 3 days...when we went to get mom's food out of the freezer with the lights being out for here for 31 hours...we got the food before dh hit a pop hole in the road..I usually wear my seat beat under my breast as it hurts my bursitis...well I did not and our truck hop up about a foot or more and dropping us arm felt like it was going to fall off and never mind my sciatic nerve in my back..just got them where they did not hurt..Not cream or pills helped either one for at least a day...heating pad some but not I have been baby them, my knees, there are just there you go...seems like I can have to hurt somewhere at all times..we will fix that...I use the cream and take pain pills..that is what they are for..why suffer if you do not have too...I am not anymore...
I have been spending too much time online at Facebook!!!! I just love sisters and friends do there something missing when we love sitting in front of computer when we know we have other things to do...never thought I would see that day for me...but here I I just blog when I want to than I am out here...
Update on the 100 year old preserves...DO NOT DO IT!!!! I ended up wine on two of them..the one with the blackberries had mold on top of them and mine with splenda ended up with a little mold..but when I took the plastic off you swear I was making smell like wine..but dh has his raspberries, it came out just fine and he loves for sure no splenda and none for me but to put splenda over the berries next time and not waste them...8 bucks down the tube plus the 4 cups of sugar...well how else are we going to know unless we
Tried to learn how to use the scanner on this machine with no luck...have to wait till dh comes said something was not installed...I hate taken photos of everything, I love to scan them like before...than I will learn again how to burn music like I did before...and put it in my ipod my son gave me else is doing it for me so I will do my best trying...until I screw up the lots of hugs and thank you for visiting my blog, Lorraine

Sunday, June 14, 2009

5 books I have ordered in the last 2 weeks

I have ordered these books trying to find the perfect shawl/wrap and purse to make..I have also ordered two more books on Friday...I just might have to get back to just designing my own purses and shawls..I want an airy the technique I did yesterday morning just might be the thing but right now I am not in the mood to do a very large would be a shawl..need a large table...
Left to right, Knitting Goes Large by Sharon Brant- too many sweaters, tanks and I have decided to make the very last page, a cable
Elegant Scarves and Wraps by Jill Denton- wet felting and some very very different ways of the way they look but I like a few here...just wet felting and no machine but can't see why I could not try it.
Wrapped in Comfort Alison Jeppson Hyde (Knitted Lace Shawls) I saw a lot of potential here so this book stays out..I have gone through it already 3 time and just received the other it
Haute Handbags from the Publisher of Somerset Studio and Belle Armoire A lot of funky purses but I liked them. A lot of altered bags using what you have around...found a few I might just do..
Knit It, Felt It edited by Bobbie Matela a lot of felted purses in here that I will make and have a few of them in an older this one two..
Now I will wait for the other two...I have one in mind that I just might start a swatch today and see I like the way it looks..
Since the storm hit us, my mom and her community at the retirement home in Raleigh was out of electricity for over 31 hours..but in the mean time..I kept on calling her till her cell phone went dead and than I got really about 7pm we went to pick her up and bring her home thing led to another..she was so stubborn, she would not leave, she has emphysema...and was having a hard time breathing at it was HOT!! The electric company here, MLGW kept telling them every hour it would running and it never was...some people were on oxygen..I told mom from now on tell them to go straight to the hospital which is just about a 5 minute walk and let them take of those mom is not on it...others do not have families that go and check on their I feel for those people..
We got her frozen things out of the fridge..and than told lets go and she demanded she was going to stay there and protect her belongs...her TV, recorder DVD, and so on..I guess when this is all you have, you want to hold on to those possession till death...there is a lot of people like that out there...told it was replaceable and all but she said at 930 we left without her...brought the food to my youngest son's home as we did not have enough room in either one of our freezers..I was so tired and went to bed at 11pm When I woke this morning my dh tells me that mom had called and her electricity was up and running since midnight...why did he not wake and let me know..I may have slept but it was one of those night were it was not a restful one...Dh will go and pick up her food from sons and bring back the cells phones that I brought home to charge here..I am not going anywhere at all...She said it is still flickering in and out...
Oh when I get older I hope I am not as stubborn as my mom..but I get told that I am getting more like I think all us 3 girls
Have a great day and thank you for visiting my blog...lots of hugs, Lorraine

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Here she is Suzie

Look at all her gray..some people say you never see a dog go gray like her....she is like me, the older I get the more gray I get, but I dye
Here is another view...she is looking at Daddy..she is our child for sure...hugs, Lorraine

Playing with water soluble solvy on embellisher

I have playing around with my Embellisher this morning using water soluble..Went is was rinse and dry, a small piece, I ended up sewing with some different metallic threads and such to see how it would work for a light weight scarf..and it I ended up making this book marker..I want a scarf this color..wild and all what do you think of it..I have a blot of it..and it is from Solvy...not the heavy one either it is the lighter weight one...
I have ordered two more books..just trying to fine the perfect shawl or wrap for our late evening summers here or when I go shopping and it is freezing cold in the stores to throw over my you all go through too..hate the time you done you mouth is than you get into your very very hot this calls for a cold, does it far I am
I took some pictures of Suzie..when the guy told me yesterday who fixed my computer that I was very lucky to have her at 15 years old, I began to I made sure I had photos of her and me...and of herself...People ring my door bell and knock really loud and people she does not bark anymore..she is deaf...she doesn't get upset over storms anymore as she can not hear the thunderstorms...she is also going blind...but when she goes outside, after stretching her legs she ran a cat out of my yard and hop all over the place..she still looks you can see I do not want her to leave me at all...lots of hugs and thank you for visiting my blog..Lorraine

Friday, June 12, 2009

Finished Book Cover from Ruth Blanchet's class

This is a close up of my beaded butterfly on the flowers..
This is the pocket on the back side, I made a pen or pencil holder..I made a doubled pocket as I never have enough pockets for every thing, lol

Here is the finished book cover. I have not made out of fabric but have with my HuskyStar Embellisher..I have never blanket stitch with a machine either, even though other classes I have taken wanted me too, I just did not have it..So I have learn two things with class...Ruth thought it would get me back into my art quilting again and it did..thank you so much for that..if interested you can sign up here: I believe this is where you can sign up..if not it is below in another was fun to do..oh no comments on my foo foos!!! lol I love them there...seems like there was something missing..
Computer went down or this would have been here last night..This time it was the routing to for networking...told dh anything happens again we will get me a line to my studio again...It saves us about 50 a m0nth but who cares...
I am on face book if any one would like to be my friend...I have been asked to joined for over a year now by a lot of others people even family members..but just did not think I had the time for it and now I love it...I did not like the other one I was on...forgot what it was called..if you use nasty words I delete sense in using this kind of language here or any other forum..My opinion of course..but than I do not have to read it either..I was out under my gazebo the other day and 2 neighbors down the street had some company and were fighting and they were using very foul language, now I do know that I do not have to listen to that as I have called the cops to stop it from my neighbor next door...all the time..I won't put up with it..but I did this day and told myself I won't again...I was almost in tears as that is the only way for me to be outdoors as I still do not drive and going to do something about soon..I think my eyes are better and I know my right knee is...I haven't driven in almost 4 years..well it about time..mine you all I do not bore myself, I can always find something to do but I need to be out sometimes...not today for sure it is too hot but will in a couple of just makes me feel better...I usually read my mail. Thanks for visiting my blog and hugs to all..have a wonderful weekend...Lorraine

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Making preserves the old fashioned way 100 years ago

I made these this morning about 3:30. Preserves the old fashion way about 100 years was on a cooking show on a PBS Create channel...No refrigeration needed. I made raspberry and blackberries..I had blue berries but only one container and will make home made muffins with those..mmmmm
2 cups berries-fresh and not frozen (raspberry, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, boysenberries,sp..and so on
2 cups sugar
pinch of salt
2 cups boiling water
Mixed all together, stirring till sugar is dissolved and cover with plastic wrap. Leave at room temperature for 3 days..Goes well on any type of bread, biscuits, pound cake and so on..I was wondering why I was saving those Polander perserves sugar free jars now I know why not make some now with all our berries out there..
The clear bowls are for dh as they have real sugar in them..the one in the right front bowl is mine with splenda, we will see if it comes out or not..they did not do sugar free foods 100 years Have fun, lots of hugs, Lorraine

Next Art Quilt and Flag and 4th of July PCs

This is called Aegean Vista by John Zaccheo the artist you see all around where ever you go..He is the artist that does the his work..My son gave me this print and two others..He has had since he was married and divorced..I have been waiting for photos to do this as an art quilt..I had a hard time finding the artist email to ask for permission even if it is just for personal use, I think it is the right thing to we will see..what do you think..It will be huge one..tooo lol
These are the finished cards...they are a lot prettier in person than what shows here. I use a new fabric I bought at Hobby Lobby about 3 months ago when we three sisters decided to a 4th of July trading pcs...after Easter ones.. I felted fun fur over the blue are and red. Than I beaded crystals while glass beads for the only had room for 35 so 35 is what I put on more for and I added red beads to the white area..this fabric has a old fashion look of wear and tear to the something like tea dyeing it. The back I just stitch Happy 4th of July with my name and big deal but it was fun to get back into it..if any of you out there feel like a challenge of making a few cards and exchange just let me know be glad too..

Here are the stages as I did the cards...plain fabric, felted red and blue and than of course the beading...
I got up from a nap yesterday afternoon about 230 and was in pain..had not put that cream on since the other day..I just thought..there is no way this cream is going to get rid of these arm, my back and little in my knees..notice that my knees are not hurting that bad anymore..just if I sit to long and than I can take a fall with the pain in but now I am smart, I exercises them before getting up..but with this cream I can just get up and not worry about anything..This is for sure not a cure for my pain but what a "RELIEF" I can get from it..I am still slowly going of the pain meds..but still might have to stay on a few a helps along with it for is suppose to take some time to really get in there and do its thing. I am a very satisfied customer but need to write them and tell them to put some bubble wrap over the jar..
I am now, since I put this cream on about 30 minutes ago, going to finish my cover book and hopefully be able to start one with my felting machine...I am also making one with my large beaded butterfly I did about 3 years ago for a utui box..4 of them..
I have been going to bead at 10 at night and that is so unusual for me but haven't been taking I will fit one in so I can stay up a wee bit later..waking up with the birds is for the birds...or shall I say at 3:30 and 4...too early..I show what I did early this morning on the next posting as I forgot to unload from the camera..lots of hugs and thank your visiting my blog Lorraine

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Better stitiching with the Blanket Stitch

Here is the second flower I have been practing with I won't show the first one..I just know I am getting better..but a wee bit more practicing and I will have my flowers looking pretty good..I used my lime green thread to show my teacher..but would have use yellow thread around the flower.

Number 14 is what I used on the leaf..than I was trying to find a reverse and could not and realized that number 13 is what I needed to be using....dahhhhhh so happy.
My pain..
I received my Celadrin today...I can not believe they just put this jar in a bag and no other paper work or protection around came cracked and a hole on top..but thank goodness it had one of those white protection thing under dh will send them at cost 16.98 for a 4 oz jar..I was not about to send it out as I needed to see it works..I started to put in one my arm first, than the front and back of my knees, and than on my lower back and where my sciatic nerve was..while doing this my arm was still hurting by the time I got to put the lid on the pain was gone about 3-4 minutes..people I just could not believe it..I was doing bicep and tricep with my right arm.. It said not to put on more than 3-4 times daily..I timed it to see how long before the pain started to come back...about 4 and half hours but the pain was not that serve..I did not put any on before bed...and woke up and my arm hurt more than my knees. I just feel like if it going to only work for 4 and half hours and I sleep only 6-7 hours, I am wasting it..They also have the pills that you can take with it and you take it 3 times a is more expensive so I will just take my Elations with it as it said you later I will get the pills..I much rather be on this than the pain killers and nerve pill..I read for every pain killer and nerve pill no matter how much liquid you drink, it leaves a little residue in our organs..while I have been on them since Nov..that is a long may not show up in my test now but what about 5 years down the road...anyway I think you all know what I am saying. You can more info online as the drugs store do not carry it yet...I hope this will help some my friends here that come to my blog..It just felt good to go out to my gazebo with out the cane or walker and sit under there and relax..I probably will still one of these when I go out in town till I get more exercises on my legs and back...I hit the bed at 10 pm and I got up at 2 decided while it is quiet to do some practicing and know I can jump in bed when ever I want I do not live the life of Riley...wish I lots of hugs, Lorraine

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My progress so far with the book cover and problems too

I had to change the front cover as I did not have enough for it..but I do like this bright and wonderful fabric. I am going to add foo foos to the sides, I love to add embellishing to my stuff and maybe even some beads before putting it together..
This is the first time I have done blanket stitch on a machine, only because this is the first machine out of 5 that has it one oh my new Janome has it but it is still new, haven't touch it since I bought, remember I hurt myself in Nov and have been laid up since but having doing this class and know that I can now sit and sew it will get broken in,
Anyway, I practiced on different appliques I cut up to practice with all evening and when it comes to the tips or corners..I just get it to look my teacher, Ruth Blanchet, will help me get through this as you can see from the above photo there is a lot of have to go slow that is for sure but that did not bother me...
I hope some of have sign up for this class it is fun and it is free so go for, can be something different for you try it...actually it is very easy to do..but than again that me speaking..but also a good place to learn something knew...thanks for viewing..won't be able to do anything till this evening we are going to take mom shopping today so we will see if I am going to able to sit and sew tonight...fingers cross for me girlfriends...hugs, Lorraine
oh forgot for the people in pain a new stuff is out and it is called is suppose to be at all the drugs stores but none here in Memphis had them so we ordered on line..they have already shipped it out, he did this about all know I am for anything that will get rid of my pain as I am helpless sitting around going Have a good day all!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Future Knitting Projects

Please click on it so you can read it...I put together in my Print Master as they were so many...these are project I am not in the hurry to make but would love to have them all done I have the yarn for most of I can not really find is for the gold tank right now so will look for it later.. and the rainbow one..too many skeins to buy at one time especially when you yarn with two skeins at has 10 colors.that means buying 20 skeins and it was to much for me now...not in the hurry for it or might even scratch it of my list, lol I will make my sister's sweater as soon as the size needle I need for it and I have to buy my yarn for me so it will be the bamboo purses first no the shibori as I have all the yarn for that for and the shells already picked out too...These came out of 2 books, Creating Knitting magazine, and Knit It, Felt It. Of course I have two more books coming in for my knitting community I joined...two groups.
But much say that if I can sew now..well we will see what that's for visiting my blog, hugs, Lorraine

My supplies for my book cover class with Ruth

These are the supplies minus the batting that I am working with in Ruth Blanchet's Book Cover free class. is where you can find to sign up if you are interested..
I made 4 Flag Day and 4Th of July cards during yesterday and this morning..I did have some pain but not much so I decided it was time to get with the sewing..yes yes yes..I have a lot of quilts standing in line to be finished. I can put the cards up, showing steps as I made them, because I haven't mailed them yet to my sisters..we exchange fabric post cards at holiday gives us a chance to do them..lots of hugs, Lorraine
Thank you for visiting my blog...xxoo

Parker Larsen graduates from Kindergarden

Parker I am so proud of you and your classmates, I bet you had so much fun and goodies to eat...

Parker you are going to be a big hunk of a man when you get older and will have to chase the girls handsome boy you are...Aunt Lorraine

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A 5 leaf clover and other plants

these are so light that I would have to wait tonight to take them..the sun is bright and tried to fixed them but they are really bright red and purple, you will have to click on them to see the name as I put the tags back sorry
this is a really pretty peach but it sure did not come out like it..but the blooms won't be there is in a pot with some marigolds from last those kinds that always comes back.

This is the plant mom gave me call Gardenia Jasminoida Frost Proof...growing areas in 7-10...not sure if it is mine so I put it in a pot..we have freezes here, lol the blooms are so can bearly in the back ground see the basil plant mom gave me..I have some chives growing on the deck..the only plant..

This is a Golden Pothos..been looking for them for my home..I use have so many different varieties till I got my business and every died.

Here is the 4 and 5 leaf clover..I am going to do what i did with moms dogwood last year..use some tulle with some wonder under and hope it makes it..I could put it between plastic wrap till I know how to preserve it...can any one help with this...

how about this have any of you seen a 5 leaf clover..I found the 4 lead when I bent down to pick up my lighter and than found this when I though a frog was hopping under my chair..I have never heard of anyone having found one..I wonder if luck goes around with this too..lots of hug and thank you visiting my blog..lots of love, luck and hugs, Lorraine

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

what I am doing today

Tools that I had to use to pry open this can of paint...dh did not try to open it up last night and I just could not get it opened.,,
This is what the poor lid looks like and he probably will kill me..took me about a half hour with a lot of cussing too...but both sides of the 4 doors had this white stuff on it and now I have to paint it the regular paint..but if the lid does not come off he can paint them himself....he did let me know the frame has to sanded told him he could go you know where knowing I had to paint these doors today....
Now I will put some photos of the gardenia plant my mom gave me last night, had no flowers just buds and today they are beautiful fragrant flowers..I am transplanting them..I am still hurting every where but if I do not do it won't get done...thank you for visiting my blog you all for it..

This is the dry felted purse with a bead that I bought to make a necklace..temporally..till I get toggle button to put there. not bad..but not my type of purse..I tried to put my stuff in it and just did not like the feel of have to go and dig for every lots of hugs and have a great week..Lorraine

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