Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Next Art Quilt and Flag and 4th of July PCs

This is called Aegean Vista by John Zaccheo the artist you see all around where ever you go..He is the artist that does the his work..My son gave me this print and two others..He has had since he was married and divorced..I have been waiting for photos to do this as an art quilt..I had a hard time finding the artist email to ask for permission even if it is just for personal use, I think it is the right thing to we will see..what do you think..It will be huge one..tooo lol
These are the finished cards...they are a lot prettier in person than what shows here. I use a new fabric I bought at Hobby Lobby about 3 months ago when we three sisters decided to a 4th of July trading pcs...after Easter ones.. I felted fun fur over the blue are and red. Than I beaded crystals while glass beads for the only had room for 35 so 35 is what I put on more for and I added red beads to the white area..this fabric has a old fashion look of wear and tear to the something like tea dyeing it. The back I just stitch Happy 4th of July with my name and big deal but it was fun to get back into it..if any of you out there feel like a challenge of making a few cards and exchange just let me know be glad too..

Here are the stages as I did the cards...plain fabric, felted red and blue and than of course the beading...
I got up from a nap yesterday afternoon about 230 and was in pain..had not put that cream on since the other day..I just thought..there is no way this cream is going to get rid of these arm, my back and little in my knees..notice that my knees are not hurting that bad anymore..just if I sit to long and than I can take a fall with the pain in but now I am smart, I exercises them before getting up..but with this cream I can just get up and not worry about anything..This is for sure not a cure for my pain but what a "RELIEF" I can get from it..I am still slowly going of the pain meds..but still might have to stay on a few a helps along with it for is suppose to take some time to really get in there and do its thing. I am a very satisfied customer but need to write them and tell them to put some bubble wrap over the jar..
I am now, since I put this cream on about 30 minutes ago, going to finish my cover book and hopefully be able to start one with my felting machine...I am also making one with my large beaded butterfly I did about 3 years ago for a utui box..4 of them..
I have been going to bead at 10 at night and that is so unusual for me but haven't been taking I will fit one in so I can stay up a wee bit later..waking up with the birds is for the birds...or shall I say at 3:30 and 4...too early..I show what I did early this morning on the next posting as I forgot to unload from the camera..lots of hugs and thank your visiting my blog Lorraine

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