Tuesday, June 2, 2009

what I am doing today

Tools that I had to use to pry open this can of paint...dh did not try to open it up last night and I just could not get it opened.,,
This is what the poor lid looks like and he probably will kill me..took me about a half hour with a lot of cussing too...but both sides of the 4 doors had this white stuff on it and now I have to paint it the regular paint..but if the lid does not come off he can paint them himself....he did let me know the frame has to sanded told him he could go you know where knowing I had to paint these doors today....
Now I will put some photos of the gardenia plant my mom gave me last night, had no flowers just buds and today they are beautiful fragrant flowers..I am transplanting them..I am still hurting every where but if I do not do it won't get done...thank you for visiting my blog everyone..love you all for it..

This is the dry felted purse with a bead that I bought to make a necklace..temporally..till I get toggle button to put there. not bad..but not my type of purse..I tried to put my stuff in it and just did not like the feel of it..you have to go and dig for every thing...lol lots of hugs and have a great week..Lorraine


Genie said...

So frustrating when things wont open. Have a great weekend

Mary said...

Boy Sis, if it's not one thing its' another....so sorry...but everything looks great and I love that purse...hint hint...lol...the gazebo, flowers and all.....I did some weedwacking this morning and I am tired.....so just resting this evening with Philip....love Mary

LorraineS said...

Hi Genie and Mary,
but I got it done..plus with the orange alert here in Memphis, I got to report some flowers mom gave me...so I was a busy bee in this heat wave we are having..
Sis the purse is yours..mail it out next week sometime..without my bead on it..it was for show..it is for a necklace I am making..lol I do not have anything else to put on there..
Genie, you have a great weekend coming up too...lots of hugs and sign up above me profile so I can keep up with you all too..Followers I believe it is called

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