Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Better stitiching with the Blanket Stitch

Here is the second flower I have been practing with it..no I won't show the first one..I just know I am getting better..but a wee bit more practicing and I will have my flowers looking pretty good..I used my lime green thread to show my teacher..but would have use yellow thread around the flower.

Number 14 is what I used on the leaf..than I was trying to find a reverse and could not and realized that number 13 is what I needed to be using....dahhhhhh so happy.
My pain..
I received my Celadrin today...I can not believe they just put this jar in a bag and no other paper work or protection around it..it came cracked and a hole on top..but thank goodness it had one of those white protection thing under neath..my dh will send them at email..it cost 16.98 for a 4 oz jar..I was not about to send it out as I needed to see it works..I started to put in one my arm first, than the front and back of my knees, and than on my lower back and where my sciatic nerve was..while doing this my arm was still hurting by the time I got to put the lid on the pain was gone about 3-4 minutes..people I just could not believe it..I was doing bicep and tricep with my right arm.. It said not to put on more than 3-4 times daily..I timed it to see how long before the pain started to come back...about 4 and half hours but the pain was not that serve..I did not put any on before bed...and woke up and my arm hurt more than my knees. I just feel like if it going to only work for 4 and half hours and I sleep only 6-7 hours, I am wasting it..They also have the pills that you can take with it and you take it 3 times a day..it is more expensive so I will just take my Elations with it as it said you can..so later I will get the pills..I much rather be on this than the pain killers and nerve pill..I read for every pain killer and nerve pill no matter how much liquid you drink, it leaves a little residue in our organs..while I have been on them since Nov..that is a long time..it may not show up in my test now but what about 5 years down the road...anyway I think you all know what I am saying. You can more info online as the drugs store do not carry it yet...I hope this will help some my friends here that come to my blog..It just felt good to go out to my gazebo with out the cane or walker and sit under there and relax..I probably will still one of these when I go out in town till I get more exercises on my legs and back...I hit the bed at 10 pm and I got up at 2 am..so decided while it is quiet to do some practicing and know I can jump in bed when ever I want today...no I do not live the life of Riley...wish I could..lol lots of hugs, Lorraine

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