Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kendra Lausterer, my neices newest photos

I just love this t-shirt, it says "Yes, I'm in LOVe with a VAMPIRE! Looks really good..she looks closer to my twin and I..Kendras wants to go to Purdue and work for NASA..good luck..Kendra, we are standing by you, girl!!
A closeup and a very pretty smile..You sure do have a lot hair like Leah does..looks Aunt Lorraine

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2 Quilts binded and pinned. Quilts from QU classes

This is from a class I took with Karen Combs called Treasure 2004..I put the border and sandwich it late last year before hurting myself..It has a 1/4 inch dark red border...very pretty, this is my Chinese Children.. After Fr. Rick queen size quilt that I piece in squares, this is the second one I did and some of the corners do not meet but it is still pretty..Click on it so see a larger photo, the children are so cute!! I will bind this when my eyes aren't so tired like tonight as the other one the bottom. It measures 40 x 28 3/4 inches.
This is from the class called Ripless Paper Piecing with Daphne you tell my sewing got a lot better, I took this class last not to bad getting it done this year..but I did finished a long 70 x 12 inch table runner for Christmas for my antique side board, in red and green prints..very pretty..This what we did in class. I loved the technique a lot..on planning to use in different ways one day. The top has a dark blue binding whereas the side has a light blue..I used fat quarters for the whole quilt top. It measures 28 1/4 x 28 1/4.
Now I am ready for machine quilting after I finished my last autism quilt hopefully tomorrow..
My Dr's assistant called me this morning to let me know that I do not have CANCER!! Thank you Lord for sure..just thought I let you all know..I still have to go in for another test to check out my colon..I thought he said he did not get into my small intestines..I know I did not hear him right or he might just said the wrong thing..this happens on Sept 11 at 7;45..than another visit with him so that the test all are in on the 23 of Sept at 3'45 so dh will be able to go to work till about 1:30, takes an hour to get there.....I have a family practice Dr's apt on the 14th so do not know what my dh work will say with that Friday off and Monday morning..he will lost the morning hours and get a note..but Friday he will take a vacation day..This should be it till Oct when I see my eye specialist..oh just too many Dr's too
My son Mike went to court today to see if he can stay at his home for another month and it was granted..thank goodness for that..another month to find a job and place to one is hiring not even the security people..
I will have my spa either on Thursday or Friday..their truck does not come to this store till tomorrow so it will 24-48 hours after the fact..I can not wait...will I put photos of me in it..we will Have a wonderful day every one and I will do the same...God is Good..Prayers for all who needs and hugs, Lorraine

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bargello Twist finished and hanging on wall

Here I have added amethyst with a hint of blue on the black area with hearts..(my dh is always buying me hearts and I have made a lot of quilts with hearts on it..maybe because we got married on Feb 4 has got something to do with it, lol..) and than I beaded around the edging of the binding every half an inch..
Finish the sleeve about an hour ago, and now it is hanging in my living room, I am so pleased with this quilt even if it has a 1001 mistakes as it was a very hard quilt for ME to do..after this class I haven't been afraid to do patchwork and match the edges together, a teacher has a lot to do with that..especially if she takes time out just for you and Ruth does that with all of her students...sorry but not all classes I have taken has been like this...
I will be machine quilting my autumn Bargello to hang in the dinning till winter comes along, summer never made it lol I still have spring on there..wishful thinking maybe for the weather to cool down some?!!
Now I can machine quilt the 5 that all waiting in line calling my name..and I am and have promised myself not to start anything new till these are done..but than I will bring out the ones I haven't finished last year..but I can still sketch and put ideas in my I also journal the 3 quilts I just finished, yes I journal all that I make so I know what and how I did them..can always go back and check it out..print smaller photos to go with it.. Have a nice week every one..lots of hugs, Lorraine

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bargello Twist and Bohin Marking Pencils

Here is my Bargello Twist with 1,000 mistakes but I think it is so pretty. I took Ruth Blanchet's Season Bargello like 2 years before taking this one but never did the that time I was imitated by anything with stitching it but love the look of this quilt and took and boy or boy did I make a lot of mistakes..I retook her season class and did them pretty good. These classes are at I am all finished with this quilt but thinking of adding golden size 8 beads by the binding as it surely looked great..and where the black areas, Ruth had stitch a 4 petal flower, I am thinking of using a pretty blue seed beads to there..we will I need to sew the sleeve in the back..I had so many complements on this last year when making it..I know it is the colors I choose for this, I wasn't' sure at first but knew these where the colors I wanted..and went from there..The purple and some of the inside fabrics are all hand dyed..The backing is hand dyed that makes it even nicer.
This Bohins Pencil was mentioned on the quiltart digest forum and sent away for it as I had so much trouble marking my dark fabric and surely hope this works..I now have 5 quilts to machine quilt so i will for sure let you know if does come off..just got it yesterday it came from Australia but made in France.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fawn my brother, Donald Lausterer found

this is what my sister in law Kathy Lausterer wrote me this morning along with these 3 photos.
These are pictures of a little fawn Don rescued a couple days ago. We call her Freeway. He found her all beat up and nearly starved when he was getting spring water. He caught her and took her to a local vet in town. Though not really sure what happened to her mother who was no where in sight when Don spotted the fawn. The vet called the local D and R and the fawn will be taken to rehab which is another name for a deer farm and it will be taken care of. The last report from the vet said the deer was still weak but doing fine and responding to food. It's not very often ya get a chance to get this up-close and personal with wildlife for most of us so this was a real treat. Thought you all would enjoy it.
Kathy, thank you and I did enjoy it as many others will when they read about it..Don I know you and it must have felt so great to be apart of this little fawn closeness and saving its life, love you both, sis, Lorraine

Thursday, August 20, 2009

African and Southwestern quilt started

I knew there was something missing or not right with the first photo...but than I was just pinning and checking out how or what I am going to do..well, I do not like working in even numbers, so I put in another symbol in the middle and took out all that black..all I saw was black when I would at the designing wall from the kitchen...I am happy with this..not sure yet but there will more to do for this it is mine after I am not sure if I am going to put a border or just bind it with black..I really do not think it needs a border.
Now I had so much fun with these guys..I found the baggie that had the fabrics and my drawing of the Kokopelli guys..but I had to do it different..they look like pencil sticks so did them a bit thicker and one less but it is mine..I have been wanting to do both of these last year after finishing machine quilting all those quilts last year, but I hurt myself and was laid up till about a month and half I can't stop...My next guess, I am going to make a screen, with 3 sections and not sure what the topic is going to be...not very large but large enough to display on an end table or such..oritenal..landscapes, birds, who knows till I get there...I bought that back ground fabric about 3 years ago..I am so glad I bought about 3 yards of I other ideas for it..
In my art, you won't see much patchwork backgrounds, but fabrics that I buy or my hand dyed I do not do patchwork or anything like that..but the fabric when I buy has to say to me I can not live without
I have finally downloaded my 5 videos for a class I am taking, it is on canvas and using acrylics paints...I had so much trouble with downloading it because it was done in Real Player and I have Vista and it did not recognize at least it down loaded and had trouble with there site last night trying to up grade it for Vista so not sure if I was billed twice or if it even went through..should hear something today in dh email..
My test on Tuesday:
I was told I was going to put to sleep for my two test yesterday, well, I was not..I was half awake through both of them, the UPI I did not feel a thing..but people I went through hell with the colon..every 2 or so inches he put me pain..and it was just horrible and I asked him why I wasn't put to sleep for answer..any way..Found an ulcer and the Dr did not like the looks of it and looks like it might be shrinking due the purple pill he gave, he took two on the stomach lining next to the ulcer and the ulcer itself.. They did not do a complete colon..sp..he could not get through the small intestines..he then went and consulted with another Dr and came back with another bag full of the "purple pill". He did tell me he thinks the small intestines is not a blockage or cancerous..nicer word would have you don't have and not "think"...any way I will wait for a call about the bios and hope for the best...I am doing much better today as I was in a lot of pain with my back and knees not taking any pain killers..and not having my back brace is now apart of my apparel for every day...can't even tell I have it one...also make my stomach and abdomen look a lot smaller that what it is, almost like a have a great day and weekend coming up, thank your visiting my blog and hugs, Lorraine

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My African Symbol quilt

I have gotten side track when I found this fabric at I have been wanting to make an African quilt, but not quite like this one but with people and symbols..but this will do..It has metallic gold all over the back ground.It has designs within the squares..I found these symbol in a quilt site about 2-3 years for quilters..but choose these because of its meaning..I will have them in African and English on the backing..Oh I will do something on the symbols..maybe some gold spraying or something like that..I was thinking of making them loos kinda different and using tyvek and paint it black with gold and zap with the heat gun but the I think it should be as they are and not all wrinkled..who know..anyway this fabric is great..I have enough left over to do a scene with people so will do that later..I love African fabric.. oh I bought more fabric as if I needed it. Went there to buy white and black never can go and just get what I want..
I will be adding photos here later with my printmaster program with the photos from Patti and Rich Johnstone(sister and bil)..they are so wonderful. Oh how I miss the ocean and all the beauty that goes with it..I have about 3 ocean themes already designed and just need to get them onto cloth or maybe even canvas..taking a class on acrylic painting right this may the outlook I am looking for..back on canvas..hugs, Lorraine

Friday, August 14, 2009

Art in Paper-Napkin with Insect for Autism charity

I just finished sending this to Claudine Intner to put into the charity site. This is new art in paper for me..I have worked with a lot of paper in art but not like was wonderful to play and learn at the same time, lol
What I did this morning to finished it up..I took some acrylic gold metallic paint and dry brushed on the outside of the piece and than sprinkle micro chips on the paint and than zap it with the heat gun..I also did that with some of the insects, just a touch, and zapped it too.
The insects that are hanging have Utee on them but brushed on some metallic acrylic gold and micro chips and also zapped it..made them "pop" up more. than I beaded them on the felt art. On the back is two white plastic hoops for hanging..

Close up view, click on these photos to see a larger photo. have a great day as I am, lots of hugs, and thank you for visiting my blog. Lorraine
It is awesome in person, is 9 W x 11H-with the insects

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Quilt for Autism charity finished

Close up of the middle of flowers beaded. I used size 11 seed bead, copper silvered line and size 8 orange beads..
All done and I almost kept it for when the last bead went on, and saw it at a distance on how wonderful it looks, it was hard to send but after almost 9 of absence of making an art quilt..came out pretty let's see if I can finished the second one. I did not put it online as I wanted Claudine Inter to receive it first..The deadline is Sept 1, whip something creative and send you her photos..We mail our items to the person this time you do not have to mail it in..It might a bit darker than it should be..lots of hugs, Lorraine who just done filling out about 6 sheets of paper for the Dr's tomorrow..but I gave them more info than they probably wanted....I am going to lay down for awhile, got up too way too early..lots of hugs, Lorraine and thank you visiting my blog..
click on photos to see it larger..

Monday, August 10, 2009

Rosie Girls with Butterflies and mock gecko

Here is my awesome shiny butterfly..I use two holographic threads in one needle went around it and inside all around and than went over it with black rayon to do the detailing on the outside....underneath all this is some Angelina fibers, I just tore it apart after ironing some blueish color, some lilac..then use some gridded red shiny fabric, some party tinsels..and than cover it with while tulle..which I happen to be out of off..just had enough to do now shopping is needed..I have a mock up gecko on the the bottom leaf, but you know it doesn't fit into this quilt so I am going omit it..I am not going to put borders on this one just light green binding..I am not sure if i will do some meandering, small like the other one or what my plans are till I get there..but it has a hue of light lilac in the background fabric..any ideas...I did not finish the other butterfly but will later one for another quilt I decide to make..I will be playing around with some green snippets this evening for a tree, bushes or whatever..but know I need some for my son's quilt..I will use variegated green with a touch of yellow and so...if my leg lets me, still hurts..Suzie thinks I am mad at here because I screamed and have been trying to let her know that I am not..she is getting blind and when she came in just did not see my legs I guess..poor thing...
No work was done on my deck..but tomorrow son is suppose to come and take a few boards of my deck so they can digs 4 holes under it and than dh will come home with the hole digger..about 100 dollars for a day...oh is going to cost us twice now because we still plan on doing the other deck as soon as the weather over the weekend lets them have 2 days of far it is not...
Walgreen's filled that prescription and he called them it was still $316 dollars and ask them why, BCBS wants the Dr to give a lower price medication..well, told them thank you but no thank you..The Dr that Rita got for me never called for my apt time today and she did that at 10 that goes that in trying to help me out..Dr..whoever!! it is right pouring down rain...hope it is not tomorrow...but now that they are inside the deck so I don't think it really matters..
Have a wonderful day and hugs to all, Lorraine
Click on the photo if you want a large look at it..

Butterflies in hoop with all kinds of goodies inside

I am making two designs but probably use one...not sure as at this same time I am making a tyvek butterfly too..I like using all this different techniques..It is a lot of work for a charity quilt as someone told me but also, I have been out of art quilting for almost 9 months and you think you won't foget what you learn...wrong, I not practicing before machine quilting...if anything I tell every one practice practice before going now it is practicing for me again..I also have a new stuff that I want to try , no not lutador..but a plastic kinda film my dh brought home from work, think I might need to look a monster to burn this, it might have some awful fumes coming out it...if don't work out, no big deal..I am also going to use some snippets of different greens under tulle for my son's quilt and want to do a lot playing this afternoon...if my right calf lets. I let Suzie out and when she came she was so excited like she hasn't seen me in days and ran so fast and knocked onto the couch and at the same time my calf gave a a cramp, I thought I died and went to hell.sorry it still likes a dickens and not even the cane is helping put some heat on it and still hurts to walk. so not sure if the foot will let keep on pushing that pedal to the metal..but will try anyway..if I can't I always have my binding to do and I will find something else to do....but wanted to show those like my sisters who haven't done this cool it is ....lots of hugs, Lorraine

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Orange Bloomers just needs some binding sewing and beads added

Here it is all finished meandering tiny in the middle part and swirls on the outside borders..
Here it is with the binding added and it took my swirls away, I guess I did to far on the outside but it still is pretty..Now I will sew the binding by hand and satin stitch that little bit of the green leaf hanging out of the border..and put some beads in the middle..I used a varigated orange rayon in the middle, that is why it is light in some areas and dark in others..than I used darker orange for the rest. At least this is done and I can send photos to the Autism site..I am now going to finished up the Napkins insect little quiltlet by sewing another piece on the back and hang the loose insect on the bottom using is really pretty in person..ohhh forgot to add the photo..I will when done...
Chat: for my family and friends as FB puts whatever I put in here in their site..sorry for those who do not want to read this..this is one way to keep up with my family and friends that are not on FB..but can read my blog..My blog is for personal, family photos, and my creative journeys it takes you do have to read the rest of it..but I do thank you for visiting my blog..
I am now eating baby food, not bad but sure wish it was regular food..better than nothing...I had an egg with 2 little Vienna baby sausage with went down well with no # 8 pains in my stomach after eating them..
I could not wait for dh apt so I called in Friday..Dr. Brody's wife, Rita, did try and get me into the hospital without being seen but the Dr that does these test has to evaluate me, figures, they have to make their money too..and than he will schedule the test and hopefully give me something till the test..Rita did called in some meds..but being so late on Friday she forgot to see if my insurance and the Dr OK..when dh went to pick them up they wanted $300 for 60 of those
pills, I have heard them called the purple pill..started with a thank you I am doing fine for now...I have to eat about every 2-2 1/2 hours or I start to hurt...either applesauce, yogurt or sugar free pudding..Oh he even bought me some baby banana do not taste bad but the carrots not sure about...I have been able to eat about 2 TBs of mashed potatoes but no more...I have lost another 10..but not on my accord..on my I have been exercising but right now my back and knee says to stop, it has started to hurt, so will use the heating pad as I am not done for the day..I am in the mood for sewing!! lol you all know how that is...lots of love and hugs..Lorraine right is freezing with dh home..I usually keep it at 80-81 and he puts it to 78..I do refuse to wear winter close in my home during the

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Napkins steps 5-6 insects and flower

On the previous red one I already had sewn the holey grid to the felted pieces..but this is what it looks like..wet and scraped as much or less to put on top of the felted piece, this time I put more holes than the read on..Than we cut out the shapes from another napkin..
Set on top for now..I still have a few more steps..this one had a nice trim so am trying to use it too but not sure.the butterfly I will have to add its antenna, it was very light to try and cut out..I have one more napkin and can use that to have something dangling from the piece, which is what I am going to do this one only..

I choose to do the middle part of this one..with the tiny butterfly.. all in all, I like the process using the napkins. Now I need a rest and son is coming over to dig some holes for reinforce my upper deck for my hot spa..

So far this is what it looks like..I still have other preparing to do with the cut up pieces and sew the gridded piece to the felted what do you think..
I thought I was behind in this class but I am not, this is the process and more that you do not know of do what Dale has in her lesson..we can make book covers, with different type of napkins, a flower book and etc..which I do not plan on doing any time soon, for one reason this is all the napkins I have and now that I know the process...I can do it at any time..I will be do some distressing, some Utee and maybe gluing but I do have my own ideas that might be easier and brighter so we will see what I come up with..that is what creativity is all about..doing you own thing if you like..lots of hugs and thank you for visiting my for a cup of hot tea and a nap, a lot earlier than yesterday...anyway with son here who knows what I will get Lorraine

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

2 mores set of napkins I am doing for class

My son bought this napkin for me so I will do it..I am going to use cotton variegated thread with all the colors in this napkin. Is it not pretty! If this one turn out it will go to the Autism charity..but of course we do not know how it will because I am not finished with them..these two napkins are a bit thicker than the first red for sure was on the thinner side..but still think I can make it pretty..this is on dark green felt wanted to use lime green but the dark green
My younger sister, Patti Johnstone, sent this one to me and I just love it, when done it is mine..I will make sure I have some of the insects left over to use UTEE and make separate bugs..It is on black felt..I still have quite a bit of this lesson to do but..I am not what I was a few years back..I take the days that let me work and work on those days..I use to get so mad and depressed over it but realize that it does not do me any good to fuss over it anymore and be happy that I do have more days to do and not less...Today I prepared both and even have this already sewn the grids on...and will do these in steps, together as I am one that does not to keep putting feed dogs up and down and changing the foot..right now I am doing straight stitching and than I do some tread playing on the these with the felt...than I can continue on and still have my machine so I can machine quilt the Orange Bloomers..for the Autism charity and send photos in..I hope I can send more in but it is up to this bod of mine..
Oh, dh bought me a back brace and I slept for 4 hours with it on and woke up feeling like a million bucks..My left side still has not hurt but the right side does a bit..we had it on upside down..I will wear every day for awhile..I know this will help my pains in my back..and than of course, when the spa goes up..that will help too..Have a good night as I will be sewing till wee hours in the morning...taking a 4 hours nap at 430 is not but needed it..lots of hugs and thank you for visiting my blog, hugs, Lorraine

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ratty class with Dale Rollerson-napkin technique

Step one: napkin fuse on felt
Step 2 napkin gold metallic thread play

Step 3: napkins in grids

step 4: wet napkin with grid and rubbed most of the napkin and bunch of holes as much or less that you want and put on felted napkin and sewn to the bottom one..It is so much fun..My knee gave out I was so tense and had to relaxed as I haven't done this before..just think this is only one of the techniques in Dales class, I still have about 2 steps to finished this, with more of the same napkin designs, you won't how it will turn out..later on with more when finish, thank you for visiting my blog and lots of hugs, Lorraine

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Puprle Poinsettia top finished and close up of flower

Finished top tonight. I will be using a dark purple for the binding also. Below is a close up of the flower and is so pretty in person. Now to sandwich it, machine quilt, add binding and sleeve..Now I have 4 of them to do.. From Ruth Blanchet's Poinsettia class at her site My dh and I have decided to put the hot spa on the upper deck as the weather is not going to good for next weekend..I do not how we have with the spa people but after awhile they will charge storage fee. So we will reinforce the upper right corner and build the other deck slowly and hopefully we have some sunny days in the temporally it will be on the main deck..I love the idea, we always talked about putting a hot tub there and now it is happening..Have a nice week..lots of hugs, Lorraine
Click on photo to see a larger photo..I just love rich looking..

Purple Poinsettia pedal bias sewn Yenmet metallic

I have been working on this since Monday of this week..but life and pain has not let me finished it till the wee hours of this morning...I used Yenmet purple and silver metallic threads on my pedals, and dark rayon on the bobbin..
I had taken a late evening 4 hour of course I could not sleep but about 4 hours last night..I am glad this is one of to do list for the green bias..and hopefully to sandwich it today..I will be a happy camper..I am going to spray baste the 4 quilts and hope I like this method so I do not have to go through the drilling of pinning them by hand..and the associated standing and pain that goes with it..I know a lot of people that like to spray baste..I only make art quilts..
My first attempt with traditional was my late Fr. Rick's memory "queen size" and I think I did fine..but it was the hardest thing to quilt..Oh I had a lot of the squares that did not meet where there suppose to but Fr. Rick loved that quilt..I had made for his bed and he told he wanted where he could hang it up and so I had to bring it home and take the top binding apart and added 3 separate sleeves..I did stitch in the ditch and around the photos. I read a lot of books before attempting it in 2003..and than I found QU that June..and the rest is I am not a traditional person and will not try to be again..I have over and over taken classes at QU with traditional techniques, not no makes me a nervous wreck and that is not fun to me..My mom and twin can do all those for the family and I make them click on the photo to see a larger view.
Looks like if dh and son can get a hold of a hole digger, electronic one, they might be able to dig some holes is suppose to be sunny today and tomorrow. Dh computer will be home tomorrow..he went through Best Buy whereas when mine was taken in 3 weeks after buying it last year..we went through Hp and it took me 3 weeks to get it back with the same problem..we live and more warranty on the video cards for either of us now...dh said then he can now put his own in..He usually builds our computer but we decided to buy both last year..His lasted a lot long without the we will go that way from now on..We have computer shows here in Memphis and he buy what he needs there to rebuild one..He is now working on one for our camera system for outside.
I almost got a hummingbird caught in my hair yesterday, like a dummy, I took my camera and stood by one of the three feeders hoping to get a really pretty photos so I can do a quilt with it..We have 7 of those little devils out there fighting for 3 hummingbirds feeders, we have a ball watching them under the gazebo..they need to learn to share...we plan to put some out in the back when the hot tub is put we can enjoy them out there too..we use to have two of them but with the new awning we can not hang anything from it and branch on the tree went...they still go out back searching..what memory they have from town to town going south or north..
Today is all my day to do as I it will be sewing and more sewing..if bod lets me..Have a wonderful Sunday and take time for yourself, smell the roses..thank you for visiting my blog, lots of hugs, Lorraine

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My brooch from Jean Toms from Embellisher group

I received my brooch today from Jean Toms from my UK Embellisher group. My favorite colors too, purple and lime green. Jean had it wrapped with some pretty tissue paper, good for my new class, rattytattypapers, and fibers and nice little red bead she made..thank you so much..I love it..It is pinned or was pinned to a card..reason for the blurred vision on the bottom, scanner did that..
Dh computer went out and now he is one his way to Best buy for them to fix at no cost, it is under a year old..thank goodness, some sort of video card like my new computer last now who is going to have this computer, we will have a few arguments on it..I'm sure..
No digging for post today, it rained all day. Have to dig 12 holes, 6 inched deep, let it dry, than add 4x6 post add more cement around it, this is so it does not sink in the ground..let it dry again..and guess what more rain is expected on Tuesday so hopefully they can get something done tomorrow..oh how I want that hot spa! Patience Patience! It is going to hard work for dh and sons..hoping they can get their hand on a electronic hole digger..tomorrow..hugs to all, Lorraine

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