Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bargello Twist and Bohin Marking Pencils

Here is my Bargello Twist with 1,000 mistakes but I think it is so pretty. I took Ruth Blanchet's Season Bargello like 2 years before taking this one but never did the that time I was imitated by anything with stitching it but love the look of this quilt and took and boy or boy did I make a lot of mistakes..I retook her season class and did them pretty good. These classes are at I am all finished with this quilt but thinking of adding golden size 8 beads by the binding as it surely looked great..and where the black areas, Ruth had stitch a 4 petal flower, I am thinking of using a pretty blue seed beads to there..we will I need to sew the sleeve in the back..I had so many complements on this last year when making it..I know it is the colors I choose for this, I wasn't' sure at first but knew these where the colors I wanted..and went from there..The purple and some of the inside fabrics are all hand dyed..The backing is hand dyed that makes it even nicer.
This Bohins Pencil was mentioned on the quiltart digest forum and sent away for it as I had so much trouble marking my dark fabric and surely hope this works..I now have 5 quilts to machine quilt so i will for sure let you know if does come off..just got it yesterday it came from Australia but made in France.

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