Tuesday, August 4, 2009

2 mores set of napkins I am doing for class

My son bought this napkin for me so I will do it..I am going to use cotton variegated thread with all the colors in this napkin. Is it not pretty! If this one turn out it will go to the Autism charity..but of course we do not know how it will because I am not finished with them..these two napkins are a bit thicker than the first red on..it for sure was on the thinner side..but still think I can make it pretty..this is on dark green felt wanted to use lime green but the dark green won..lol
My younger sister, Patti Johnstone, sent this one to me and I just love it, when done it is mine..I will make sure I have some of the insects left over to use UTEE and make separate bugs..It is on black felt..I still have quite a bit of this lesson to do but..I am not what I was a few years back..I take the days that let me work and work on those days..I use to get so mad and depressed over it but realize that it does not do me any good to fuss over it anymore and be happy that I do have more days to do and not less...Today I prepared both and even have this already sewn the grids on...and will do these in steps, together as I am one that does not to keep putting feed dogs up and down and changing the foot..right now I am doing straight stitching and than I do some tread playing on the these with the felt...than I can continue on and still have my machine so I can machine quilt the Orange Bloomers..for the Autism charity and send photos in..I hope I can send more in but it is up to this bod of mine..
Oh, dh bought me a back brace and I slept for 4 hours with it on and woke up feeling like a million bucks..My left side still has not hurt but the right side does a bit..we had it on upside down..I will wear every day for awhile..I know this will help my pains in my back..and than of course, when the spa goes up..that will help too..Have a good night as I will be sewing till wee hours in the morning...taking a 4 hours nap at 430 is not good..lol but needed it..lots of hugs and thank you for visiting my blog, hugs, Lorraine


Mary said...

I just love these napkins and how u do them...where or where do u get these beautiful napkins..lol...love you, Mary

LorraineS said...

From sis and Mike..mike bought mine at Walmart and The red one Terry bought at Krogers..not good napkins to work with, should be thicker but they will do for now..I am thinking of finishing them up this evening, not doing so well with stomach again..love and hugs, Lorraine

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