Sunday, August 2, 2009

Purple Poinsettia pedal bias sewn Yenmet metallic

I have been working on this since Monday of this week..but life and pain has not let me finished it till the wee hours of this morning...I used Yenmet purple and silver metallic threads on my pedals, and dark rayon on the bobbin..
I had taken a late evening 4 hour of course I could not sleep but about 4 hours last night..I am glad this is one of to do list for the green bias..and hopefully to sandwich it today..I will be a happy camper..I am going to spray baste the 4 quilts and hope I like this method so I do not have to go through the drilling of pinning them by hand..and the associated standing and pain that goes with it..I know a lot of people that like to spray baste..I only make art quilts..
My first attempt with traditional was my late Fr. Rick's memory "queen size" and I think I did fine..but it was the hardest thing to quilt..Oh I had a lot of the squares that did not meet where there suppose to but Fr. Rick loved that quilt..I had made for his bed and he told he wanted where he could hang it up and so I had to bring it home and take the top binding apart and added 3 separate sleeves..I did stitch in the ditch and around the photos. I read a lot of books before attempting it in 2003..and than I found QU that June..and the rest is I am not a traditional person and will not try to be again..I have over and over taken classes at QU with traditional techniques, not no makes me a nervous wreck and that is not fun to me..My mom and twin can do all those for the family and I make them click on the photo to see a larger view.
Looks like if dh and son can get a hold of a hole digger, electronic one, they might be able to dig some holes is suppose to be sunny today and tomorrow. Dh computer will be home tomorrow..he went through Best Buy whereas when mine was taken in 3 weeks after buying it last year..we went through Hp and it took me 3 weeks to get it back with the same problem..we live and more warranty on the video cards for either of us now...dh said then he can now put his own in..He usually builds our computer but we decided to buy both last year..His lasted a lot long without the we will go that way from now on..We have computer shows here in Memphis and he buy what he needs there to rebuild one..He is now working on one for our camera system for outside.
I almost got a hummingbird caught in my hair yesterday, like a dummy, I took my camera and stood by one of the three feeders hoping to get a really pretty photos so I can do a quilt with it..We have 7 of those little devils out there fighting for 3 hummingbirds feeders, we have a ball watching them under the gazebo..they need to learn to share...we plan to put some out in the back when the hot tub is put we can enjoy them out there too..we use to have two of them but with the new awning we can not hang anything from it and branch on the tree went...they still go out back searching..what memory they have from town to town going south or north..
Today is all my day to do as I it will be sewing and more sewing..if bod lets me..Have a wonderful Sunday and take time for yourself, smell the roses..thank you for visiting my blog, lots of hugs, Lorraine


Mary said...

love all your books sissy..the beads one look you Mary

Mary said...

also love your finish purple flower...wonderful job one day i will learn you, Mary

LorraineS said...

Thank you sis, I almost finish with the purple top hope to have it on here in a bit with the two and hugs, Lorraine

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