Friday, April 25, 2008

Photos of Bridal shower

Here is mixed of photos and if you can read what is on the bottom, it will tell you who they all are. Hope I did not miss anyone.

A Few Photos of the Bridal Shower for Jamie

This is Jamie Sneed who is going to marry my nephew, Jason Lausterer. These are photos of Jamie and her family. The next batch will be a hit and miss of who were there. I had 76 photos and do not want to put them all here, lol I did try to do a slide show but did not take. I may try again. Thank you Jamie, I had a ball. love Aunt Lorraine

Look what they are doing to my back woods

They are cutting down the trees in the back of my home. Across the back there is a street. We do hear noises from there but not as bad, but now that they are cutting these trees down, the barrier will be lost. One place back there is always a lot of music, dogs barking and parting going on...late very I will have find out where they live as my bedroom is in the back. I am a good neighbor and do expect others to be also. They have been driving me crazy with the diesel smell, the sawing and the falling of the trees, if that would not scare anyone...and than there is the DUST that is blowing this way..I just hate to see this go. But when you own it you can do what you want and they are selling the good trees.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lime Green Moth Butterfly

I saw this moth butterfly last night in between the sliding glass door and screen. This afternoon when the guy from the awning left he was laying on the deck. I thought she was dead, so I picked her up and she started to flutter all over and I scream and let her go..but got her again and put her on my table on the deck. Isn't she just fabulous and a wonderful color She is still on the I hope she is not hurt, I will bring her in in case a cat gets her..enjoy.

Grandma Will Doing Potato Hump at Bridal Shower

This is Grandma Will doing the Potato Hump at Jamiee's Wedding Shower. Tracey Lausterer took this video. Great going, Tracey. Both girls are my neices now through marriages and will in the future refer to them as nieces. lol love all of you and had so much fun. Photos will follow as soon as I get all the names.

More Blooming Flowers

This is my purple siper wart plant. The reason it has always been in a pot is that they tend to take over your yard or garden area. I have another pot next to it. Aren't they pretty..
My suppose to be blue dutch irises, but over the years, probably due to the soil, don't know, they are now liliac in color which is fine with me. You can also see I have planted some fushia and perwinkle in the middle..
A very close view of my liliac dutch irises.

Bamboo Fabric samples

I received these last week. I am going to be trying dyeing with these luscious fabrics. They are made from the fibers inside the bamboo. There are maybe 7 samples I received, a few are duplicated but will let them I would like the others, which they may have run out of. They have Double Terry, Fleece, Interlock, Velour, awesome, Jersey-95% Bamboo, 5% Lycra, Single Terry-one side is terry and the other side is plain, Single Terry, this one is 70% Bamboo, 28% organic cotton and 2% Poly, Dress Jersey-100% Bamboo, Satin Weave and Jersey Dyed both 100% Bamboo. I bought these at Bamboo Fabric Store on the net.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Finished Shower cards

I have added another photo. The one below is way to dark. I am not sure on how to delete so excuse the duplicate. I will one day learn how to do this without losing every thing, if one
I finally finished these cards, worked on them off and on all day. Just did not have an idea so it took a lot longer than I wanted it too.
I started out with two photos. Did not know what color I wanted for the back ground. Than I found some hand dyes red and went from there. My longest time is satin stitches without free motion all the hearts. I still have not got this newer machine to work with the feed dogs down so I can do free motion.. It is hard on the hands and wrist for me..but did it. I did not fuse the fabric so a bit wrinkle..but it is still pretty. I have fabric, two layers of plastic, satin stitches, and beading around the frame this took a long time..put some eyelets on the photos and the card and tied them with fibers. the top one is going to from mom and the bottom from me..I know I could have done something a lot simpler but I just carried away like I always I did it both of them not just Jamie even if the shower is for her..She is having 3 showers..Tomorrow is whatever, than a linen one and lingerie one..It is a fancy wedding and a lot of people..8 bridesmaid..that is a The wedding is June 20th at 7pm I I am going to bed. The shower is from 2-4 but we will stay to clean up.
Today Fr. Rick died two years ago and of course he has been on my mine with wonderful memories..I still can see his face. My friend Donna died a year ago next month on the 5th. If my dh did not have to work, he was going to take me to his grave site. Another day.

I designed this yesterday and chat

It needs to block and heavily starch so it can used a book will for sure have a lot of pins trying to get the links in the middle straight as I made this 61/4 by 2 1/4 inches as I plan to use it on my paper back books which are small. For sure you can enlarge it. If interested I am putting the directions together and when done I will send to who ever would like it..remember it is copyrighted..Everything I do in this blog is.. I call it Insert Book Marker so you can insert ribbons and such down the middle..I have some silver ribbon in the middle now. I am going to make some Angelina fibers on tissue paper on card stock to put in the insert.
I am now trying to get two pcs done as Mom and I are going to the shower of my nephew's future wife, Jamie..Just got invited yesterday as my niece, Leah, has been so busy babysitting and taking care of her Aunt Betsy who has MS and has moved from Ok to be near her family..that she never got the cards mail out..slow down girl..I am glad you are back, Betsy! Hope to see her there tomorrow. I am making two cards one for Mom..I will put pockets in the back for the monetary gifts. I wanted to do something nasty like they did mine over 35 years ago but I thought that it would not fit my but that is what a shower is all about having fun and what the kind of gifts Jamie will received...
I joined a crochet group and a knitting group yesterday, as if I really need to have more to do but it will be fun to add this to what I do every day..when I get bored with one, I can always pick up another project..which is what I literally do anyway. I like to keep it this way..But I do have that huge quilt to finished and haven't figure out the binding or the quilting designs for it
I have started out with these pc, for one, two photos, one of Jamie and one of Jason and lets see where I go with this one..the one I make for Mom to give them will be for sure a heart shape card. Have a great day..

Friday, April 18, 2008

As Promise My Azaleas in full bloom

It was just starting to rain but got my Azaleas in their bloom..There are just few bit of buds left to bloom and here she is in all her glory..she is so pretty next to my door.
Here is a close-up..Now when it stops raining I will cut a few branches and bring them in my home to show off..they last about 2 weeks in cared water. The blooms even get larger because they have more water than they do outside. I am thinking this fall of buying other colors, like red...white, purple if they have enjoy..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Fish Chime Post cards

I finished 2 other swaps today and did these today. Took most of the afternoon. I had to no idea on what to do so I just went along till it was I made a design of the fish..I knew I was going to do a fish as I had those fish charms so wanted to used them..still have plenty of them I used my fabric sun painting fabrics for the fish. Added card stock to the back and satin stitch it together for some stability..Then added some holographic threads coming down to meet the beaded area with the fish and shells at the end. Than I added another card stock and straight stitch all around. It was fun to do this swap. Now on to the journal pages for them these are for Donna and Mary..who seems to be the only ones swapping these days.. Oh I added two eyelets on the top in case they wanted to hang this chime card is

Saw my first Hummingbird-Chat

I was so excited, I saw my first hummingbird. It was looking for food. So I also know that we should not get anymore cold weather..I am right now making food for them and will hang their feeders out tonight. I have awrought iron thingie in front of my studio window so I can see them. When I hear heavy flutters through my window, sure enough they are feeding..I usually have 4-5 that fights over two feeders..this one had green on him. The red ones are really pretty..
I have been all day getting my overdue pc done. and almost with the last one. Than I only have journal pages to make for Donna and Mary..they do not know how to make one so I will have to take photos as I go along.
I have not made one bit of jewelry since Christmas, reason, my left wrist and thumb won't let me. I was going to sell all the tools and larger beads and metals, cords and such but dh told me not too, just in case..Just in case of what..if it hurts I won't do it!LOL
I have also been spending more time on the computer doing all my stuff that I am going to sell over again with the copyrighted info on them plus watermarks. I can not stamp right now for the class I am in right now. But than my eyes fails me and have to stop and go stop and go again..this is the pitts..I can not sit still. Like yesterday, I get a knock on the door, my electricity is going to be out for an hour or more..I asked why we could not get a more advance notice.. I had only been up for about 30 I had to eat just a toast, thank goodness my dh had coffee
My psoriasis is doing wonderful, I have not seen skin in my calves and knees for 17 is so soft too. Where I put the banana skin and the psoriasis goes away the skin feels so smooth and baby skin. so I am now putting in on my hands and and where ever I want to..Just to think all those wanted banana skins I and I eat a banana every day..So I hope I have helped someone online with this info. Oh yes, I telling every one. There is this woman name Nancy that calls me every 6-8 weeks from BCBS about my ailments and sends me info all the time, she is sending my info, email, phone number, of the Psoriasis dept. I told her I was going to tell them about this but I will tell you that they probably will not do anything with my info..they want money for their medication they put out. That is the the Medical field is all about. If they would let us know about all cures they have out their for the different diseases, they of course would not make money, and of course the Dr's. too. I plan to tell my Dr too..I thought I would waste my breath, but I am not going to look at it that way..I can tell the nurses and such and they will spread the
My Azaleas made it, when the blooms are all full, probably tomorrow, I will take another photos. I am glad I put a sheet over them. I see from the bottom that they are baby plants from this old mother plant..I will plant them this fall.

Terrances quilt

I need some advice on this quilt. I need to finished it up by May 13th, I will not stopped till I am done. Well, I will work on it as my eyes will let me, hopefully a few hours a day..I figure by the date I took this class it has been 4 years in the making. I added the silk fusion to the side, and bottom because it so is like a continuous flame around the quilt..I think it made it pop up more..It is on my borders which I do not mind putting it there. I have not figured out what color for the binding..but it will come to me when I get there. Birdy tried to send you this but got your email back saying it was so I am putting it in here..Sis what do you think...Anyone want to comment on it, please do..and thank you in advance.
Sorry it is not a very good photo as I was in a hurry and it is a bit blurry and

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Flowers that are flowering and budding

This is my lilac bush, with all it blooms. Looks like I miss the prettiest blooms.. Since the frost the other night, they are all sad
My 27 year old Azalea bush. I covered it with a sheet but afraid the some of the buds looks brownish, but think most of it will bloom..this is the day before..
27 year old white Peonies on the north side of the house. The buds made it and my red and pink ones are budding tool.
These are the plants that I planted, snap dragons, I love snap dragons so will get more colors as time permits. Marigold..I really not crazy about them but wanted something to chase away the mosquitoes when they arrive which I think they they are on the deck but will put them back out front again..oh there is Suzie strutting her

My Goodie Bag from Noelani in Ca

Isn't she just precious!! I just love her..She is hanging on my calendar in the dinning room but I will move it to my studio.
She is with an angel with the bible. I love them both.
Here is a side view of all the goodies. I could not put them all as it would take so much time, but Noelani thought of every thing..thank you so much. The bottom photos are just close up of all the items..I did ask what the ones in the baggie and those cute figures made out of thread. Never have seen them before and do not know how to use know I can't know everything..I live to
The bag on the left has sewing implements in them..above that is a oriental purse.
Another wall hanging next to the butterfly note card. Some shell circle shape.
Lace and trims which always comes in handy..close up of those dolls. Some beads on the string, and those little bottles are more beads, never seen them come this way. For sure they will be
Under all this is a pattern for a purse. ribbons, metallic thread with metallic does she know I use she does...Oh and my purple grass, I was thrilled to see this, as we can not buy loose grass here anymore..they make up all the baskets for Easter..any I haven't found them..I wanted all colors.. Again Thank you Noelani, it surely was worth the wait but would have waited as long as I had too..I am glad you are doing much better and will keep on praying that you do. love from me..

Friday, April 11, 2008

Mud Island photos of flooding and chat

When I have a lot of photos of one subject I will do this from now on. I take them to Print Master and put them on a poster.. This way you all do not have to look at a bunch of large photos of the same subject. I use to do this all the time but did not want to take the time but will now.

This is Mud Island also known as The Mississippi Greenbelt Park. My youngest son lives here..These are expensive homes and very close to each each its own, I could never live that close to someone. where I live is very close, about 30 ft but here about 10..The park was a very nice place to sit in the benches and watch the barges go by. Where you see the tree line up is where the land started, it is now all flooded.
I have been sick in bed, in and out, had an asthma attack. dummy me did not use a mask when doing the planting of my flowers..this is what started it all in 1979..I ended up in the hospital and diagnose with asthma., almost 30 years ago. I knew it but forgot.. I am better now and breathing well.
I have been shopping a lot during the weekend and enjoying it a lot. I bought some candles at the NEX. they are called Flameless. They have 3 scents to them, vanilla, citrus and lavender. I bought 3 for myself and ended with one as my sons wanted one and than had to go back and get more because my sister wanted a couple. Well, I need to go back this weekend and get 3 they are wonderful, you have the lovely scent and no fuss about leaving them burning..uses 3 triple A batteries..the lavender put me to sleep without dreaming, I did not believe it but I eat my words
I have signed up for another class with QU for May it is called Quilt with Zodiac with Ruth Blanchet..Sounds like fun and I love the zodiac..I did not ask permission and not going to any more..I just signed up. lol Nothing new to take but this one and the others are classes I will probably never take.
My youngest sister's husband's, Rick, mother died and she is now in Virginia Beach. Her daughter Tara and dh with Parker will be there this weekend..All please have a safe trip back.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Been Busy and chat

Hi all, I will post tomorrow with a lot of photos..I mean a
I got out of the house and for two days in a row..boy am I
I got to see the flooding in areas and took some photos. Took photos of my newly growth of flowers coming up, with all this rain..every thing will for sure bloom like crazy..My white Daffy's are out..Lilac bush is blooming, sprouts from 3 of my Peony's are up. Tulips starting to show through..Hydrangeas looks like they will fine this year. Azaleas. boy does it have a zillion
I bought me some plants and soil to put on my table and around here and there in the will plant them tomorrow.
I was so sorry to hear that my most favorite actor of all times has died, but I do know that he in not suffering, Charlton Heston. I can not tell you how many times I have watch Ben Hur..I tell you what I have not yet to today seen a better built man..What a body he had in that movie..I loved all his movies but two..Planet on the Apes and Green Solvent..I think that is the name but all the rest I loved him in. I read his book he wrote many years ago as I do not have it so can not remember the title but it was about him and his leading ladies and what they were like to work with.
Yes we lost another one last week, Richard Widmark, loved him too.
Our Memphis Tigers won last night and put them in running to first place tomorrow night, Go Tigers!!
Tomorrow is dh birthday so we celebrated tonight..the last game is tomorrow night and there is no way my boys will can't blame them. It is also my nephew's Philip's birthday and he will be 14. He is my twin's sister's grandson that is artistic. He was going to try his hand today golfing but it rained and they could not take him, but there is lots of time to learn...Happy Birthday Philip and Terry.
I will let you know about my glasses I picked up tomorrow as I am very tired and going to bed..thank you for visiting my blog.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Supplies and chat

Here are the supplies that I did not have and I think I have ordered some wrong things. like that big roll I did a search with the name the teacher had in the class and this is what came up..all of the supplies..we did not have photos of the supply list, which some teacher do, so I had to eye ball it..I will use when I figure it
The guy never came to look at my awning and having a very heavy storms today has me getting up and down checking the pitts..
My niece was going come and visit me with her two daugthers but it was really bad and we both decided it not a good day..thought I would have beautiful photos of them to put up here..
My son is better and went to work, I am so glad..I know he is in his middle thirties but I still worry a lot..
Well, I am going to see if I can start and finished a doll I designed the other day and get it post for the challenge that has a due date of April 5th, if not I will post it here and am going to do a series of her..she is going to be fun to make and you will see why..Have a great afternoon.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More Chatting and Thinking and Flooring in Studio

This is about 5 feet away from the wall. the brown area is the hole we have to fill tonight. Let's put it this way, dh won't be able to live till he does I have been on his case for a long time now and I won't let it he has no poor
Here is a close up... When my son bought me my digital camera, boy did he put a dangerous thing in my hand..I take and document every thing I do and
every thing that happens around Isn't this just horrifyingly knowing that your floors could look like this if you have an older home..yuck!! so far that we know off it is only in this room.

Chatting and thinking:
I was thinking if I have to put up another $500 I rather give it to the lawyer to see where we stand if they do not fix this, why give it to them again. It probably be the Reed Construction again and I really do not trust their work..Why should we put out another claim when they just finished this about a month and half ago.

Now my home was built in 1972 and I will show what has happen in my studio that I sew in. Now we always had carpeting and having taken it out, you see what is below and hiding..The floor in my studio has either collapsed or pulled away from the outside wall. It has an opening about an inch and is about 4 inches deep. We had a mess there by my bookcase, leavings from bugs. Dh never did put the trim around the baseboards so it is exposed..we have being seeing these huge water bugs, or I called extra large roaches through the house, about a the last few weeks..I go nuts when I see one..Nuts, Nuts, than I dream about them..I am not a bug person at all. The reason I do not do camping, lol. So I have been spraying that hole ever since the other night and lo and behold I came in here to post those photos this morning and what do I see crawling on my floor yes, one of those things..I hate them..but the good news about this, we know where they are coming from..Once I saw one crawling down the hall way and chase it till it disappeared behind my stereo cabinet in my Master bedroom, I look and could not find it..

So tonight dh is going to spray some silicone in there but first I want load a whole can of spray so it is in there really good and no bugs will ever come out of it again..He wants me to remove all the stuff on the bookshelf and surrounding area..Well time to so some more "getting rid of stuff you haven't used in a year or two"
My son, Mike, is sick. He has bronchitis..He has missed two days of work and with him having to foot the bill for everything now that IT has left him in a will hurt him..I am also worried about him mentally..Get better son..
Again thanks for ear and my ramblings..Hope it is not tooooo boring for you all..

Awning Problems and Chat

Well, dh just called me and told me he had called State Farm and he told them to go through Norton's Company as they are the ones that put up the awning..Mr Norton told me there was a 30 year warranty on the awning..not in paper so we will see. If they do not do anything about it we have put another claim to state farm and another $500 deductible. I told dh that I am going to see about a lawyer because this is not right. I am so mad that I could throw bricks at anyone that came to my door today..I guess I better not, one of the Norton's guys is coming this afternoon. They will have to replace the awning at least on that side and than level it all up with the other we will see what happens..OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
On a good note, yes there a few, lol..
I now see some skin coming through my psoriasis and am so thrill that this banana skin is going to get rid of it once and for all. I could cry..not having seeing my skin on my legs in so many years..that is why as soon as it get warm in the spring I start sitting out in the early morning to get sun on my legs and helped but not that much, but I did what ever it took to relieve the itching..banana skin I haven't itch at all..something wonderful in our fruit the BANANA!
I found my exercise program I bough over a year ago. I knew St Anthony would come through with this one sooner or later, he always does. It was in my WET and Dry Studio on the second shelf..since I had my thread mill in there I did not do as much work as I do in there now..I never did noticed it on the second shelf, plain view for I had put it there with puzzles that are given to me that I do not have time to do I have been working out with since I found it and boy do I feel the the triceps and biceps excesses is helping my left shoulder..I guess I should not have been babying it so much..oh it still hurts but only when I lift something heavy, like molds over the
I have been designing and doing more painting..brought out my air brush last week and being playing with it..boy do I need some practice on it again. I was able to put a dot of a pencil on an I get polka but I will get there again..I only practice very little when I have time..but need to do it more..I want to do some air brushing on fabric of a photo of Kauai that I have..Sunset with my dh and sons, when they little, is an awesome photos.
Enough for now, till I get another upsetting call. Need someone to talk thanks for "listening" my family and friends out there..I do hope you have a wonderful day today. hugs to all of you..

Awning bulging at 12;42am last night

We went outside to check on my molds that we had laid on the deck floor till the weather permits us to put them in our shed. We did have them covered, the last photos here.
This is what we found. Let me tell you my Dh, Terry, was so angry. I think if anyone was here that put this up, he would have a few choice words to say to them. I never seen him so angry..than of course neither one of us could sleep. so we treated ourselves to a root beer float, did it help NO, lol I had a tiny glass as I am diabetic. lol but ohh it did taste good. lol
This is horrible when you can not have something anymore done properly the first time around. Mine you this is the Reed Brothers Construction in Millington. Also related to Dr Reed my optometrist who it Mr Reed uncle. My dentist I go to is also another Reed but haven't had any problems from him at all and is a cousin. I asked him Mr Reed when he first came out here..been going to both Reed Drs, dentist and optometrist since we here in the late 70's..
This is also where the slats had some holes through it and when I asked the son of the guy that put up the awning about it he said in 30 days would seal. I check every day since and still hasn't and I also told Mr Reed about..that is exactly where it started those two spots..Hey what do I know about, I trust people when they tell me something, like a fool..not any more..I will investigate everything like I do in genealogy..
Just look at this, those little beaded things you see it from the heavy rains we had.
My dh had to opened up the cap to release some of the rain and than the rain came pouring out. I also told them that the other side of the awning that the spout did pour out that much water when it rained..No one listens to I was the one here watching and listening to every thing that was said outside to each other..I guess I am just a I let my dh deal with them all. I did send these photos this morning to the Reed Construction Co.. lets see if it is going to pass the buck again like they did with the flashing and shingles, which ended up getting credit for out of our deductible as it was not even put on my roof but charge the insurance company for. My dh did that..hurray..for him.
You can see the deck getting wet from the leaking awning and my these are in the middle of my deck..But hey, I do not have leaking deck where it was attached to my house anymore, we had to put a new roof to fixed that problem..Under the blue tarp is my molds being protected..if the awning fell they would have ruined them.

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