Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Awning Problems and Chat

Well, dh just called me and told me he had called State Farm and he told them to go through Norton's Company as they are the ones that put up the awning..Mr Norton told me there was a 30 year warranty on the awning..not in paper so we will see. If they do not do anything about it we have put another claim to state farm and another $500 deductible. I told dh that I am going to see about a lawyer because this is not right. I am so mad that I could throw bricks at anyone that came to my door today..I guess I better not, one of the Norton's guys is coming this afternoon. They will have to replace the awning at least on that side and than level it all up with the other side..so we will see what happens..OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
On a good note, yes there a few, lol..
I now see some skin coming through my psoriasis and am so thrill that this banana skin is going to get rid of it once and for all. I could cry..not having seeing my skin on my legs in so many years..that is why as soon as it get warm in the spring I start sitting out in the early morning to get sun on my legs and elbows..it helped but not that much, but I did what ever it took to relieve the itching..banana skin I haven't itch at all..something wonderful in our fruit the BANANA!
I found my exercise program I bough over a year ago. I knew St Anthony would come through with this one sooner or later, he always does. It was in my WET and Dry Studio on the second shelf..since I had my thread mill in there I did not do as much work as I do in there now..I never did noticed it on the second shelf, plain view for all..lol I had put it there with puzzles that are given to me that I do not have time to do anymore..lol I have been working out with since I found it and boy do I feel the pain..lol the triceps and biceps excesses is helping my left shoulder..I guess I should not have been babying it so much..oh it still hurts but only when I lift something heavy, like molds over the weekend..lol
I have been designing and doing more painting..brought out my air brush last week and being playing with it..boy do I need some practice on it again. I was able to put a dot of a pencil on an object..now I get polka dots..lol but I will get there again..I only practice very little when I have time..but need to do it more..I want to do some air brushing on fabric of a photo of Kauai that I have..Sunset with my dh and sons, when they little, shadows..it is an awesome photos.
Enough for now, till I get another upsetting call. Need someone to talk too..lol thanks for "listening" my family and friends out there..I do hope you have a wonderful day today. hugs to all of you..

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