Monday, June 30, 2008

Mail Call and fabric I bought-more chat

I ordered some patterns from Ruth Blanchet and they arrived today and I have already browse throught them..Ruth I will need your help on the foundation pattern..maybe you will be the teacher that will get me over not being able to do it and get it right...I did one class with Helen Marshall called Waterlilies and she was such a trooper and it took her 2 weeks by email to show me how to do it but than I tried again and could not get it right in another I love them all and thank you for a speedy delivery. It is free by the way people...
Here are the fabrics I bought..They are flannels and I will make me some for night ware later...they were normally $5.99 a yard and bought 2 yards each..are the colors yummy!!
Got a phone call today and few other times and first thing they say is "Sir" and I get fuming mad and say this is the mistress of the house..and than I hang up..When I was younger the guys use to tell me I had "bedroom eyes" and a sexy voice" I guess I lost it along the
I had to cancel one apt and make another for Sep as I did not pay attention and had to be at the dentist at 900 am and the Dr's at 800 am and they are a good 15-20 min depending on traffic...
Haven't done nothing today but domestic stuff, I do tend to forget that there is the laundry, bathroom, dishes out of the dishwasher, and floors to do..gee I guess I really do not have a total "free" day to the rest of you all...oh than there's that dinner we have to dh will not take me out or order something, once in great while..sometimes when he comes home I will fend for yourself I am tired of cooking and than he will eat a sandwich and than I feel guilty at hell..sorry for the bad word, but that is how I feel and that comes from my up bringing as mom thinks we are suppose cater to our men and have to remind her this is not the 50-60'd anymore...but that is how I was brought up..I am even suppose to like picking up his stinky dirty socks from work..but he is being really good about that now..I have been throwing them in the garbage and than he realize his sock drawer was getting empty and finally told him what I have been it is a good lesson learn..and it
Also getting ready for tomorrow visit as I am not sure what they are going to do..I was not told to fast or anything so I will eat my breakfast and lunch before I go..I think I need a nap...taking those pain pills during the day and the sleeping pills at night...have grand evening..

Hummng bird flowrs-Butterfly Bush-Suzie-Chat

The Hummingbird flowers and Butterfly Bush is my neighbors bushes..I water them so this is the first time I have seen the Hummingbird bloom and more blooms on the butterfly bush, as they are dying off but did not see that many butterflies this year, the first year she had this plant I did...
This is the last colorful bloom on the Butterfly Bush as the others either a whitish color or brown..glad I got it..

Of course I had to take photos of little one..she is getting very stubborn lately and making me very angry too..she won't listen..I know she is going deaf..but when I open that door and say come in Suzie and she doesn't and have to get her..this makes me angry..But than again when we get older we do tend to be on the stubborn side, don't we..
My large looking flowers that look like Hibiscus have bloomed in pink, white and one with a tint of purple but I miss them for a photo..but there are more blooms. I have a bright red on the south side and it hasn't started blooming...if I may say so, my yard is getting so pretty with all the flower pots blooming and the flowers in the yard..still have some lilies blooming away...I received these from Mom's friend that died a few years ago so all my lilies are Miss Dorothy. I name my flowers with names from the people that give them to me...Dutch Irises are called Gwendolyn's, the Lilac bush is known as the Courtney's...My middle rose bush is called, Michael's love, from my son in the rest I grew
I go in for my Lupus test tomorrow and I guess I am really not in a good mood knowing that I have to I know I do not have Lupus..if Dr tells me I do I will ask him what is on my blood work because that is what I have..Lupus is just a label for many other related diseases..we will see, I bet you I have to make another apt for test as this is probably just to meet him..this will for sure be my test of patience..will I do it or will I not..
I haven't sewn any yesterday or today....I am just admiring my Bargello on my designing board afraid I will ruin it if I sew it..but will maybe on Wed or even tonight..Sorry Ruth..dear teach.
My youngest son, Terrance came by to say hi and got to show him all my stuff I have been working on... he loved the pillow and could not get over the sewing done on it and than he tried to figure out the Twist
I am also worried about sis..thought she was OK but reading the paper she has gotten from the Dr' does not look good..she has a shadowing around her tumor and this is not good..So please my family and friends, keep her in your prayers, I say the rosary for you sis, every you..
I have practice cutting with out the ruler and using the rotary cutter making curvy strips on fabrics I did not care about and that is fun..I like this come the part to use the real fabrics intended for this class, this time I am saving for when it is finished..I will surprise you
Took mom shopping and I needed a few supplies too...Bought more fabric, I know I just did not need more but could not past up this 50% sale at Hancock's..and needed to buy some fusible interfacing and I know I have a lot of it but do not know where it is and so bought more...a lot easier than taking a lot drawers apart...and containers..some I forgot to label and the drawers needs to be labeled would Have a nice evening all.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bargello Twist the right way

Well, I did the wrong way below and I just could not figure out what I was doing wrong and Ruth Blanchet helped me photos with arrows and such...and now I can add the corners and start to sew. I was going to start and when I receive her email I was shocked and brought my dh to see where and he said when he saw it last night, he thought there was something wrong but I was the making Anyway just wanted to show you all the right Thank you again Ruth.

One quarter of Bargello Twist on wall

I finally finished cutting the black strips and the corner strips and this is what it looks like. I like that my fabrics are not the pattern nor the same color through out...Now to find those 15 minutes here and there to sew them together..I was hoping this weekend but have to take mom shopping tomorrow and have a birthday party on Sunday..I do not really like to share my sewing with other things as this is where I will mess up. lol But at least I know this. This class has taken me where I haven't been before..and I love it..I concentrate on my art quilts but like this when you have precise measurements and so forth. Now I have taken other classes that did require this but I guess I was not ready at that time to do them..but I have the classes and can always go back on them.
Darned Quilts looks like another fun quilt for me make...I will try and design my own but if time is a problem I will probably use some of Dena's suggestions..but I would rather do my own...Of course Marjie's class is going to be fun, just because I am in one of her classes again...what I can not get over is a lot of students did not take the cotton basic class and will run into problems and this is not a beginners class and I see Marjie doing a lot work here..that is too bad..I really did not want to be with a lot of newbies...but will stay with it. they sound they will be a lot of fun to "play" with, though..Now I will go and read the lessons I printed out...Friday's schedule came out for QU and nothing new for me...for later hoping next week.

Friday, June 27, 2008

4th of July card received

Received this card yesterday from Cynthia McGee for our last swap for my group. The Flag,how pretty thank you Cindy...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

One the designing wall not sewn yet

This was so exciting to make it come to life after cutting and sewing strips. the black that goes on top is not on here as I have just got to that part...than I will add it here...I will take another photo and put it on it and you will get a larger view of it...Ruth Blanchet is such a wonderful teacher to leaves nothing out in her is her website I order some of her patterns the other night and can wait to receive them...I wish all her classes were online and not in ca..maybe one day, Ruth, lol
I have another set of the colors I was going to do and will do that later in July when I am done with the two classes I just signed in today with QU Darned Quilts with Dena Crain Quilters Palette with Marjie McWilliams... is 4 weeks and the dyeing one is 5 weeks with 2 extra weeks...not able to do Dena's class as I want to do the Bargello and also I signed for Marjie's class first...Anyway now I will have this class to do when I want too, if I get her help while she's traveling have no idea...hope so or I have wasted both of our time and my money...we will see. I did email Dena, because if she can not I will forgo this class, tomorrow. No use taking if I can not get any help from her later on..I had forgot to ask Carol and should have, no one's fault but my own...too much on my mine lately..
Dr's apt tomorrow, gosh I can not wait till I have peace from all of them..I have lost a total of 36 lbs since June 6 of last year..I know I could have lost more if I only could exercises like i use to and I really can not wait for that day to come back...but I will do as i can least I am losing it and not gaining Now I have a decision to I take in all my clothes or buy new ones...some still have price tags on but been a while since i bought them so i know i can not return them...some only been used once..this will be a major project if I decide to take them all i do plan to lose why buy new says my pants looks horrible on me as they are so oh well...we will see..with me taking all these classes there is no time for being a seamstress again..for now anyway..OHHHHHHHHHHH dh fixed my works like a I do not have to buy another

Strips are cut for Bargello Twist and labeled

I finally got all the strips cut about 3 hours ago and had to lay down. My hip started hurting again when I started cutting the strips yesterday..I started this morning, but tears would just fill my eyes trying to cut so I had to wait till I was over that..I am so worried for sissy...than she goes in and they had canceled her apt due an emergency and they did call but they some how miss that call. She has to wait another week to meet this Dr and than schedule an apt..I would think if it was serious, they would not put her off another week....especially if it growing that fast...
Anyway I get to take these strips to the designing board and "play"..the fun part..and that cut up the black fabric and place them where they go..on the top...In lesson 4 Ruth gave us a couple more options on how to place them and I liked one of them so will do that instead of what she did for the class...I will only do a quarter at a time..all the strips above is for four quarters...I have half of the unit 1 and about fourth of the I might be able to make something out of these later have a great tomorrow.

Sister has a lump on her breast

My twin has a lump, tumor, on one of her breast and forgot which one. It measure either way 4 or more that is large. she has a mammogram last year..I did not know that tumors grow that fast. it is hard..(I have one on my neck and it as large as hers but took 5 years to get this way, I have it x-ray every year) she had a lot of test done..right now she said her Dr knows if it is Begin or malignant. They can not tell her one way or another which one as the surgeon has too....come on now, I do not for the life of me figure this out..she has been worried sick over and yet they know this..this to me is not fair practice...we pay our insurance companies and she pays her deductible..she should be told. I have not had to pay anything (except when Tri Care, military insurance, does not accept it..which one we are still paying one, my knee rehab)...She has been upset and crying a lot worried about it...
I decided I am making my own decisions when I go to the Dr. Tomorrow I have an apt for follow up on new med for my sugar.I am NOT going in every month..I will go in every 3 months..if they would like to pay for my dh pay for missing work fine I will...but I do not drive and have no car right now if I did, my son needs it more than I do....If the pills did fine for one month they will be fine for 3 months and if I have any funny symptoms come I will call is not going to kill me for sure that
Right now I have no trust for any of the Dr's..I am still having troubles with my glasses, they took my sun glasses over a month ago and no word if it is fixed..My dentist wants me to come in every 3 months, even when I showed improvement for taking care of my teeth..having gum disease, I have to go in every 3 months and the insurance only pays for 2 of those visits and I have to pay the other two, $ I will go in every 6 that the insurance can pay for it all.
I have gone through test and seen a lot of Dr's for negative or with something minor results to me..I knew too that there was nothing that major wrong with me...and if it wasn't for my son taking me my dh would have lost a lot of hours of work..(he is still without a job..or he is a divorcee now as of June21st..yeah, now it is no longer part of our Next week I have that stupid Lupus test and heart specialist chat and that is two days he has to figure out what to do so he does not lose the holiday is on July 3rd and I have canceled and remade this apt..on the 1st is the Lupus test which I know it is arthritis...but I will do them all now...but next time, I will ask for more of a reason and if they can't give me one, I do not go....
Boy did I go into a rampage here..thanks for the "ears" This is of course all in my own opinion..IMO..

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2nd pillow finished

Here is the top and I like it a lot..I sure hope Lil sis Patti does too.. I have shooting stars like the the other pillow but being yellow you could not see them I think you can on these...oh they are not going to hit each other, I have the tails going a certain way where if you were to imagine it, they will miss each just thought I would let you all some are going up and
When you click on this back side of the pillow you will see copper sun rays, I might add this is the first time doing them and I know I can draw a straight line but they sure are not here, using the masking tape to help but is it a wonderful machine quilting design and will use it again. thank you Ruth Blanchet for having this class..I haven't had so much doing a class in a very long time.. Of course the bottom is open for Patti to put her own stuffing in there..I just hope it is large enough...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2nd pillow almost done-chat

I have been working on this pillow the last few days, now all I have to do is add the cording and it can go to the recipient, my Lil sis, Patti Johnstone in Florida...I meandered the top, small in the circle and larger on the outside. I used copper metallic thread with orange rayon for the bobbin..also used the same thread on the back of the pillow, out lining the signs and rays and did sun rays to the middle and think is a great look...took longer than it would have if I had meandered but it was worth it. Click on it to make i larger if you like to see the details better...
I had a great time at the wedding and thought it was a wonderful wedding. I did not bring my camera so I will not be able to put any photos on the blog till I receive some if I do..
As we were leaving the wedding, just as I step out of the door, my heel of my shoe, the whole thing broke of my top...I just could not believe it...I thought I was going to do some acrobatics when this happened but caught myself..but than all day Sat..I was in bed babying my hip on the right side...but all is fine I said before it is hell getting older...everything hurts when something goes
I will now get to work on cutting my Bargello Strips (Ruth Blanchet's class) and hope to show results tonight or tomorrow..Have a great day...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Miscellaneous Stuff

My strips sewn for my Bargello Twist class. No time to get to lesson 3...
My lilies in bloom, missed the others..just did not get around to taken the photo earliers.
Hummingbird flowers, are they prettiest shade of rose.
And finally, my poor old serger is My dh is trying to fixed it. It is over 20 years old..I believe the motor frooze up. I used it last week and mended a lot of stuff with it...never did to the caftans.. You all know what my next big purchase will but computeized for sure with the roll hemmed attached
Here we go again the check speller not working forgive the mistakes.

Rehearsal Dinner Party Gathering June 19 2008

Jason and Jamie's rehearsal dinner party was held at Gwen and Stan Carpenter's home. The home is decorated to perfection..always is. This photo is in the corner, I call the "Bridal Corner" Isn't is just beautiful. Here is the couple to be Mr. and Mrs. Jason Lausterer tonight.
I am very proud of this photo...what a beautiful couple! Here is a close up..Jason and Jamie I wish you happiness in your future..
Here is the same photo above but it was an error one which I just love the intimacy of it.
Here is a bunch of photos to look through. It was a wonderful gathering. Gwen and Stan worked hard and it paid off. The bottom photo to the right is the two waitress that Gwen and Stan hired and they a wonderful job..sorry I have forgotten you names but will put them up here as soon as I get them..Now have a drink and relax...tonight will be so much Congratulations to Jason and Jamie.
Here is the Menu that Gwen sent to me: It was all delicious..
Menu: Spinach dip,salmon cheese ball, date pecan rosemary cheese ball, salmon kabobs,
Green Salad with feta cheese, walnuts, apples
Smoked Chicken Pasta, grilled aspargusand rolls
Italian cream cake and Boston choco. cream cake

The waitresses were Elizabeth and Andrea

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tag sent out to Wales and 4th of July received

I made this tag for Jen in wales for an exchange. I just love working with my HuskyStar ER10 Embellisher..once you are on it, you do not want to leave it...took me about an hour to do the embellishing. than outline the flower with fibers..than beaded the flowers. I have used satin, lace cotton, felt, sheer and make this card..of course I had a design but came nothing close to that is what I love about all this..and who cares...I hope you like it, Jen..also I did not have to work with orange and
Received this 4Th of July card from Donna in our last swap for my group. thank you.. it is embroidered on with backing fabric of red, white and blue stars.

Front and Back of pillow finished

I am sending a lot better photo of the front and added the back. I was so tired and just hurried with the photo last night..I left an opening for sis to add her stuffing...maybe she will take a better photos when she can.

Finished the pillow for sis

Sorry it is crooked but it is squared..I did it a few minutes ago and am tired..I wanted it done tonight..The roping was a bit challenging for me as I haven't done one in a very long time. It measures finished 17 and half by 19 and half...She is going to stuff it as she has a form or something for it...but maybe not now...a wacky size for a pillow...tomorrow my bargello and a tag for a UKer that I am way behind in getting out...but at least I have a sketch of it...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Pillow back side done and close up

Here is my back side to the see it in person, the names and signs just pop up...really neat..took me 6hrs and 15 today...son caught me napping on my I was going to close my eyes and rest..about 40 minutes..I have to get up every 30 minutes or I won't be able to walk with my I knew how long it was...Below is a close...of my loopy loops...does the Next photo will be the picture of the finished pillow with cording around it..sewed that together last night..They are going to stuff it itself so I hope I can get a good photo of them..will start working on the orange one in a few these arms and shoulders for few days...Have a great evening..
Closer View...I used YLI metallic thread, sews like a charm..with yellow rayon in the bobbin..took 7 bobbins just to do the pillow

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Some meandering and stipplie done on 1st pillow

I just went ahead and put the finished top in this posting. now to the will not be as full as this is...and than I will make the trim out of rope and hopefully it will be the same I do not have much and need about 8 we will see. whew!! I meandered with gold holographic around the signs and stars and used metallic gold for the sparkles!! Oh forgot..the stars are shooting stars but even when you click on it to view it you can not see it...I tried 4 times to get a close up and it just washes maybe I will have more luck with the orange I will be using copper holographic and metallic threads on them.
I have stippled all the stars and designs.I meandered only the inside of the circle. I like doing tiny circles..crossing over and either going up or down and making the circle go other directions..sometimes the machine will do what it it got away from me..but neat anyway..I will do larger meandering on the outside of the circle and leave the circle done almost and 3 more to go..going to make the stars shooting stars and than meander...this is a really fun part of quilting but very time consuming...I only found the left hand glove so I have use it or it would be really hard feeding it through..a little help goes a long to get back to the outside and put on Julio!! lol

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fabrics I will be doing in my Bargello Twist

I have decided that these will be my Bargello make it easier for I have a lot of strips left over but I can use them in another run..maybe a green theme. Here I have them all cut up for a checkerboard Bargello scrap all the other fabrics, they were pretty together but very confusing for me at this point. These are really pretty together.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Colored fabric cut

I have cut out the complementary 1 and 3 colors now for the background which is a fairy frost black. I hope I am doing this I will send a photo to the gallery also.
Haven't done any machine quilting, letting shoulder rest a bit..but will get to it as soon as I find my 1/4 inch masking mark of the sun rays I will do on the pillows.

Fabrics chosen for Bargello Twist

I final auditions fabrics since I am not doing the scrappy one...the strips are not long enough and thought I would run into problem with having to cut where I would have a seam and than add more...not enough anyway...With the stash I have I just did not know what I wanted than thought I would pick colors that I love to put together...I will make two sets..with the pink and purple and the than other 3..I will end up making a checkerboard bargello twist, I anyway the hard part is done...
I was so disappointed with the birds on my deck yesterday..found one, just one, sunflower growing....and out of 3 pots of daisies..only one looks like they had a ball digging around the soil too....I haven't even set out my other packages of seeds yet but the pot is ready, so will put something over them so they don't dig them out...the sunflowers had their 4 stem on the tops too and had about 20 of them...that's mother nature for
I am going to doing machine quilting on the tops and bottoms of the pillows today and looks like tomorrow too as I am running a bit behind. Than I can start on the bargello and than the embellishment course..can you believe last I look she had 138 (not students for this class...I am not going to do this class it looks like before it closes but that is what is good about taking online courses, I can do them at my own pace...
Mom is doing better..she will not be able to go to the wedding..her grandson, Jason. she is still weak and it would wear her down pretty quick...But the good news is I do get to dh work did the shut down for the following week...I will be able to go on Thursday night to the rehearsal dinner and than the wedding on Friday...I am very pleased too.
Son is making some ends meet with odds jobs here and not like before when he was out of work, he could just jump into the car and do some searching around town..with gas prices and no money..he has to watch what he does...I can not pay for his gas bill..
Have a great afternoon all...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

4th of July cards received/ mail call from Sis

Aren't these cards just one is from sis, Mary Adkins and the bottom is from Sharon Schmiedel...our last swap in my group that I closed on June 2nd.
(Never fear, there's another coming up soon...Fabric ATC embellishing, embroidery or gluing on these cards..received to many and want only fabric and fibers/beads...I will post here when I have set it up..soon though)
Here is my mail call from Sis and she has sent me 3 pin cushions...2 larger ones in the back, heart shape that you tie on the top..very pretty I might add...a 4th of July shoe pin cushion, I just love this one...with pins on them I forget what you call them...and a sewing aide that you put under your machine while sewing..purple of course or it would have been lime thank you much both of you..

Backing on Patti's pillow done

I know I have done better than this, but with shoulder hurting and me wanting to get this part done I did it anyway, not all that bad...Below is a close up...I have a few stray stitches, when my hand would move on me...wasn't about to remove them
Now this looks erie, lol like a monster eating something..I am not going to look at the sign and see if I put it fuse it on wrong Sign is for Scorpio...Now on to the batting and quilting by machine..this should not take long and going to add a few stars, made out of tibits and holographic threads sewed with water solvy so it can have a wonderful lacy but shinning look to them, won't put but 3 on the front of the pillow, will do a sun ray machine quilting as Ruth has suggested..wonder full on the back to.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mary's backing stitched

I have finished the stitching on the back side of the pillow for sister Mary. Actually it was much easier than I thought...I had some fun in doing the stitching around the names...Below is a closer view..I tried to get just one name and sign but they came out blurry so this will have to do for now. Now to add the batting and backing and machine quilt...I am going to make stars, only 3 with water solvy and add metallic holographic thread and the same color of threads and use it for the stars..
Closer view...

Patti's top done

Just got done doing Patti's top of her pillow stitch. I am so disappointed of where I buy my fabrics...all of the fabrics were bought at equilters and all of them frayed when trying to sew the edges..I was told buying good fabric would not do this with wonder under underneath to beat...well who ever said that is wrong, wrong, wrong!! At first it was frustrating but than I knew I could not do anything about but work with it the best I I love doing the stitching...I am improving a Now onto the backs, now lets see if I end up straight stitching those little signs and names...

Satin Stitch on Mary's pillow

I haven't done this is awhile and boy it sure was trail and errors...I was going to do a blanket stitch around the circle as I have been wanting to do this stitch from a machine..but with the fabric fraying even with wonder under..I did a close zig zag...and the signs are satin not look closely as I need more the next one will be I do not know about the backing now... a lot of stitching back there...hope these do not end up being pillow in the waiting line like some of my I will add straight stitching to add some details to the virgin. but it was fun to do again. Hand and shoulder hurts but it was worth the fun of it...I ended using my old iron horse of a machine..could not get the foot to stay on the other one...will leave that for my Bargello class strip piecing in the dinning room..when tire of this, I can go to the
I mended about 3 hours last night and it felt good to something that has been on my list for a very long time. I only have my 11 caftans to take up the hems...they were to my toes, but now that I have lost weight, I can't wear them they hang like draperies do...all over the floor...Than I will start sewing my halter tops and dresses...besides doing my 3 classes...have not even started the Embellisher class, have taken out fabric to audition for the Bargello...was going to do a scrappy one but mine strips are all different sizes and do not think they will work when we start to cut them up..we will see. I have black and 5 or 6 other fabric chosen now and do have to send a photo to the gallery so Ruth can help me the choices I have made...have a great day.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lil Sister's pillow back

Finally got both pillow backs fuse on and this is my youngest sisters backing..the front is orange with black...I now can have some real fun..the stitching, free motion which I just love to do...I might do the circle with a blanket stitch as this newer machine has it on there and would love to try it...we will see. I wanted to start on my brothers pillows but decided to wait till I am finished with 3 zodiac for the class. I will just end up with more UFOs..and I surely do not want that...I will use gold metallic thread for all the stitching and machine quilting on both pillow..I just haven't found an orange

Monday, June 9, 2008

Early BD present and yard ornaments

An early Birthday present from dh...Swarovski crystals. I just could not pass it up..The NEX had 20 % of most of their stuff so we did some shopping...Dh bought him 5 shirts, really nice one worth $65 for 24, I bought some personal stuff, cotton bathrobe and Playtex almost $10 off...Also found the below lawn ornaments...The butterfly and chimes and staff...It surely added to my yard where I sit during the day...Not quite like paradise, but just need a palm tree and the
Chime, boy does it make beautiful
Metal butterfly ornament with beads and pretty.
My oasis in my yard..dh said we need one of those screen in things..I forgot what he called them.
Today I tried to do some mending on close that I have either tore a strap, elastic come out, and just seams..thought I would try the elastic first...when just when I was to the end it came of the safety pin..I gave up....maybe that is why I have so many in my pile..some things I have only worn just wasn't sewn right in the first place..will try again tomorrow..and use something other than a safety
My son Mike, who is trying his best to make it with a situation not his fault..he has been out of work for over a month...where he worked they did not pay their state taxes..amounting over hundred thousand dollars and the state lock the shop up...thank goodness they had warning or my son would have lost his lively hood...all the tools he has obtained in the last 15 years...So I try to help him the best I can...He is doing my back yard..which looks like the woods they chop down in the back of my home...he did not know it was this bad, well it really wasn't till we had all this rain...I do not think I am paying him enough money so will give him more...
My twin, Mary, had to go back to the Dr's for her mammogram and they are hoping for cyst and she will have a ultra and some other test to make sure...please keep your fingers cross.
I will tonight use my new little iron...the newer one, as the older one just did not get hot enough and bought the newer one about a year ago and never used fuse down all those little names on the pillow.
I have a problem getting to my nephews wedding...Mike has a promotion show to go to the dh work decided it is time for another shut down that means no time off and he has to work 12-14 hours...and my youngest son, Terrance, said some friends that he hasn't seen in a long time are going to be in town and for sure whats to spend time with them...I told him him my situation and he said he might make to the wedding but not the reception..well I want to go to if I can find someone to bring me home..I will hope does my younger son will go. Had their gift wrapped for over a month
Mom is doing a lot better, we got to take to her WalMarts to get her upright fans..and than she was ready to go home...she does weaken a lot faster than she use to...But she got out and her and I had a great time shopping...I miss taking her myself. Those upright are awesome, boy do they put out some air..I got me one a base yesterday to for my wet and dry studio as it does get warm in there...told dh do not put it on as those little letters are not pressed on...this would have been one time I would killed someone!!!! lol Mine came with remote and so did one of moms..going back in a week and get one with the ionizer for this studio...I have chatted enough and I just love putting things in my blog...My sisters can see all that I do and buy!!! lol Have a great day tomorrow.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Progress on one pillow-What heart Dr told me

Here is the middle of the pillow with the signs and their names. I made the letters smaller to go with the signs...I had them straight across and than tried it this way with a curve and liked it a lot better.
Sorry for such a bad photo, but it is laying on my table and I am short person so I could not get a really good one but here I have added the sun rays and I think it looks great and added more depth to the quilt. Now to quilt it and work on my other pillow this evening. I have everything cut out so it will just a matter of putting it all together and ironing. This orange frayed a lot even with the wonder under, and to think I bought it online at not all fabrics are the greatest where ever you buy them...IMO
Dr called me yesterday and told me there where no blockage, and that I have Premature Ventricular Complexes known as PVCs..extra heart beats...STRESS related...I have a site to see but when I tried to copy it, it would have closed this window so will add it later so you can view it.
Have to make dh brunch and shop at the commissary and go see mom for a very short time...I am so glad I am not going to any Dr's this week and can stay home and relax for bit..and not put a bra on...hate wearing those But the following week I have to see Dr Gordon and he said we will discuss what to do about my PVC...well I am not quiting smoking that is for sure, talk about stress take them away from and I will show you a very stressful person!! lol seriously...Caffeine well I can deal with it..I use to drink half and half coffee but dh said and not known to me..that it was more expensive so he regular coffee last month and I did not know but knew the coffee tastes so good...shame on him..he should have asked first but today I will get half and Drinking do not have a problem but sure wanted to a Strawberry Have a great day all..Here is the site on PVCs.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Going out with a bang-4th of July cards and flag day charms

This is the last swap for my group which I closed a few days ago. 4Th of July and I added charms for Flag Day...I just fell in love with this fabric and knew I had to make the cards out of them..the kids are simply adorable. Bought the fabric at Hancock's. There is only one thing missing, me sending my Uncle Donnie a card..I always do for all holidays and birthday...I made all these yesterday..thought I had forgot how to do them and even beading..haven't done PC or beaded for a few Now I have to find their snail addys so I can mail them out..had 4 others in the swap but made 5. One for my younger sister..
Received my card from my mammogram...whew!! I am normal..after not realizing I haven't gone in 5 and half years I was a little worried..not anymore..
Had my teeth cleaned and they are improving..I have gum disease that goes along with another good thing...
My son took me to pick my old iron horse today and I was so glad to see it..I could not wait for the part to fix the area that your threads, threads through..I have been using a safety pin for two years..but they went ahead and added the price and when it comes in they will call me..round trip to this place is 46 miles..Anyway the singer company could tell them when the part, the back of the sewing machine...will come in. I sewed these cards and charms without free motion and was a challenge and won't do it again i still can get this new on where it should be for free motion where I can put the feed dogs down...I have tried everything but do the bobbin another time..I think it is still to tight...
Can you believe I had a banana/strawberry/yogurt smoothie today, yes for a snack between was divine...and only about 170 calories for was fun as my son join me in a strawberry smoothie as he hates
I am bit nervous for tomorrow but not as bad as yesterday as they called today and I asked a few questions..I know I can not wear a dress or jumpsuit..and I am glad I never made my halter sun dress to wear with an over Have a nice evening..I still running with out any charge for today, no caffeine, sodas, or I am making

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