Monday, June 9, 2008

Early BD present and yard ornaments

An early Birthday present from dh...Swarovski crystals. I just could not pass it up..The NEX had 20 % of most of their stuff so we did some shopping...Dh bought him 5 shirts, really nice one worth $65 for 24, I bought some personal stuff, cotton bathrobe and Playtex almost $10 off...Also found the below lawn ornaments...The butterfly and chimes and staff...It surely added to my yard where I sit during the day...Not quite like paradise, but just need a palm tree and the
Chime, boy does it make beautiful
Metal butterfly ornament with beads and pretty.
My oasis in my yard..dh said we need one of those screen in things..I forgot what he called them.
Today I tried to do some mending on close that I have either tore a strap, elastic come out, and just seams..thought I would try the elastic first...when just when I was to the end it came of the safety pin..I gave up....maybe that is why I have so many in my pile..some things I have only worn just wasn't sewn right in the first place..will try again tomorrow..and use something other than a safety
My son Mike, who is trying his best to make it with a situation not his fault..he has been out of work for over a month...where he worked they did not pay their state taxes..amounting over hundred thousand dollars and the state lock the shop up...thank goodness they had warning or my son would have lost his lively hood...all the tools he has obtained in the last 15 years...So I try to help him the best I can...He is doing my back yard..which looks like the woods they chop down in the back of my home...he did not know it was this bad, well it really wasn't till we had all this rain...I do not think I am paying him enough money so will give him more...
My twin, Mary, had to go back to the Dr's for her mammogram and they are hoping for cyst and she will have a ultra and some other test to make sure...please keep your fingers cross.
I will tonight use my new little iron...the newer one, as the older one just did not get hot enough and bought the newer one about a year ago and never used fuse down all those little names on the pillow.
I have a problem getting to my nephews wedding...Mike has a promotion show to go to the dh work decided it is time for another shut down that means no time off and he has to work 12-14 hours...and my youngest son, Terrance, said some friends that he hasn't seen in a long time are going to be in town and for sure whats to spend time with them...I told him him my situation and he said he might make to the wedding but not the reception..well I want to go to if I can find someone to bring me home..I will hope does my younger son will go. Had their gift wrapped for over a month
Mom is doing a lot better, we got to take to her WalMarts to get her upright fans..and than she was ready to go home...she does weaken a lot faster than she use to...But she got out and her and I had a great time shopping...I miss taking her myself. Those upright are awesome, boy do they put out some air..I got me one a base yesterday to for my wet and dry studio as it does get warm in there...told dh do not put it on as those little letters are not pressed on...this would have been one time I would killed someone!!!! lol Mine came with remote and so did one of moms..going back in a week and get one with the ionizer for this studio...I have chatted enough and I just love putting things in my blog...My sisters can see all that I do and buy!!! lol Have a great day tomorrow.

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