Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hummingbird at feeder and chat

This was a wonderful view from my window..sorry for the screen and double windows does show him/her up very well. It was a green hummingbird..and it has been buzzing by all morning after a few shots I got this one...He/she is to the left of the screen...
I am on some new medications for my sugar and what a difference it has made me feel...I have more energy. My legs and body is not swelling like it did..My sugar reading now are much level off and eating the right foods and getting a high reading I knew I needed a change to help me..

I am done with all the apt for Dr's this week...My eye specialist said my eyes has stayed the same and to come back in 6 months..My mammogram went find, waiting for the card in the mail. I did not know it had been since Jan of 2003 since I had one...oh well, I had one now..

This coming week I just have a cleaning of my teeth on Wednesday and have to remember no caffeine or chocolate all day for 24 hours for my stress test on Thursday..I do not look forward to it at all with all have told me about it..but I will find out for myself what my body will do and I hope it is nice to I will have let Maggie know I may not be able to go out to lunch on Friday but they are welcome to come to visit and maybe I can make something up in case I do get sick. I do not know and won't know till last minute I guess. this is ashamed as this will be the 4Th time I have missed meeting some one online again.

Mom is getting better every day but she is still is very weak. It will take awhile to for her strength to get back into her system..she is 4'7" and weight 87 lbs..She has the bone disease and has shrunk 3 inches..

I am now in two classes both with Ruth Blanchet..the last one is Bargello Twist and it looks like another fun class to do..but I have another request for a zodiac for my oldest son..I have not made him one so I will make him an art quilt with the zodiacs signs..I still haven't finished my younger sons but I know I want to make sure I have these done this they have something to remind them of me later on in life when I am not around anymore..many years from

I will post photos of my quilts as I go along..right now I am auditioning fabrics for my Bargello twist..I am wanting to make a scrappy one and use up the strips from other we will see. Have a great afternoon, all...

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