Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Going out with a bang-4th of July cards and flag day charms

This is the last swap for my group which I closed a few days ago. 4Th of July and I added charms for Flag Day...I just fell in love with this fabric and knew I had to make the cards out of them..the kids are simply adorable. Bought the fabric at Hancock's. There is only one thing missing, me sending my Uncle Donnie a card..I always do for all holidays and birthday...I made all these yesterday..thought I had forgot how to do them and even beading..haven't done PC or beaded for a few Now I have to find their snail addys so I can mail them out..had 4 others in the swap but made 5. One for my younger sister..
Received my card from my mammogram...whew!! I am normal..after not realizing I haven't gone in 5 and half years I was a little worried..not anymore..
Had my teeth cleaned and they are improving..I have gum disease that goes along with another good thing...
My son took me to pick my old iron horse today and I was so glad to see it..I could not wait for the part to fix the area that your threads, threads through..I have been using a safety pin for two years..but they went ahead and added the price and when it comes in they will call me..round trip to this place is 46 miles..Anyway the singer company could tell them when the part, the back of the sewing machine...will come in. I sewed these cards and charms without free motion and was a challenge and won't do it again i still can get this new on where it should be for free motion where I can put the feed dogs down...I have tried everything but do the bobbin another time..I think it is still to tight...
Can you believe I had a banana/strawberry/yogurt smoothie today, yes for a snack between was divine...and only about 170 calories for was fun as my son join me in a strawberry smoothie as he hates
I am bit nervous for tomorrow but not as bad as yesterday as they called today and I asked a few questions..I know I can not wear a dress or jumpsuit..and I am glad I never made my halter sun dress to wear with an over Have a nice evening..I still running with out any charge for today, no caffeine, sodas, or I am making

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