Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sister has a lump on her breast

My twin has a lump, tumor, on one of her breast and forgot which one. It measure either way 4 or more that is large. she has a mammogram last year..I did not know that tumors grow that fast. it is hard..(I have one on my neck and it as large as hers but took 5 years to get this way, I have it x-ray every year) she had a lot of test done..right now she said her Dr knows if it is Begin or malignant. They can not tell her one way or another which one as the surgeon has too....come on now, I do not for the life of me figure this out..she has been worried sick over and yet they know this..this to me is not fair practice...we pay our insurance companies and she pays her deductible..she should be told. I have not had to pay anything (except when Tri Care, military insurance, does not accept it..which one we are still paying one, my knee rehab)...She has been upset and crying a lot worried about it...
I decided I am making my own decisions when I go to the Dr. Tomorrow I have an apt for follow up on new med for my sugar.I am NOT going in every month..I will go in every 3 months..if they would like to pay for my dh pay for missing work fine I will...but I do not drive and have no car right now if I did, my son needs it more than I do....If the pills did fine for one month they will be fine for 3 months and if I have any funny symptoms come I will call is not going to kill me for sure that
Right now I have no trust for any of the Dr's..I am still having troubles with my glasses, they took my sun glasses over a month ago and no word if it is fixed..My dentist wants me to come in every 3 months, even when I showed improvement for taking care of my teeth..having gum disease, I have to go in every 3 months and the insurance only pays for 2 of those visits and I have to pay the other two, $ I will go in every 6 that the insurance can pay for it all.
I have gone through test and seen a lot of Dr's for negative or with something minor results to me..I knew too that there was nothing that major wrong with me...and if it wasn't for my son taking me my dh would have lost a lot of hours of work..(he is still without a job..or he is a divorcee now as of June21st..yeah, now it is no longer part of our Next week I have that stupid Lupus test and heart specialist chat and that is two days he has to figure out what to do so he does not lose the holiday is on July 3rd and I have canceled and remade this apt..on the 1st is the Lupus test which I know it is arthritis...but I will do them all now...but next time, I will ask for more of a reason and if they can't give me one, I do not go....
Boy did I go into a rampage here..thanks for the "ears" This is of course all in my own opinion..IMO..

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