Monday, June 30, 2008

Mail Call and fabric I bought-more chat

I ordered some patterns from Ruth Blanchet and they arrived today and I have already browse throught them..Ruth I will need your help on the foundation pattern..maybe you will be the teacher that will get me over not being able to do it and get it right...I did one class with Helen Marshall called Waterlilies and she was such a trooper and it took her 2 weeks by email to show me how to do it but than I tried again and could not get it right in another I love them all and thank you for a speedy delivery. It is free by the way people...
Here are the fabrics I bought..They are flannels and I will make me some for night ware later...they were normally $5.99 a yard and bought 2 yards each..are the colors yummy!!
Got a phone call today and few other times and first thing they say is "Sir" and I get fuming mad and say this is the mistress of the house..and than I hang up..When I was younger the guys use to tell me I had "bedroom eyes" and a sexy voice" I guess I lost it along the
I had to cancel one apt and make another for Sep as I did not pay attention and had to be at the dentist at 900 am and the Dr's at 800 am and they are a good 15-20 min depending on traffic...
Haven't done nothing today but domestic stuff, I do tend to forget that there is the laundry, bathroom, dishes out of the dishwasher, and floors to do..gee I guess I really do not have a total "free" day to the rest of you all...oh than there's that dinner we have to dh will not take me out or order something, once in great while..sometimes when he comes home I will fend for yourself I am tired of cooking and than he will eat a sandwich and than I feel guilty at hell..sorry for the bad word, but that is how I feel and that comes from my up bringing as mom thinks we are suppose cater to our men and have to remind her this is not the 50-60'd anymore...but that is how I was brought up..I am even suppose to like picking up his stinky dirty socks from work..but he is being really good about that now..I have been throwing them in the garbage and than he realize his sock drawer was getting empty and finally told him what I have been it is a good lesson learn..and it
Also getting ready for tomorrow visit as I am not sure what they are going to do..I was not told to fast or anything so I will eat my breakfast and lunch before I go..I think I need a nap...taking those pain pills during the day and the sleeping pills at night...have grand evening..

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