Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2nd pillow almost done-chat

I have been working on this pillow the last few days, now all I have to do is add the cording and it can go to the recipient, my Lil sis, Patti Johnstone in Florida...I meandered the top, small in the circle and larger on the outside. I used copper metallic thread with orange rayon for the bobbin..also used the same thread on the back of the pillow, out lining the signs and rays and did sun rays to the middle and think is a great look...took longer than it would have if I had meandered but it was worth it. Click on it to make i larger if you like to see the details better...
I had a great time at the wedding and thought it was a wonderful wedding. I did not bring my camera so I will not be able to put any photos on the blog till I receive some if I do..
As we were leaving the wedding, just as I step out of the door, my heel of my shoe, the whole thing broke of my top...I just could not believe it...I thought I was going to do some acrobatics when this happened but caught myself..but than all day Sat..I was in bed babying my hip on the right side...but all is fine now...like I said before it is hell getting older...everything hurts when something goes wrong...lol
I will now get to work on cutting my Bargello Strips (Ruth Blanchet's class) and hope to show results tonight or tomorrow..Have a great day...

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