Saturday, June 28, 2008

One quarter of Bargello Twist on wall

I finally finished cutting the black strips and the corner strips and this is what it looks like. I like that my fabrics are not the pattern nor the same color through out...Now to find those 15 minutes here and there to sew them together..I was hoping this weekend but have to take mom shopping tomorrow and have a birthday party on Sunday..I do not really like to share my sewing with other things as this is where I will mess up. lol But at least I know this. This class has taken me where I haven't been before..and I love it..I concentrate on my art quilts but like this when you have precise measurements and so forth. Now I have taken other classes that did require this but I guess I was not ready at that time to do them..but I have the classes and can always go back on them.
Darned Quilts looks like another fun quilt for me make...I will try and design my own but if time is a problem I will probably use some of Dena's suggestions..but I would rather do my own...Of course Marjie's class is going to be fun, just because I am in one of her classes again...what I can not get over is a lot of students did not take the cotton basic class and will run into problems and this is not a beginners class and I see Marjie doing a lot work here..that is too bad..I really did not want to be with a lot of newbies...but will stay with it. they sound they will be a lot of fun to "play" with, though..Now I will go and read the lessons I printed out...Friday's schedule came out for QU and nothing new for me...for later hoping next week.

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