Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Patti through memory lane

In Hawaii sitting on a Banyan Tree stump on my mom's neighbor tree..1957
These photos on on muslin that I have not yet put on a quilt I am in process of making of us 5 children and mom and day, been in the makings for over 5 when I get it done...and I hope soon it is for I better get to it..she just turn 81..I know she will treasure it..this is of Donnie and Patti, youngest two children of mom..Don being the youngest..
Have a great day Patti, wish I was there to celebrate it with you..
This section for my friends who are worried about me and sending me email because I have been on this blog...yes, I miss it but there is nothing to put in here...I haven't made or finished anything but do not hold you breath, sewing machine is ready to go...going to machine quilt the pink and purple poinsettias..starting tomorrow...bite my town, if pain is there and take a pain killer..I really do not see any other way for me to live right now but with pain pills. even if I have been off them for awhile..but the last two day I have been on dorvaset since the nerve block did not last but 2 weeks. OH my dear friends, I was on cloud nine...went to dinner with my cane.. and not the walker..went shopping with cane and one time I walked without it but dh had to get a calf muscles were hurting so bad..not use to walking on them without any now I think I know what I have to
We have so many dr apt between me and Terry..dh had that kidney stone about 2 months ago..had to go the the emergency room..(4600) for a few hours..Anyway, he is seeing a dr for work they do a breathing test and because his pressure was slight high, they made him go see his regular dr..and he put him on high blood pressure pills..he did not feet good with these..but he than had to see his dr for a follow up and consultation about his kidney..He took my husband off the high blood pressure pill and told him to back and he family dr and let him know so he has another pill, which I was on for over 15 years till about 3 years ago, HTZ I think the initials are for it..he felt better with this one..the other pill would have depleted his calcium and wash to his kidneys causing a stone...he will have this rest of life..never know when or if it will come back..He also put Terry, my dh, on two other pills. and has to drink 1 gallon of lemonade, pure stuff a day-only one glass a day..but the others that are watered down a far everything is good..He is also seeing his dentist.needless to say I cancel 2 apt for we were losing to many days at work..half a day here, half a day weeks time..I ma going to have to back to my spine dr and give him the dvd of my MRI on my spine..I have to see my eye specialist and the dentist besides my family dr in stomach dr on Nov30 and he has a couple more over his dentures been fitted..His insurance did not cover it all so had to us the bad word, credit card.but we will pay the off in Jan when we take more stocks out..we just don't want them when we retire.. Anyway that is what is been going on..nothing new..
I am or was going to say behind in all my classes but they are over with so can't say that anymore..never did do them..I guess one day I will..I still have my art class with acyclic,,we are on lesson 3 or block 3 and still haven't downloaded the videos...I did not want to look at it but since I have to download it I will..I can't wait to start these either, have my small easel already set up int he studio 2..everything laid out..and sewing set up here too...just keep fingers cross that my fingers and calf muscles don't cramped up on me..
So what I have I been doing, enjoying myself with the games on Facebook, I just love them, when someone sends me another to look or view it, if I do not like lit it I am out of the one with the kitty cats, out of that tomorrow for sure..I just hope that I am not so addicted to them that I won't sew or Oh in between all these game and messing around the house a bit, I have read 5 or 6 books..I can not believe I still have not finish my quilting novel, and put on order and wanted to it so bad, half way I am so curious to see how it ends...but I usually have to lay down and read.. I read Patrick Swayze's book, "The Time of My Life". Oh what a wonderful man he was..I just miss him so much, I have been crazy about him since I saw him in the "Outsiders" and than "Red Dawn" I use to watch Red Dawn over and over and than came, Dirty Dancing..oh my..I also read Melissa Gilbert's Prairie was interesting as I did not she when through the drugs and alcohol., she sure did..I was surprise to know that she married to Bruce Boxleitner, I use to love him too..who did not I not I was more surprise to find out what type of man he was..we never know what these famous people go and they are just as normal like you and me..I now have McKenzie Phillips book to read...I seem to be reading bios and I go through this every so many years..Child star actors like Melissa Gilbert to me was just a spoiled little girl..IMO..good reading though..YOU will cry reading Patrick's book, so make sure you have a box of kinnex next to you..
I have about 7 more new books waiting in now dh and I have a night out with dinner and Barnes and Noble..they have a Starbucks in the store..we thoroughly enjoyed and we decided that is out date out together..we are book lovers..
I play games on FB and not afraid to let others know it..some think it is just awful, but I do not, I think it takes my void out of my life now and it does for a lot of people..nothing wrong also being on is up the individual and what she/he puts on their profile..I have heard others down these sites...but you know..I never thought I would do it..but I love..if its not your thing so let it be, but do not knock any person that is on it..It is not beneath you, either..Look, I found a few friends. cousins, and most of my family are now in contact on a daily and love that..I do know that I will be on FB till they kick me
I want to thank you my buddies I made online, through classes, who were in my groups for making cards and the others for keeping up with me and being my loyal friends..I do not know what I would do without you all..I hope this blogging has brought you up to date..and thank you so much for thoughts and prayers...lots of love and hugs, Lorraine

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Now who would have thought Rick was among those it

I should have included this with Patti's photo but thought he sent the wrong he wrote back and told he was the bush and scared the pants of some kids and parents..I love it and think it was great idea..wish I could have seen it for myself.. Rick Johnstone the bush!! xxoo love Lorraine

The prettiest witch Patti Johnstone

Click to see a larger photo..Patti you are so pretty as a you could scare a flea..great custom..nothing happen around here..glad it was you, Lorraine

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween Pumpkins by Rick Johnstone

These two pumpkins were carved by Rick Johnstone, my brother in law, my youngest sister, Patti, husband..Rick does such wonderful work on pumpkins..I have seen many of them before.
We all wish you all a Happy Halloween and hope the weather holds up for all the children. Kudos for you Rick. Wonderful carvings..

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh so Spooky...this looks awesome, just awesome..thank you, hug Lorraine xxoo

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween Everyone

This card is made by sister, Patti Johnstone. She and all of us wish you all Happy and Safe Halloween..You did good sis..I am just not able to sew..we had a swap together but had to opt out..due to my health issues..but be sure to come back for Christmas and your eyes will feast of some awesome Christmas cards..for sure..I love Christmas and who does
Oh do you know anyone that reminds you of this witch...I think we all enjoy from Patti..and me..hugs, Lorraine

Friday, October 16, 2009

Reunion photos from a week ago-Oct 2009

These are grouping of the photos of our reunion with Patti, Rick and Parker, when they came from Florida. I haven't seen my sister in 6 years. My brother, Don, came down from Indiana and she hasn't seen in "16 years!!".. My niece, Michelle came from Nashville with Josh, her dh, and two children, Nathan and Abby.. The gathering was with my brother's children, Leah, Jason and Christopher and their families..Patti stayed at Jason's..Michelle at Leah's and Don divided his time with Leah and mom..We also sang Mom "Happy Birthday, even if it was early..we had dinner at my home and decide with her 3 children, me, Patti and Don..with Michelle and her family and Leah..why not surprise her..I had baked a Red Velvet cake and made Fried Rice with shrimp and pork..well, I cut the vegetables and made the son Terrance put it all together..It was so much fun. A lot of photos were taken at the cook out at Chris's home on Sat.and a few from the Bonfire on Friday evening and a few from my home. These photos came from Patti and Rick..also I got to met my great nephew, Parker (Patti and Rick's grandson), great niece Abby (Michelle and Josh's daughter) and met Jackson, Leah's youngest son..he was just a doll, and always smiling..and he is a big baby..weighting in at 21 lbs at 6 months, I think..can't think right now.. There is not any notes on these photos or I would be here forever and a day getting it on my blog..just enjoy looking at them..Please click on the photos on top and below to make it larger and you can see them better, oh, two photos missing, one with me and Leah and my fat butt in the air..I saw Rick trying to get a photo and had to be my hot spa..and one of Terry and me at the table at the BBQ at Chris' I had to be chauffeured around as dh was not feeling very well but did come to the BBQ and of course at my home..we both did not feel too good..Enjoy..

I haven't received any more photos...OK Josh where are they..waiting for them..wish I could have been there for all of it and than I would had my own...too..when we were all at my home, I did take a few but they came out just horrible, batteries were dead....
Chat: for family and is personal stuff so you might want to skip this..for those on FB.
I haven't been here on my blog as I haven't done much of anything. I somehow got acute bronchitis..really bad..First bout, they gave me penicillin and something else with some cough gel meds...than went in last week Friday..and I was even worse so they gave me some Tussinex, which has hydrocodone, that I was taking for my the cough I had to go off my dorvaset..which I am glad as it was not reliving all my pain..but this sure does..make me dizzy too. My Dr's wife, Rita, called me on Wednesday, the first ever for me for any Dr...I could not get over it and ask her if she was calling me because I wasn't going to take the antibiotic they had prescribe for me..she said no, that they was wanting to know how I was doing as I was very very was nice and told I knew I was going to best dr in Memphis!! I have been going to them since the base hospital closed in 1996.. a long time and medical history with them
Patti was sick all the way something was for sure in the air..not what we hoping you are better..
I also feel again...but catching my fall with my hands..I was playing with Suzie..and with this cough med..I got a little dizzy bending I used my hand, or shall I say my fingers, to catch my fall..It looked like the ring finger on the left hand got the worse of was sore but I did not realized how bad till I took a nap and the pain was shooting through both the pinkie and ring was very very painful..could not bend them at all...when dh came home we found splits, metals ones...I had to use many years ago when my fingers were crooked and had to were them for almost 6 months..the pinkie is still a bit crooked..could not find the small one so he taped the little finger to the ring finger that had the splint and it worked like a charm...anyway I could not do hardly anything and one was typing in this till yesterday...Dh is getting better too,oh my son Mike was really sick and had to go the emergency room and they took him right away,, even if he did not have insurance..he still has not found a job, and now live in Walls, Ms with some friends..he is homeless now.. Just a brief, lol, of whats been going on with me.. How are you all doing? email me and let me know..
I have signed up for 6 classes and all of them were of course this last few weeks so I haven't done any of will last a whole need to get this one done and caught up or i won't be able too. We are on block 2 and have 8 more to go..videos and printed lessons come with it..acrylic paining on canvas..and have all the supplies just need to get better so I can..the others are online quilting classes.. I will for sure put them in here as get to them and also the other 7 quilts that waiting for me to machine quilt which are already spray basted...I have my Bargello autumn on the sewing machine..what I working on when I got sick..tried to sew a few stitch in the ditch last night but fingers are not well to hold on to the quilt..also dying to get to use my Janome machine poor it waiting for me...
I also am having fun with my games on I can't do anything else but read..I now enjoy these games..Fish World, Island Paradise and Calvin's Island..all these game does not take much time playing them..but now I do..and love it..Fish World, I love re decorating my tanks with different themes..they have all sort of themes..can not wait for the Christmas ones..Island Paradise we get to steal crops from our neighbors..and we grow a few crops..not like the two big ones that I got out of..I was spending time on these and did not like it and anyway I am a city girl who does not know how to take care of a So for now this is what I at least it keeps me from getting to bored...knitting had not spark any interest for now...but see myself getting back into it soon.. Have a wonderful weekend and don't get bored....take a risk at something you have been wanting to just might like it..lots of hugs, Lorraine

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Take a preview look at the ArtforAutism site
On the left they have a list of the artist, just click on a name and view their work. If you like something on the left Claudine has a link to contact her..Auction starts on the 4th of October. hugs, Lorraine

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mail Call for today Sept 21 2009

Dh finally found the tree maker that I can use with my older I did not want to redo 9 years all over again plus add what I did not get to put in there when I gave up genealogy about 8 years ago...census, and On top is some key chains I think dh got free..of course these were in his name but after opening the other below for me, I just could not stop myself..I thought my yellow rubber ducky with thermometer was one of them, yes I get to play with a yellow rubber ducky in my hot how cool is that...and keep up the the I know I am bit crazy but aren't we all at times!!
3 fabrics I got on sale at % off..I bought 5 yards for mom of the Elvis print for her to make herself an Elvis quillow...and told her she is not giving this one away..I have bought her I do not know how many red, purple and so one at least 3 times each and if someone loves it she gives it to them..told her no more..and this is it, don't mean to sound so cruel but I can only buy so much and I do not even like some of the people she gave them too, they use my mom..but she loves to help people..I do not want to be like that, she is wore out because of it..she has finally slowed done and stopped helping these people..she is going to be 81 and she is helping others younger than her..bless you mom...she will love this fabric..I have seen the other colors in this Elvis print but the colors are great in this one.
Close up of one the panels..can't wait to cut it up and make something out of it..

Oh my mind is going crazy with all the different techniques I can put on this panel and yes it will be cut up too, I am not sure who I am making this for..yet..

I am back in a book club, boy did I miss it, too..this time I noticed I bought 3 bios..and one book on birds on how to attract them in your yard..and one Patricia some good reading to do..too bad I can read in the hot do hope my rubber ducky comes in thank you for visiting my blog...I miss you , Birdy, where are you and what are you me please..Lots of hugs, Lorraine

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Beads I bought at the Bead Show

This is all of it together.
Pink Quartz, Glass seahorse, some awesome color rocks, 4 small beads for sis Patti. orange glass ring for Mary and another green one for me..pendant glass beads, huge ones..the light blue is an awesome stone, it changes colors with what you wear, I bought it looking like a purple and hear over the black felt it shows it as a pale blue..and more to follow..

More glass and butterfly and forgot the name but also do not know how to spell and another ring, blue, standing up, lol..some sterling silver angels for me and twin..

Amber strands with other colors beads, pearl with sterling silver earrings, for me of course, and more different color glass pendant..another green pendant that I cannot

Blue green bracelet for me and light pink for Mom..more glass pendant beads..I love glass beads for my pendants, as I always get compliments when wearing them and I like the feel and weight of them.

Closer look at my seahorse, awesome.

Size 8 beads for my beading on quilts, pc and other stuff..the case I got free when I bought the sterling silver and pearl earrings

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quilts my Mom made Spiderman and the Princess

As usually got them backwards again..closeup of the Princess, Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty..she is hand quilting it it is not finished in this photo.
click on the quilt to get a larger view..and of course it is favorite color...thank you mom..

Here is the Spiderman quilt she made for her great grandson, Nathan Stonebarger..He is going to love it..closer view on the to see a larger view..hugs, Lorraine thank you for visiting my blog..

My Spa on upper deck

Got the photos backwards..this is the view I get when in the night you can see the stars..One night I watched a lightning bug show it was
The whole thing...I have been in it at least 3 times a day but today..only twice but still might a late night, very late..dip in it..
Chat: X ray on colon and brother's heart problems.
I had these photos and the ones coming up for a bit but just did not feel like putting or doing anything with my blog..just trying to keep my mind busy..tomorrow I go in for my x-ray on my colon..found out it is twisted, from having children..the office should get my results in about 4 hours after my test..I am to call the office to let them know when I am done..I can not wait, I am so wish me luck and please say some prayers for me and my brother..He just called and he is having a consultation about his quad and something about stints..he just wanted to let me know and he will call me on Sat..we both can chat about what we went through, as he puts it..lots of hugs, Lorraine

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Hornet's nest Don found on apple tree

Kathy said: A hornet's nest Don found in an apple tree. Usually can't get them until midwinter when they are abandoned but this one became vacant early. Don said he had to throw a few apples at it to make sure!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Two quilts, Bargello Twist and Chinese Children Treasure Boxes on my wall

Here is both quilts on my living room, south side wall, my studio 2 in the next room, used to be a garage, but dh divided in half and added my half to the home..I get air and heat and his half does not..Click on it to get a larger view.
Patti, this is for you, a closer look at the Chinese children..

Photo of just the Treasure Box can see also my bluebird chime hanging down...I made two of these but rolling out slip we use to ceramics and using my pattern of the bluebird and made mom one and than to see a larger view

I called my Dr for more pills, but he denied me and now only have enough for 3 days..I see him on the 14th and we discuss this last week on the phone to get me something else...and he said we would but in mean time what am I suppose a lot of heating pads and rice pad to keep the pain away as much as I can..I will call my Dr's that did the test on me and see if I can go back on Naproxen since I am on the purple pill..tomorrow...I did tell him that I did not want to be on this pill because of the habit forming tendencies and have been on it for 3-4 months..but only need two weeks...he said to come in and told them I can't, my dh is on shut down for 2 weeks and he can't take any days off...and was lucky I did not have to reschedule my test at the hospital but will have to cancel my apt on the 9th with my eye specialist..but they know this with my dh job..I have done it so many times with them.
I am working on my autumn bargello stitch in the ditch very slowly with holographic gold thread and polyester invisible thread but it is not sliding very easily as the other quilts..and having to use more of my arm and that hurts..the batting is bit softer cotton batting, do not where I bought it at..than I will work on my fish art for my bathroom..poor things are calling my
I have also received my paints for my acrylic painting class and it has 10 lessons/blocks likely the call it..I have to still buy the right size palette as I can not find mine and don't think it is large enough. A lot of videos to download and a lot of pd to download
Someone, Claudine from the autism site, had mentions and went to it and it was really might want to try it out..
I found a game I like in Fb finally, Fish Bowl..I just love is easy, simple and does not take much of my time. the listening to the sound of the water bubbles is so soothing it relaxing me..
I got into two other games, Fish Bowl and paradise board of something like that but don't like them and will delete them..even Farkle I do not like I will just with my fishes!! lol have a great evening and thank you for visiting my blog, hugs, Lorraine

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kendra Lausterer, my neices newest photos

I just love this t-shirt, it says "Yes, I'm in LOVe with a VAMPIRE! Looks really good..she looks closer to my twin and I..Kendras wants to go to Purdue and work for NASA..good luck..Kendra, we are standing by you, girl!!
A closeup and a very pretty smile..You sure do have a lot hair like Leah does..looks Aunt Lorraine

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2 Quilts binded and pinned. Quilts from QU classes

This is from a class I took with Karen Combs called Treasure 2004..I put the border and sandwich it late last year before hurting myself..It has a 1/4 inch dark red border...very pretty, this is my Chinese Children.. After Fr. Rick queen size quilt that I piece in squares, this is the second one I did and some of the corners do not meet but it is still pretty..Click on it so see a larger photo, the children are so cute!! I will bind this when my eyes aren't so tired like tonight as the other one the bottom. It measures 40 x 28 3/4 inches.
This is from the class called Ripless Paper Piecing with Daphne you tell my sewing got a lot better, I took this class last not to bad getting it done this year..but I did finished a long 70 x 12 inch table runner for Christmas for my antique side board, in red and green prints..very pretty..This what we did in class. I loved the technique a lot..on planning to use in different ways one day. The top has a dark blue binding whereas the side has a light blue..I used fat quarters for the whole quilt top. It measures 28 1/4 x 28 1/4.
Now I am ready for machine quilting after I finished my last autism quilt hopefully tomorrow..
My Dr's assistant called me this morning to let me know that I do not have CANCER!! Thank you Lord for sure..just thought I let you all know..I still have to go in for another test to check out my colon..I thought he said he did not get into my small intestines..I know I did not hear him right or he might just said the wrong thing..this happens on Sept 11 at 7;45..than another visit with him so that the test all are in on the 23 of Sept at 3'45 so dh will be able to go to work till about 1:30, takes an hour to get there.....I have a family practice Dr's apt on the 14th so do not know what my dh work will say with that Friday off and Monday morning..he will lost the morning hours and get a note..but Friday he will take a vacation day..This should be it till Oct when I see my eye specialist..oh just too many Dr's too
My son Mike went to court today to see if he can stay at his home for another month and it was granted..thank goodness for that..another month to find a job and place to one is hiring not even the security people..
I will have my spa either on Thursday or Friday..their truck does not come to this store till tomorrow so it will 24-48 hours after the fact..I can not wait...will I put photos of me in it..we will Have a wonderful day every one and I will do the same...God is Good..Prayers for all who needs and hugs, Lorraine

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bargello Twist finished and hanging on wall

Here I have added amethyst with a hint of blue on the black area with hearts..(my dh is always buying me hearts and I have made a lot of quilts with hearts on it..maybe because we got married on Feb 4 has got something to do with it, lol..) and than I beaded around the edging of the binding every half an inch..
Finish the sleeve about an hour ago, and now it is hanging in my living room, I am so pleased with this quilt even if it has a 1001 mistakes as it was a very hard quilt for ME to do..after this class I haven't been afraid to do patchwork and match the edges together, a teacher has a lot to do with that..especially if she takes time out just for you and Ruth does that with all of her students...sorry but not all classes I have taken has been like this...
I will be machine quilting my autumn Bargello to hang in the dinning till winter comes along, summer never made it lol I still have spring on there..wishful thinking maybe for the weather to cool down some?!!
Now I can machine quilt the 5 that all waiting in line calling my name..and I am and have promised myself not to start anything new till these are done..but than I will bring out the ones I haven't finished last year..but I can still sketch and put ideas in my I also journal the 3 quilts I just finished, yes I journal all that I make so I know what and how I did them..can always go back and check it out..print smaller photos to go with it.. Have a nice week every one..lots of hugs, Lorraine

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bargello Twist and Bohin Marking Pencils

Here is my Bargello Twist with 1,000 mistakes but I think it is so pretty. I took Ruth Blanchet's Season Bargello like 2 years before taking this one but never did the that time I was imitated by anything with stitching it but love the look of this quilt and took and boy or boy did I make a lot of mistakes..I retook her season class and did them pretty good. These classes are at I am all finished with this quilt but thinking of adding golden size 8 beads by the binding as it surely looked great..and where the black areas, Ruth had stitch a 4 petal flower, I am thinking of using a pretty blue seed beads to there..we will I need to sew the sleeve in the back..I had so many complements on this last year when making it..I know it is the colors I choose for this, I wasn't' sure at first but knew these where the colors I wanted..and went from there..The purple and some of the inside fabrics are all hand dyed..The backing is hand dyed that makes it even nicer.
This Bohins Pencil was mentioned on the quiltart digest forum and sent away for it as I had so much trouble marking my dark fabric and surely hope this works..I now have 5 quilts to machine quilt so i will for sure let you know if does come off..just got it yesterday it came from Australia but made in France.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fawn my brother, Donald Lausterer found

this is what my sister in law Kathy Lausterer wrote me this morning along with these 3 photos.
These are pictures of a little fawn Don rescued a couple days ago. We call her Freeway. He found her all beat up and nearly starved when he was getting spring water. He caught her and took her to a local vet in town. Though not really sure what happened to her mother who was no where in sight when Don spotted the fawn. The vet called the local D and R and the fawn will be taken to rehab which is another name for a deer farm and it will be taken care of. The last report from the vet said the deer was still weak but doing fine and responding to food. It's not very often ya get a chance to get this up-close and personal with wildlife for most of us so this was a real treat. Thought you all would enjoy it.
Kathy, thank you and I did enjoy it as many others will when they read about it..Don I know you and it must have felt so great to be apart of this little fawn closeness and saving its life, love you both, sis, Lorraine

Thursday, August 20, 2009

African and Southwestern quilt started

I knew there was something missing or not right with the first photo...but than I was just pinning and checking out how or what I am going to do..well, I do not like working in even numbers, so I put in another symbol in the middle and took out all that black..all I saw was black when I would at the designing wall from the kitchen...I am happy with this..not sure yet but there will more to do for this it is mine after I am not sure if I am going to put a border or just bind it with black..I really do not think it needs a border.
Now I had so much fun with these guys..I found the baggie that had the fabrics and my drawing of the Kokopelli guys..but I had to do it different..they look like pencil sticks so did them a bit thicker and one less but it is mine..I have been wanting to do both of these last year after finishing machine quilting all those quilts last year, but I hurt myself and was laid up till about a month and half I can't stop...My next guess, I am going to make a screen, with 3 sections and not sure what the topic is going to be...not very large but large enough to display on an end table or such..oritenal..landscapes, birds, who knows till I get there...I bought that back ground fabric about 3 years ago..I am so glad I bought about 3 yards of I other ideas for it..
In my art, you won't see much patchwork backgrounds, but fabrics that I buy or my hand dyed I do not do patchwork or anything like that..but the fabric when I buy has to say to me I can not live without
I have finally downloaded my 5 videos for a class I am taking, it is on canvas and using acrylics paints...I had so much trouble with downloading it because it was done in Real Player and I have Vista and it did not recognize at least it down loaded and had trouble with there site last night trying to up grade it for Vista so not sure if I was billed twice or if it even went through..should hear something today in dh email..
My test on Tuesday:
I was told I was going to put to sleep for my two test yesterday, well, I was not..I was half awake through both of them, the UPI I did not feel a thing..but people I went through hell with the colon..every 2 or so inches he put me pain..and it was just horrible and I asked him why I wasn't put to sleep for answer..any way..Found an ulcer and the Dr did not like the looks of it and looks like it might be shrinking due the purple pill he gave, he took two on the stomach lining next to the ulcer and the ulcer itself.. They did not do a complete colon..sp..he could not get through the small intestines..he then went and consulted with another Dr and came back with another bag full of the "purple pill". He did tell me he thinks the small intestines is not a blockage or cancerous..nicer word would have you don't have and not "think"...any way I will wait for a call about the bios and hope for the best...I am doing much better today as I was in a lot of pain with my back and knees not taking any pain killers..and not having my back brace is now apart of my apparel for every day...can't even tell I have it one...also make my stomach and abdomen look a lot smaller that what it is, almost like a have a great day and weekend coming up, thank your visiting my blog and hugs, Lorraine

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My African Symbol quilt

I have gotten side track when I found this fabric at I have been wanting to make an African quilt, but not quite like this one but with people and symbols..but this will do..It has metallic gold all over the back ground.It has designs within the squares..I found these symbol in a quilt site about 2-3 years for quilters..but choose these because of its meaning..I will have them in African and English on the backing..Oh I will do something on the symbols..maybe some gold spraying or something like that..I was thinking of making them loos kinda different and using tyvek and paint it black with gold and zap with the heat gun but the I think it should be as they are and not all wrinkled..who know..anyway this fabric is great..I have enough left over to do a scene with people so will do that later..I love African fabric.. oh I bought more fabric as if I needed it. Went there to buy white and black never can go and just get what I want..
I will be adding photos here later with my printmaster program with the photos from Patti and Rich Johnstone(sister and bil)..they are so wonderful. Oh how I miss the ocean and all the beauty that goes with it..I have about 3 ocean themes already designed and just need to get them onto cloth or maybe even canvas..taking a class on acrylic painting right this may the outlook I am looking for..back on canvas..hugs, Lorraine

Friday, August 14, 2009

Art in Paper-Napkin with Insect for Autism charity

I just finished sending this to Claudine Intner to put into the charity site. This is new art in paper for me..I have worked with a lot of paper in art but not like was wonderful to play and learn at the same time, lol
What I did this morning to finished it up..I took some acrylic gold metallic paint and dry brushed on the outside of the piece and than sprinkle micro chips on the paint and than zap it with the heat gun..I also did that with some of the insects, just a touch, and zapped it too.
The insects that are hanging have Utee on them but brushed on some metallic acrylic gold and micro chips and also zapped it..made them "pop" up more. than I beaded them on the felt art. On the back is two white plastic hoops for hanging..

Close up view, click on these photos to see a larger photo. have a great day as I am, lots of hugs, and thank you for visiting my blog. Lorraine
It is awesome in person, is 9 W x 11H-with the insects

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