Monday, September 21, 2009

Mail Call for today Sept 21 2009

Dh finally found the tree maker that I can use with my older I did not want to redo 9 years all over again plus add what I did not get to put in there when I gave up genealogy about 8 years ago...census, and On top is some key chains I think dh got free..of course these were in his name but after opening the other below for me, I just could not stop myself..I thought my yellow rubber ducky with thermometer was one of them, yes I get to play with a yellow rubber ducky in my hot how cool is that...and keep up the the I know I am bit crazy but aren't we all at times!!
3 fabrics I got on sale at % off..I bought 5 yards for mom of the Elvis print for her to make herself an Elvis quillow...and told her she is not giving this one away..I have bought her I do not know how many red, purple and so one at least 3 times each and if someone loves it she gives it to them..told her no more..and this is it, don't mean to sound so cruel but I can only buy so much and I do not even like some of the people she gave them too, they use my mom..but she loves to help people..I do not want to be like that, she is wore out because of it..she has finally slowed done and stopped helping these people..she is going to be 81 and she is helping others younger than her..bless you mom...she will love this fabric..I have seen the other colors in this Elvis print but the colors are great in this one.
Close up of one the panels..can't wait to cut it up and make something out of it..

Oh my mind is going crazy with all the different techniques I can put on this panel and yes it will be cut up too, I am not sure who I am making this for..yet..

I am back in a book club, boy did I miss it, too..this time I noticed I bought 3 bios..and one book on birds on how to attract them in your yard..and one Patricia some good reading to do..too bad I can read in the hot do hope my rubber ducky comes in thank you for visiting my blog...I miss you , Birdy, where are you and what are you me please..Lots of hugs, Lorraine

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