Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tag Exchange and Dr. apt. chat

I received this tag today from a Embellish group that I am in and is from Susan Monk..Oh Susan is it stunning. You did an outstanding job on it. My favorite colors too. I told I was going to used them on my suitcase when and if I ever get to travel air again..not this one for sure my suitcases will disappear!!! Thank you so much. I love the peyote stitching on the outside..a lot of work and a lot time...I also love your beautiful card.. Below is the backing of this tag...thank you again.
This is the back and it is now hanging in my studio.
Dr's apt..yesterday and today.
Yesterday I had to see a heart specialist for my abnormal EKG reading from my regular Dr. I ended up waiting 2 and half hours before they even put me into a room..after an hour and half, I was ready to walk out and make another apt was for 2:30..He had another 7 patients to after me...the nurse did another EKG, and you will not believe this, it did not want to WORK two times came out abnormal. So Dr Gordon is sending me to do a stress test called, Productivity Chemical...because I am won't hurt my lungs at all. I will do this on next Thursday in his downtown office and it will last 4 hrs..I can not have any caffeine, decaf or not, or chocolate for 24 hours. And from midnight nothing else. I usually eat my breakfast at 7 am..and my apt is at 930..they can deal with me, as I have told them I was diabetic...My youngest son, Terrance, is going to drop me off and than I will call him to pick me up when I am done. (I am going to make something that I can sew by hand while waiting, I am not a very good person doing (My dh still needs the rest of his vacation time for when he has he teeth all pulled so we do not lose any pay)..I am a smoker and wants me to quit, who doesn't!! He prescribe a pill that is suppose to help you..well I asked him the side effects, it makes one very depressed because of quiting..well, I can get depressed with normal every day living and do not need to add to it..I am not ready to quit....I will one day. Too much going on and like I told my regular at today's apt..I am a little stress out..with everything..the reason I like art quilting, it takes me away from all this and I haven't had the time to do any of till last week. My apt with my regular family Dr. went well today. He did give me another sugar pill at my request. I have done really well on the diabetic diet that I am following online,
and I love it.
Tomorrow I am free of Dr apt but need to run down to Millington and have my eye Dr fixed my sunglasses..It is way off. I can not even see out of the bifocal at all, it is tooo low..When I move it around I can find where it is just perfect...always something with my and than dh is taking me to the the matinee to Indiana Jones movie at one..We both need it..he is the one that is sitting waiting while I am being seen which can really take a tole on oneself..My family Dr told me no more naps during the but a 30 minute rest time..oh now I still do not sleep well with Ambien..only 4-5 hours..I get up between the morning. He thinks will help me sleep at nights..we will see..I took a 3 hour nap today..I am exhausted..and when I am so tired, my bones and muscles ache and when I get up, I fell like a
Plant update:
I move my yellow begonia so the it can have the sun on the back side...well when I looked into the gosh, Miss Finch has been busy, I pulled out all the nest she had been building and than while doing I heard heaving flutters around my ear, low and behold, a hummingbird at my was joyous..
We are getting so much rain, I am sick of it..wish it will go to the places that needs it..we are water logged here..Dh can not even get to mow the yard..and whatever he wants to do with his time off for this week, he can't..of course when he goes back to work next week, it will so hot..that is the way it goes...Have a nice evening every and hugs, Lorraine

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pillows and Art Quilt tops done

I finished all three tops tonight while watching Shark Swarm with John Schneider and Darly Hannah...boy it was worst the the 3 Shark movies from the but good..Now I just need to sew and satin stitch the edges and do the back of the pillow, I have added the 3 and half inch signs of family members but very plain so I have to decide what to do with them..
Here is Mary's pillow. It is pretty so is the Patti's pillow below, it is just not my I will send this Carol to put into Ruth's they can see it..they can come here if they like too, either way..

Fabric on Art Quilt/Ruth Blanchet class

This is at the end of cutting out signs. I had cut out circles, large and smaller zodiac designs, I made some into 3 and half sized for the pillows. Now all that is left is the smaller signs..I usually trace my template on my wonder under, cut it and than onto fabric. This save a lot of waste to me and glad I did it..last night I had to piece wonder under with register marks for the last two signs..but I made..I ran out of wonder under, who would have thought..I always have plenty supplies, but not making post cards I just did not notice it. Now when in the future if I decide to make another pillow or quilt the hard part is done. Yes, the purple is going on my lime green circle..already tried a sample and looks great..if I may say so myself.
Here is all the hand dyed fabric zodiac designs onto the background. They are not fuse as I like to all of them together at one time, pillows, every thing. I still have the flower to put on the hand of the virgin..I can see I could use some improvement on the upper right side as they are kinda blending in but with my threads I should be able to make it work..I do not want to cut anymore than I have, anyway it is my
Also the reason for doing all this, we decided not to fix the heating unit this, and use 3 window ac but only 2 are up and that is in my kitchen/dinning room and master bedroom, so I am having to do this at my dinning room table and ironing in my wet and dry works but miss doing all this in my back is killing me on that dinning room chair..
Ruth Blanchet is one of my favorite teachers and love taken her classes..She has a wonderful website and now has some of her patterns half off and plan to buy some by the end of the month, when the sale is over with..I am buying the fairy and the lily those. Here is her lets see if I can get it right... well, I be darn..I did it..first time for every thing..thank you so much for your help, Ruth!! I am signing up for her Twisted Bargello and now looks very interesting and you can take that class at oh loving now lets see if it

My Art Quilt-Zodiac and Miss Finch

Do you see Miss Finch? Isn't she adorable. She is still out there making all kinds of still chriping away...she was checking out my flowers again but no stuff for a nest..maybe she still thinking about
I have all the larger zodiac signs fabric cut out and this is where their placements will be. I used about 3 different stuff and dump technique dyed fabrics to put on this art quilt..very different and pretty . I am showing you this so when you the see the plain fabric, you will know that the sewing and stitching around and inside will bring out the details you see here..there is a I am not sure I will put anything in the circle and just machine stitching to make it pop out more...I am having so much fun. The pillow are smaller so am doing them after this, as far as fusing and ironing and all that cutting, my poor

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sunflower seedlings

Here are my sunflower seedlings and they are growing fast too. I was cutting out my zodiac designs and was wondering what they look aliens peeking at I can not move the seedling to their own pot till they are another inch or so before moving them .

What is going to be my Zodiac Art Quilt

I just finished putting the top circle and the main sign, mine is Virgo, on my Art Quilt. This is all hand dyed fabric, technique known as stuff and dump, which I learn from a friend four years ago, Barb Brown in Washington State...Haven't heard from her or haven't seen her in any classes...hope every thing is fine with you and family..Barb...
Told you all it would work my mixing lime green and have a safe holiday weekend..

My Younger sister Zodiac pillow top

This for my Lil sister, Patti, she saw these colors somewhere and just loved it so when I asked what color she wanted, thought she would say pink and red or something else, she said orange and black. I am out of orange fabric so I will have use what I have for the smaller designs and the back is black..but will the orange below for those should be pretty just the same.
I had an unusual day, trying to print up these Lil designs I am at my computer and the window is just next to me, I hear this singing of a bird and she is right at my window I chatted with her and ask her what she is doing..because she had a piece of grass or something in her I watch her she went into my Yellow Angle Wing Begonia plant and put that piece in there..she flew away and about 10 minutes later here come singing again with another piece in her mouth..she put it in the plant also. I chatted with her and told her that the soil is dry and I have to water so she will not be able to make a nest in there..well lord and behold just a few minutes ago here she is trying to do it again...Her nest will just wet every time I water my plant..You would think she would listen to No I am not is like talking to your dog..I am glad I am able to do this is very enjoyable.
Yesterday I also have a few potted seeded plants and as the day went buy I could see them popping out of the soil. One of them is a Sunflower Windowsill Sunflower which grows only 12 inches tall. I will put these in another pot and not in the grown..The other seedling I planted was daisy, the plain of white daisy..this weekend I have about 6 different seedling to plant, they include Black Eye Susan's, Mose Roses, Shasta Daisies, Carnation and will try some different Cactus in seed form..I hear this is hard to do and not many come up..we will see. Have a great afternoon.
On a note, my Suzie trip me this morning while I was watering my plants at 7am, I fell on my left knee (the one the never has healed since surgery) and right hand (both writst hurts up to the thumb, arthiritis) I was without pain for 4 days and guess what, chug a lug a pain pill and can not go see Mom.. I could have killed her..she does this to me a lot..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Here is the start of my sister, Mary's pillow

I am not fond of working with yellow or orange. I know why. When we were going to school, we were poor so when mom would find a sale of something to wear she would buy the same style but in different colors..I remember her buying 3 pleated skirts, orange, yellow and green. I did not mine the green but from than on I have never wore, put in my home yellow or I over it, these are bright and cheery colors and I know a lot of people that just loved them..both of my sisters do..I am a lime, purple and red I used to love red and teal till I started quilting and saw lime green and the different variations of purple..oh how I love these colors today and can not get enough of them..of course when I do mine it will lime and am I going to pull these two colors together, well, I have all types of fabric, and dyed will be great looking...mine will be a quilt I have tons of pillows around my home and more totes than I know what to do I now have to fuse the six signs of her children and grandchildren for the back and the signs that go into the circle..fiddly stuff..I notice I can not do what I use to 3 years ago..I am slower than usual..I do not like this but....have a nice evening..

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Maggie is coming to town

I am so excited, Maggie Winfield emailed me last night saying she was going to be here in June, 4-6th and wanted to meet up for lunch but I do not drive and everyone is working..she said she will pick me up..oh how wonderful..I have missed out on meeting a few online friends because of this situation but not this one..thank you Maggie and I can not wait to meet you and I know we will have ball together...
I am sitting around cutting out those templates for the Zodiac pillow I am making, boy they are so intricate...I was going to use wonder under but being a pillow I think reverse applique would be so much easier or just plain applique these and it won't be so stiff..we will see..I am hoping to have it where I can attached the little zodiac signs on the circle and than onto the later..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My two Hibiscus/class chat

They finally bloom again this morning. I am probably going to have to move to the front of the house for more sun..I used to grow them on my deck..we will see, I just hate to lost them as to me they were pricey but wanted them The peace one looks like a really old plant as there is a stump that has been cut in the middle..mother root, I call These were the last two and they were buried in other plants like someone was saving them for them selves..I knew I saw a red hibiscus
I lost the folder of all of my plants and flowers photos..I did not put all of them on my blog so I am upset about that, I was trying to keep a log of what I have growing and how they are developing. I sure hope dh can find in the hard drive, it had to go somewhere as it was not in the recycle software was acting up and I kept on clicking and than it disappeared.
I have join in on a new class that Dale Rollerson is teaching. It is call Embellish Stitch and Enrich. It has 6 lessons and and can not wait to put my embellisher to good and make it work for a I do use it a lot but for little things right now. So now I am in 3 different classes. Haven't started the amulet one as my hands were hurting and not sure I want to hurt them again so will wait on that one. Than my Zodiac class and now this signing up for Ruth's other class and the end of June Marjie's Palette dyeing class, very last one with her..never would sign up when it started and than things just stopped me from signing up so will this time and I am ready to dye, dye dye

Have a great day everyone!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Received clothespin and chime exchanges yesterday

These are from Donna in my group. Blue and Red clothespins with magnets and a chime. She did hers is like a real one, it will do Donna..but hard to keep them apart from getting twisted..have it hanging with my doll...thank you so much.
On a note, with all that is going on, I will be closing my group, which I have kept very small at the end of the month. I have only one swap to do and that is 4Th of July, of course, my second favorite holiday after Christmas.

One of my new classes

Quilt the Zodiac with Ruth Blanchet at QU. I am going to love doing these projects. This one is for my twin, Mary. Our birthdays are in August, 29th, and making her a pillow. She loves and wants yellow and orange..these colors usually drive me crazy but will do it for her..On the back I will have her children and grandchildren signs, will have to make them smaller and will. I love the orange fabric as it flows with the zodiac theme. I will do the circle yellow, the signs with the orange fabric. I will gold lame for the tree holder, green for the leaves. The wings will have either Angelina fibers or something to make it pop. I will use fiber with my HuskyStar embellisher to embellish the skirt of the angel. I haven't decided if I am going with flesh on the skin or not or make it all I go along I will know..
I am signing up for Ruth's Bargello Twist as I just love the concept on the bargellos on this class..the end of the month..what class number does this class make..I forgot.either
I will start cutting out the templates which I printed on card stock as I know I will be using them more than once and will last longer for tracing than paper..thank you Ruth for having this class..something I really needed to get me back in is a wonderful class.
I will post more photos as I do this project. She wants a 14 by 14 pillow. I have asked my youngest for her preference of colors and than I will do mine..well, what do you think I want to my color preference? lol

What's Up and some Flowers/Chatting

I have been very busy taking care of my mom, so I had no time to do anything at home and there were a few days I did not even come on the computer...I am going to cut up the posting for different things I am putting in here.

My mom ended up in the hospital for almost two days and she was very weak and could not walk. I stayed with her at least 12 hours a day for the first three days and slowly cut them down to 8hr and than 5. I was so exhausted from all this that it has taken me a few days to get my body back in control..which it was yesterday and today...
The first photo is my bonsai azalea. Isn't it pretty, I have kept it in the house and it is still growing and blooming. The second photo is my dried peonies..the are really lacy looking in person and still has a nice fragrance to them. The last photo is the opening of the peony that I was so surprise to see. it is totally different than my will have to go and looked them up. I bought this one and the pink one at a Chinese site that sold peonies.
I have added two hibiscus to my deck. When they bloom again I will take photos, one is a peach and the other one, red. I bought package of different seedlings and try and plant them tomorrow.
My dh is on shut down at work and I have a total of 12 hours to do what I want in peace and
Have you all seen the latest on our CSIs??? Makes you wonder if they are going to be canceling all these shows. Tonight is NCSI and someone is going to be hurt..2 hours special on at 7 central You know where I will be for

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Today is my youngest son's birthday and wanted to wish him, Mom

Been Busy Taking Care of MOM/my health

Hi everyone. so sorry I haven't put anything in my blog lately. Had to rush mom to the hospital on Wednesday last week. She could not even walk. I talked to her on Tuesday and she was fine, but found out later, she was not. Her neighbor, Gloria, called me at 8:30 pm and told me Mom was sick. So dh and rush her in.
She was seen right away and put in an emergency room. She had a UT infection. She had no pain what so the nurses, to me, acted like she should not been there because she had no pain. One nurse check out her lungs and said to other nurse in a snotted way "Her lungs are CLEAR!" I could have slapped her and said something, but in the back of my mind was that I might have to leave her there over night..sure enough, they found an infection and mucus in her lungs. My mom has had pneumonia and that is what she thought she had as she felt the symptoms as pneumonia. We brought her home on Friday morning...and I have been there every day for 12 hours. I am exhausted and had a rest yesterday as I had to way to get there to take care of her..she is still week. I make sure I am there every evening for her shower..she has almost slipped a few times..Today I will this late morning and stay till dh picks me up. She has not been eating either, we noticed that they had to give her pill for food replacement at the hospital, she refuse to eat their food without salt and they would not give her any..but Last night she more than before and was so thrilled. I made her sushi and a salad with grapes..I was so pleased and hope she eats better..told her that I may not be able to take care of her next time..
I had been to the Dr. on Tuesday of last week. I believe I mentions I have to go see heart Dr well, yesterday my Dr called about the blood work. my diabetes is high and he has threaten to put me on I will be good about my diet. I had him check for arthritis and came back that my autoimmune is very bad and now he is sending me to another Dr to see if I have LUPUS..I can not believe it and when I went and looked it up. is sure sounds like what I have but than again it could be the arthritis that my dad had..the bad one, can spell it..he said it was heredity..
So I got scared and haven't had a cig since midnight last night..have been tempted so many times this morning, but I am going to TRY..hope I succeed..wish me luck..

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Peonies, Peonies Peonies

My big and wonderful Pink Peonies with such a beautiful fragrances.
My white ones which also has a wonderful fragrance.
Yes, I cut them all off and brought them in the house, want to have them here for Mother's Day.
Peonies with Lilies..are they not pretty?!! These are all you wonderful Mothers out there, I do hope you all have a Happy Mother's Day.
A close up of the pink peony. I was going to do something arty with it but it needs to open up more..The are now about 4 inches and fully open it will be close to 5 to 5 and half inches wide..
We had to rush mom to emergency room last night about 9pm. Thank goodness it is not serious. But for sure she had us worried. She was so weak she could not walk.. She had the sweats and chill. She had Urinary Infections..I know when I use to have them I was is so much pain and even when I had to urinate..she did not at all. The blood work showed she had infections and Dr said since she wasn't hurting anywhere they had to find it..the Urine test did the trick..They will keep her in till Sat..She is on oxygen, IVs and antibiotics. I am wore out and I think I will go and take a nap before dh comes home and we have to out and see her...
My meds are working on my hands and it does not look like my son will get his quilt at all. I was hoping to have done except for the machine quilting..another

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Chat-about anything and everythng

Last photo of my back yard..The machines are gone and no has been around since last week this is what I have to look at from my sliding glass door in my dinning room, not a pretty sight is it?!!
I wonder if the neighbors think I have done something wrong with this cop in front of my I guess he trying to get some speeders but not many with the curve we have..he should go on the main highways where it does happen..I am curious of how long he will stay here..

I had a doctor's apt yesterday and dreaded it horrible, but felt a 100 % better after all the work was done. I had 5 x-rays done, both wrist/thumb, shoulder, lungs, and the tumor on my neck, had for about 5 years..Had EKG, blood work and urine done.
Diagnose is: My shoulder and wrists is has arthritis which is causing all the pain. I was given a new meds for it and looked forward to taking it last night and Walgreen's need the Dr approval and yet he wrote out the script..give me a break so will call them today as I won't be able to get it till later..
My lungs and tumor are just fine.
My EKG well bad was abnormal and now going to see a cardiologist. I have an appointment on the 22nd of May.
I go in next week Friday for a Mammogram..haven't had one for almost 4 years.
I am a little worried about the heart but we will see.
My Dr told me to take it easy as far as the pain and so I will go through drawers and all the stuff and get rid of stuff I haven't use in years..a good excuse to get it done. My blood work will come in a few days, hoping I was a good girl on my Have a nice all and chat later..

Monday, May 5, 2008

Look what they are doing to my back woods-Update

Oh isn't this shed just wonderful..dh wants to take it down but I won't let him..The flooring is gone but I just love that rusted old look of It has withstand every thing..the wires that keeps in place are still there holding it there..He use to paint it all the time to keep it going but when the flooring went, he tried to put another in but it did not would have to take it the woods is bear I will leave there for sure..
They are don cutting from my neighbors section but not mine..I only have about 6 trees on this side and they are cutting them as close to our property line as they can get...Thank goodness it rain the other night..I do not have to listen to all that racket.
The two are from my view of my deck. Right behind my home. The last two are from my neighbors back yard past the sheds..

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Invitations kept me busy for awhile

These were refreshing to do. I took a break a big break from sewing, beading and such. I enjoyed doing them very much. I did not have the names for all of the people going to be invited. I only got to finished 71 of them and Jamie wanted to finish the rest of them. I typed the invitations, the enclosure cards, the map, cut out parchment paper to go over the invitations...very very flattering too, and all the backs, below, with silver ink. The fronts had to be black ink. At least the hard work on these were done for Jamie.
What the back looks like. Pretty huh?
I have already sewn the edges with thread, and the top, I might have to that again as I do not know the size of the all I have to do it is add the crystals to the comb part to match her wedding dress.
Tomorrow, I think I will read a good book and relax. Than on Wednesday, not Tuesday as I have a doctors apt and will have a lot of work done and will be to tired and probably come home and

Progress on growing plants

This is my large pink scented roses. next to it is the 7 different color roses that comes from this plant. My son gave this one to me for mothers' day in '87. I am not very please with them this year as they usually have more foliage and more roses..I am not sure if it was the all the rain and I mean lots of it..The all have brown spots..(there are two more bushes, light pink and white, to the right of this photos. I am going to cut them down to about 2 feet and see if this does not help them. I cut them every fall..
This is a close up of the roses. They smell so wonderful. I miss them this year, they are usually picked and brought in my home..I rather look at my blooms than others going
This is what my Peonies look like now. My first bloom, on the bottom, came from this plant. The others by my fence line, opposite side, are my pink and red..can't wait for them to bloom.
The back is the my hydrangeas.. The have flower heads all over them. but they are not done till late summer but look so pretty when blooming. Not sure what the color will be this year as the pine tree next door was we will see. lol
This my first bloom for the Peonies. My white ones. It is in a single test tube vase. It has a suction cup or a hook. This bloom is almost 4 in pretty..
I may not see my red tulips. I have never seen these before, ever. I wish the owner would have had some plans where and what the names were on some of the plants she panted. they would be over 21 years old, My dh cut the tops today while we were weeding and not sure it they will come up without the leaves..some others in different spots...

My Mother's Day Presents from dh

My dh told me to buy what I wanted so I picked plants..The yellow angel wing begonia with some hanging plants, 3 different types and have no idea what they is a reddish color, purple and white..all different. The other one is not a gift but thought they would look good next to the other one.
These are hanging right in front of my studio..this use to be where the hummingbirds feeder use to be..but since we can not find them, I put them here..
We did buy one last night, and decided I wanted near my table where I sit and sun bath in the mornings. My dh will put a device that can withstand the weight and be high enough so cats won't attack the poor birds.

This is another plant I bought. It is a regular size lime green with yellow insides..My miniature did not make even outside on the table..I should have transplanted them right away and did not. but now I have found these..I am going to put it into a larger pot tomorrow so they have a growing area for the root system.
I bought these at Kroger's for my table. I love flowers on my table while I have blooming flowers..but I stop picking the dutch My dutch irises gave me 3 blooms per plant and I must have over 40 plants this year..It hasn't' stop blooming yet..still more coming. I pick a few of them and if they have blooms, it still bloomed in the water but much it!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Happy Couple-Jason and Jamie

Oh, don't they look like there in love!! Congratulations Jason and Jamie!! I can not wait.
This is Jason Lausterer and his bride to be, June 20th, Jamie Sneed.
We were busy last night doing invitations and even Mom was here to help. I had Tuna Casserole that Jason use to love when he was a boy...but also made Chili and Rice that he loves So he had both to choose from. lol Jamie wants the recipe and she will be able to cook these dishes for him..
Jamie asked me if I would make her veil and I said yes..very excited about it too..

The awning guy came by last Wednesday. Boy I tell you what. He said the long thing at the end that it drains from that is damage is cause by the leaves..I told him, you mean to say at any given time I can not have leaves in the drainage area..Than he tried to say this and that. Yes, he is dealing with a woman and not a this guy told me in December, he was gong to put up an awning that would last 30 years..well it did not last a month!! Than he took measurements between the first post and the middle post, he was happy and than he measured from the middle post and he did not say a word..It is almost a foot short of being even. I have taken photos of the leaves and post measurements in case I need them in court. I told him 3 times what he is saying is "not acceptable" So he told me he would call his warehouse and see what they can do. I think I am getting round around here..So I just might have to get lawyer and sue them for this.
Another thing is you all should see my back yard and forest, or woods, that we had. It is so opened now. When they are done I will take more photos..they are now in the back of my home...They are going from side to side and than I guess they will do the middle..last.
Doing invitations for a wedding, well, I have a few hints for every one. Look up what the etiquette is before starting. Have all names and addresses way before even starting it. Figure out if you want to them yourself or have someone else do them. Mail them out 8 weeks before the wedding so that the quests you want to come does not make any plans, especially in the summer months when every one takes a vacation, with the gas prices their won't be many traveling by car..I like doing things like this, I really enjoyed typing all the names as I get them and putting them in the computer..while waiting for the maps to print. a minute and 15 for each one, I did my family birthdays, and anniversary's done. Got my email address in the email and all addresses updated. What I did not have, I called to find out or email them. I really did this for Mom...and glad I did. She knows all her great grandchildren and when I told her that she had ten, she could not believe and only had one date now she has all of her families dates...I also emailed them out to every one so they would have I have a busy little I never thought I would lapse in putting info in my blog but sure have the last You all have a wonderful May 1st, in Hawaii they call it "May Day" and some parties and such going on.

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