Sunday, May 4, 2008

Progress on growing plants

This is my large pink scented roses. next to it is the 7 different color roses that comes from this plant. My son gave this one to me for mothers' day in '87. I am not very please with them this year as they usually have more foliage and more roses..I am not sure if it was the all the rain and I mean lots of it..The all have brown spots..(there are two more bushes, light pink and white, to the right of this photos. I am going to cut them down to about 2 feet and see if this does not help them. I cut them every fall..
This is a close up of the roses. They smell so wonderful. I miss them this year, they are usually picked and brought in my home..I rather look at my blooms than others going
This is what my Peonies look like now. My first bloom, on the bottom, came from this plant. The others by my fence line, opposite side, are my pink and red..can't wait for them to bloom.
The back is the my hydrangeas.. The have flower heads all over them. but they are not done till late summer but look so pretty when blooming. Not sure what the color will be this year as the pine tree next door was we will see. lol
This my first bloom for the Peonies. My white ones. It is in a single test tube vase. It has a suction cup or a hook. This bloom is almost 4 in pretty..
I may not see my red tulips. I have never seen these before, ever. I wish the owner would have had some plans where and what the names were on some of the plants she panted. they would be over 21 years old, My dh cut the tops today while we were weeding and not sure it they will come up without the leaves..some others in different spots...

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