Sunday, May 4, 2008

Invitations kept me busy for awhile

These were refreshing to do. I took a break a big break from sewing, beading and such. I enjoyed doing them very much. I did not have the names for all of the people going to be invited. I only got to finished 71 of them and Jamie wanted to finish the rest of them. I typed the invitations, the enclosure cards, the map, cut out parchment paper to go over the invitations...very very flattering too, and all the backs, below, with silver ink. The fronts had to be black ink. At least the hard work on these were done for Jamie.
What the back looks like. Pretty huh?
I have already sewn the edges with thread, and the top, I might have to that again as I do not know the size of the all I have to do it is add the crystals to the comb part to match her wedding dress.
Tomorrow, I think I will read a good book and relax. Than on Wednesday, not Tuesday as I have a doctors apt and will have a lot of work done and will be to tired and probably come home and

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