Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Chat-about anything and everythng

Last photo of my back yard..The machines are gone and no has been around since last week this is what I have to look at from my sliding glass door in my dinning room, not a pretty sight is it?!!
I wonder if the neighbors think I have done something wrong with this cop in front of my I guess he trying to get some speeders but not many with the curve we have..he should go on the main highways where it does happen..I am curious of how long he will stay here..

I had a doctor's apt yesterday and dreaded it horrible, but felt a 100 % better after all the work was done. I had 5 x-rays done, both wrist/thumb, shoulder, lungs, and the tumor on my neck, had for about 5 years..Had EKG, blood work and urine done.
Diagnose is: My shoulder and wrists is has arthritis which is causing all the pain. I was given a new meds for it and looked forward to taking it last night and Walgreen's need the Dr approval and yet he wrote out the script..give me a break so will call them today as I won't be able to get it till later..
My lungs and tumor are just fine.
My EKG well bad was abnormal and now going to see a cardiologist. I have an appointment on the 22nd of May.
I go in next week Friday for a Mammogram..haven't had one for almost 4 years.
I am a little worried about the heart but we will see.
My Dr told me to take it easy as far as the pain and so I will go through drawers and all the stuff and get rid of stuff I haven't use in years..a good excuse to get it done. My blood work will come in a few days, hoping I was a good girl on my Have a nice all and chat later..

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