Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My two Hibiscus/class chat

They finally bloom again this morning. I am probably going to have to move to the front of the house for more sun..I used to grow them on my deck..we will see, I just hate to lost them as to me they were pricey but wanted them The peace one looks like a really old plant as there is a stump that has been cut in the middle..mother root, I call These were the last two and they were buried in other plants like someone was saving them for them selves..I knew I saw a red hibiscus
I lost the folder of all of my plants and flowers photos..I did not put all of them on my blog so I am upset about that, I was trying to keep a log of what I have growing and how they are developing. I sure hope dh can find in the hard drive, it had to go somewhere as it was not in the recycle software was acting up and I kept on clicking and than it disappeared.
I have join in on a new class that Dale Rollerson is teaching. It is call Embellish Stitch and Enrich. It has 6 lessons and and can not wait to put my embellisher to good and make it work for a I do use it a lot but for little things right now. So now I am in 3 different classes. Haven't started the amulet one as my hands were hurting and not sure I want to hurt them again so will wait on that one. Than my Zodiac class and now this signing up for Ruth's other class and the end of June Marjie's Palette dyeing class, very last one with her..never would sign up when it started and than things just stopped me from signing up so will this time and I am ready to dye, dye dye

Have a great day everyone!!

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