Friday, May 29, 2009

Added a few gadgets

I have added a few more if I needed more..but love them..if you get bored at least you can look at
Above my profile is Follow me..I know a lot you all that were in my groups do not have an account with blogging so that is fine..just keep on letting me know you view my blog...l love it when you do..but those that do please put your name here so I can keep up with you too...
Also added my knit along community..just joined last night and a bunch of great gals.I will have fun here for sure...
I haven't started anything in knitting yet but did start something on my embellisher..glad I got it out...I am going to make my great niece for her 7th birthday a diary, shhhhh do not let her I am going to have fun with this..I have made book covers but only with my felter machine..never did care to sew one up but will with Ruth's class..
If I knew how to use the scanner I would scan a lot of the stuff that I want to make and do and show you all..but even as I post here, my printer won't work on my son's ours yesterday, see I said I would not get it on Tuesday..,that AT&T.. so dh will more than likely work on it tonight instead of finishing my bathroom...but wait tomorrow is another
YOU ALL won't believe this my dh can not find the screens that goes around my gazebo.. I have been very upset over it...what is the use in having this if I cannot keep the bugs out it when I am trying to relax outside..he freezes me out of the house when he is home...I think he threw out by mistake..No photos this time..I am just trying to figure what to knit next..till next time hugs, Lorraine ps thank you for visiting my blog.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Felted Knit Pick yarn purse with extras

I finally finished this this afternoon. I added some rings and an extension to the handles. I felted with my embellisher machine some roving, This is what it looks like be felting..this is that cheaper wool yarn..I had to order more to finished. It took 6 skeins and had to knit it double..It measures, 19x12 with the strap without the extension at 34 inches.
This is the felted hand bag after 24 minutes of felting and it is now measures 13x12, at the bottom and 10 1/2 at the top. the strap is 33.. It smell horrible during the felting process and some of the embellished roving rolled in balls but as you can see a lot of stay on..Now I am curious to see how long it will take to dry..the other one took less than a day. I have another color to make this style but will use it to make a purse that will not be felted.
Now I am going to start my shibori purse least I can do something while I am still recuperating..not bad as far as the knee but the sciatic nerve is killing me...I am in and out of bed with the heating pad it seems to be helping a least it is not the awful pain when I walk now...
Oh gosh does it smell with that purse I surely hope it goes away when it is thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you all have a great weekend coming up..lots of hugs, Lorraine

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bathroom wallpaper and unsewn felted purse

Trying to show the wallpaper and corner bathtub to take this photo..The corner cabinet
my dh made over 22 years ago. He made a box type but it did not do any justice to the bathroom so he made me a corner one..we could have put it over the commode but I could not reach anything in it..We still have the doors and the trim around the door..oh our large mirror cabinet too. This green matches so well with the green that is on the wallpaper. This is a better view..we will have to buy some strip remover for the they already have two coats of different colors underneath. It really looks really nice from what the photos shows.

This is the second felted purse I am making..was going to Shibori but I had to order more yarn because I used a cheaper yarn and it was so thin that I had to knit with double strands to get the gauge, went up to a 15 needle and it just left holes in it..I am not sure how it will felt up...I will sew it sometimes today..It is call Tidepool Knit
I had the stomach flu for 36 hours along with my sciatic nerve and I thought I was in hell for sure..I have taking my Naproxsen so my knee feels pretty good and what do I do, hurt myself and ended up with sciatic nerve..I have tried ice one whole day and heat all day yesterday and it is still is so hard to walk with that pain that goes down through you least I could use the walker with my knee when I was in pain and it relieve it am taking pain killers again..My dh looked it up if what I describe does not work it said to try nerve pills..and if that does not work, rest in bed for a few days..going to start today..that means I won't get a thing done for sure.with the heating pad over my back..we will see..
Went to see Demons and Angels on Friday..the movie is great but still like his other one better...probably because it was the first..this is also the first day I used the cane..let me tell it looked like a mile and half to get into the movie theater..won't do it knew buckled on me twice and once my dh almost did not make it to me..I just lost control of the cane on the left hand..I did not want to sit down on the bottom where I think handicapped people sit..
If I knew how to use this scanner I could show you all the patterns that I am going to knit up, Half will be felted and the other half just knitting..
We are using my son's modem as ours went on Wed of last week or we would have been without a computer all this time..of course AT&T said we would get it yesterday and we did not..we can print out anything on his modem but I am not complaining, I am online..
I lost one of those 7 lbs I gained..thank goodness but lost it the hard way, being sick to the stomach, lol..
Ruth Blanchet is offering a free class that will be up all year round and it is making a book if you are interested here is where to go,..I signed up because I can take as long as it takes me to make one..I have made books covers with my embellishment machine but just sewing one..sissy has made hundreds..her wedding ones are to die is where you can sign up for..I will email all my family and friends to see if they want to join in and have some fun..
Thank you for visiting my blog and do hope you all have a great week, what is left of it..Hugs, Lorraine

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rattan furniture and gazebo-Electronic cig

Here how the electronic cig comes. It also come with 5 units of add ons.. 1 heavy, 2 mediums, 1 light and one with none. I tried the heavy yesterday and made me sick to my I tried the medium.. and it is better and also the light one...
This is what my wall looks like right now in my bathroom..the same as it did when we bought this place paint. The woman never did paint her walls in the 14 years she lived here...the walls look like the walls stuff they put up before painting we just put wall paper up..I had a pretty blue and white paper the first time..and than a very pretty and expensive multi colors of green, blue, purples, and others colors so I could change the colors of my towels..I remember it took me forever to find a shower curtain..and it probably will now too. This wall paper we remove was still intact but I just want a change..a lot of hard work just taking it down, when he took a break I would go in and work on it..but yesterday was our day..
We went to see Demons and Angels and had a lot of other stuff to take care of. Went to State Farm to get them to help us out with the affidavit to give Mike, my oldest son, my Lumia LX sports car..than we ended up paying for his insurance so that I can keep my multi car part of it..and when he can afford to pay it himself, and I get a will be there..We signed over the title and now he will go on Tuesday and get tags and whatever and it is his...
We went to Walgreen's to get the paper work done so we do not have to put out any money when getting the phone number from TriCare and they said Walgreen's was on the list..well, Walgreen's won't do we still have to put out the money and do all the paper works ourselves..just an inconvenience..but we do get most of it back...I cost so much in medications..and when two of them come will run 130 dollars..all my meds has gone up, my Janovia has gone up from 42 to 63 a one singular went up too...soo can't do nothing about it but pay it..Dh got his stock money for his teeth but he has to wait 9 days for it to clear the bank and then he will finally after a year and half have a mouth full of teeth

On Wednesday we bought these two new chairs..I walked in Lowes...and saw this beautiful red cushion set with wrough fit me to the tee..but it came with a huge table which we did not need and would not know what to do with so we went looking around and these are so comfy...I almost fell asleep with my wireless table is not put together yet..and it will go in between the chairs..
As you can see, my gazebo is finally in tack and cemented so it does not wiggle and blow away..Dh did a great youngest son, Terrance came by on Tuesday and help him move to the right spot..I helped him last year but knew I could not this time around.
The green lounge, about 8 years old, is so comfy too, I do my sun bathing in this lounger...I can not take the heat anymore..notice that as I got older but as long as I have psoarisis I will bath out there for about 15 minutes on each does help.

A closer view of my chairs..Suzie in the background and that heap of tree as you see is still there..this is where I am going to put all my Crotons, in the middle, larger dutch irises around them and than the smaller dutch is going to worth the time and hard labor doing it too..I know it will reward me with beauties..
Click on the photos for larger view.I think..and thank you for visiting my blog..i love it when you do..Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend every one and hugs to all, Lorraine
Oh we are borrowing my son's modem, out went and if we did not borrow his we would not have computer till Tuesday...yuck

Flowers in bloom

These are on the south side garden, the very large dutch irises...they finally have multiplied this year..we are going to move them in the fall..they should have been a lot more for over 8 years ago...are they not beautiful..
These Crotons that are growing here my Uncle Roger in Indiana, who has colon cancer and having a rough time with it, gave them to me 10 years or more ago..I had about a dozen growing on the my side of the fence, but the second year they all died by this one..and so where does it keep on growing in my neighbors dh will dig them up before he goes back to work..have been wanting him to do so for a long time..this time we have dirt to replace where the hole is going to be...I have told her that I would for years now..otherwise I would just let them go..these have those big red beautiful blooms.

My hydrangeas are full of bloom and had to bring these in at they have some lime green which I never had before...the pine tree from next door has been gone for many years so now I get to see some lime green and who knows if I get the right stuff for it can have them blooming in lime green This year the bush is loaded but notice the blooms are not as large as they have been in the past.

This is that ugly of bush growing in the south garden, garlic..the blooms from them, we will pull these out as it has taken over my garden and killed off my other blooming plants. this year for sure.. that is all for my plants for now..hugs, Lorraine

Monday, May 18, 2009

Finished Felted purse and other wool colors

As usual, wrong photo first,lol, you would think I would know what to do by now..This is my bathroom wallpaper, prettier in person..and I must have been blind as a it is a map of I did not know that till dh pointed it out to me...but I still love it..we now have to change the color of our cabinets and trim..He said we still have the light green from this studio in enamel..I do not think so..but will paint some on the wall if it will save us some does have green in the wallpaper...but a bit darker.
Here she is, the finished felted purse with its button but not sure if it was called a button. It measures 7 x 8 1/2 x 3...not bad..The first 3 wool yarn is called Tidepool Heather by Knit Pick yarn. I am going to make this for my younger sister, Patti. The other 3 are red, white and blue..and will make it the same pattern as my other designs wools haven't arrived yet..I will make this one the Shibori way..what fun is this going to be..I have two sweater, summer type that I am going to least I have these in my stash..4 other types of purses..thank you for visiting my blog, hugs Lorraine

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Felted Knitted Bag and Pin Cushions

This is my felted bag I just finished last night and felted this morning. It is being dried with baggies inside of them. The fun part was felting it as far as the knitting, very simple..not challenging enough for I have now found another bag to knit but it is not a felted bag and need to order the yarn or see if I have some in my stash. Below is what it looked like before felting.
This is from a kit club I have joined called Annie Attics and I am sorry but I can't seem to find the url for it or what it is really called..but do a search for Annie's attic and/or wait and later I will add the url..It is something like Loop n every month you get a kit that you can either crochet or knit..same pattern...

All my pin cushions so far what I have embellished..I have 4 left..I found some 2 and half squares in my scrap fabric bags that I was throwing out and the reason for so many..haven't decided what to do with a few of did pick out the royal purple with trim of crochet thread with crystals on the top edge that I couched on by hand...of course all these are my hand from start to finished..enough I hands had just enough of it too.

Dh has 10 days off work..but I have plans for him and he knew it before taking them off..I am wanting all the ceilings painted, bathroom and kitchen re wall papered..gazebo put back where it should be outside and than he can do what ever he all do not know him..last time he took vacation to do things around the home, not one damn thing got done...and that he is always tired on the weekends...
We found a crack in our bathroom wall and he also found our cabinet in the where the wood is coming order to fix it we have to buy a new cabinet and guessed it a new sink as it is glues to this cabinet and than of course new I told him we can hold off on this to just before we one will see any of this and we do not have company but family...soooo
He is going to try to put up the installations he bought about 4 months ago in the attic..should have done this than as it is getting mighty hot now....not my problem but
My Health:
I have had some bad days that I was not thinking nice things and finally had to call my Dr's office..they advise me what to do..I was trying going off my pain pills even knowing I was still in pain and had some very ugly thoughts of doing something terrible to my they told me that the pills that I was on was not habit forming and to take them for my pain..I was having anxiety attacks, having hot sweats and not able to breath....took xanax and a sleeping pill for tow night just so I could sleep...then we both thought of my thyroid was acting up, it has been just over 10 years since this has happened..but my records showed that my thyroid readings about 6 weeks ago was very good..any way I felt a lot better the next day..I had shoulder pain really bad and that I had hurt my sciatic nerve on my right hip and I was just miserable...and also not being able for 6 months or more not to do what I want, has been really getting to me..the simplest things are hard sometimes and no one around to help me..I am over it..and I am taking xanax and they told me to go off the sleeping pills it has been working for 3 days now..but will not stay on xanax for a long is one of the mildest of tranquilizers..
Again to all thank you for visiting my blog, lots of hugs and hope you all have a wonderful weekend and week...Lorraing

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