Saturday, May 23, 2009

Flowers in bloom

These are on the south side garden, the very large dutch irises...they finally have multiplied this year..we are going to move them in the fall..they should have been a lot more for over 8 years ago...are they not beautiful..
These Crotons that are growing here my Uncle Roger in Indiana, who has colon cancer and having a rough time with it, gave them to me 10 years or more ago..I had about a dozen growing on the my side of the fence, but the second year they all died by this one..and so where does it keep on growing in my neighbors dh will dig them up before he goes back to work..have been wanting him to do so for a long time..this time we have dirt to replace where the hole is going to be...I have told her that I would for years now..otherwise I would just let them go..these have those big red beautiful blooms.

My hydrangeas are full of bloom and had to bring these in at they have some lime green which I never had before...the pine tree from next door has been gone for many years so now I get to see some lime green and who knows if I get the right stuff for it can have them blooming in lime green This year the bush is loaded but notice the blooms are not as large as they have been in the past.

This is that ugly of bush growing in the south garden, garlic..the blooms from them, we will pull these out as it has taken over my garden and killed off my other blooming plants. this year for sure.. that is all for my plants for now..hugs, Lorraine

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