Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bathroom wallpaper and unsewn felted purse

Trying to show the wallpaper and corner bathtub to take this photo..The corner cabinet
my dh made over 22 years ago. He made a box type but it did not do any justice to the bathroom so he made me a corner one..we could have put it over the commode but I could not reach anything in it..We still have the doors and the trim around the door..oh our large mirror cabinet too. This green matches so well with the green that is on the wallpaper. This is a better view..we will have to buy some strip remover for the they already have two coats of different colors underneath. It really looks really nice from what the photos shows.

This is the second felted purse I am making..was going to Shibori but I had to order more yarn because I used a cheaper yarn and it was so thin that I had to knit with double strands to get the gauge, went up to a 15 needle and it just left holes in it..I am not sure how it will felt up...I will sew it sometimes today..It is call Tidepool Knit
I had the stomach flu for 36 hours along with my sciatic nerve and I thought I was in hell for sure..I have taking my Naproxsen so my knee feels pretty good and what do I do, hurt myself and ended up with sciatic nerve..I have tried ice one whole day and heat all day yesterday and it is still is so hard to walk with that pain that goes down through you least I could use the walker with my knee when I was in pain and it relieve it am taking pain killers again..My dh looked it up if what I describe does not work it said to try nerve pills..and if that does not work, rest in bed for a few days..going to start today..that means I won't get a thing done for sure.with the heating pad over my back..we will see..
Went to see Demons and Angels on Friday..the movie is great but still like his other one better...probably because it was the first..this is also the first day I used the cane..let me tell it looked like a mile and half to get into the movie theater..won't do it knew buckled on me twice and once my dh almost did not make it to me..I just lost control of the cane on the left hand..I did not want to sit down on the bottom where I think handicapped people sit..
If I knew how to use this scanner I could show you all the patterns that I am going to knit up, Half will be felted and the other half just knitting..
We are using my son's modem as ours went on Wed of last week or we would have been without a computer all this time..of course AT&T said we would get it yesterday and we did not..we can print out anything on his modem but I am not complaining, I am online..
I lost one of those 7 lbs I gained..thank goodness but lost it the hard way, being sick to the stomach, lol..
Ruth Blanchet is offering a free class that will be up all year round and it is making a book if you are interested here is where to go,..I signed up because I can take as long as it takes me to make one..I have made books covers with my embellishment machine but just sewing one..sissy has made hundreds..her wedding ones are to die is where you can sign up for..I will email all my family and friends to see if they want to join in and have some fun..
Thank you for visiting my blog and do hope you all have a great week, what is left of it..Hugs, Lorraine

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