Friday, July 31, 2009

Books received and fabrics I bought last week

I finally received my books I ordered from Interweave. These were the discounted books..I have a list of about 22 books that I wanted to get..I found these 5 and a whole lot more..but the price tag was too high, so I cut it down to these 5 and very happy with them...They don't have all the books I want even for paying regular price for them..but a lot. There were a lot of knitting in this discounted area but if you look careful and take your time, you will a book you cannot resist in buying half off on most of them... Click on the photo to read what they are and by who. I have read one already today and in awe over really bad and want to make a lot of those bags, with my style to them off course...Bags with paper and stitch by Isobel Hall..
I am taking a class with Dale Rollerson now and we are stitching with papers..and so far I just love it..
I wanted to show my sisters the newest fabrics I have bought, at Hobby Lobby, aren't just so bright and them..not sure what I will make out of them but one day it will "pop" and the quilt will be in the makings..
We had a shortage outages again, just when I was really going to town sewing away on my purple poinsettia by after that I just did not feel like it so no sewing the rest of the day, just piddle around and read a bit..Tried to scan these earlier but it did not work so had to wait till dh came home..
My son came by and he worked 7 and half hours in my back yard, it is really bad, trees growing, grass so tall and such..but he did great, he is out of a job so we are paying him for it..Dh and son went to Lowell's and the guy is quoting my dh the price of the deck costing 2500 hundred and we know we can make one a lot cheaper..told dh he is a sales person..he will use all the high end products and we do not need seeing all this work done, I thought for sure I would have a 12x12 deck done on Sunday, my dh looked at me like I was stupid..I guess I was..I thought with 4 guys helping it all would be done..but there is 8 holes that has to dug, cement to put in about 6 inches, let it dry and come back put in the 4x6x post put in and cemented around it and it has to dry..before they can even build the frame..I said so that means I won't my spa for weeks..I was hoping for this week sometime or even next weekend..oh well..
Hopefully tomorrow I will have my purple poinsettia on my blog..I am going to baste my quilts a bit different than I have ever done....spray baste them..I can not see my back taking all the pinning with these 4 quilts that I want to get down in about 2 weeks..the girls at QU has helped advised me a lot..I may like it I may not but only one way to find out. Thank you for visiting my blog and have a nice weekend. lots of hugs, Lorraine

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Poinsettia pink or green binding

I have a feeling the green will be the binding but I also like the pink..I will not put any bias over the border like Ruth's class but like other stain glass and leave it blank. what do you all think..Patti, your quilt which do you prefer..hugs, Lorraine
Tired and both knees have braces on them as they sure are giving me the problems today..not so much for my will take a break and do something else..One more to go then I will be able to machine quilt all of them but that again, the purple one is mine and I have plenty of time to make it...

Pink Poinsettia with trim-thin pink one for now

I just do not know what to say when I put up a photo when it is crooked...but that I am a crooked picture is I finished the last bias last night...I would have been finished with borders as I started at 5:30 when I woke up but my back would not let me do a I did not get to it till last evening..this morning I got to add the thin pink trim border..I will add another background fabric but a tad bit darker as I ran out of what I used here..I will get it ready to machine quilt..more than likely, stitch in the ditch, ugh..and than I will put veins inside my pedals, it is my quilt and want to even if I haven't seen anyone else do it..thank will put some curly Q's in 3 places..I will put in the finished quilt when done..oh I will use another pink for the binding...sure glad sis, Patti's, favorite color is pink!!
I hope you all have a great sunny day, mine is not but pretending that it
Going to take photos of the spot my hot spa is going to show you all later..I took some of my bathroom but my fish are missing so when they get done I will add them here as well..lots of hugs, Lorraine
Oh, I was playing around with the follower thing last night trying to see if I can help sis get there to follow me, well looks like I am following me I have tried to delete it all I did was delete the photo..oh well..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My new Hot Tub Dreammaker X440 from Watson

What the inside looks like.
The X400 is manufactured to be portable, durable and affordable. State of the art technology is used to create a one-piece totally portable easy to use spa for a fraction of the cost of most hot tubs. The X400 is resistant to all weather types and plugs into a standard 110 volt outlet. Simply fill it with water from a garden hose, plug it in and enjoy! Relax and melt away the days stress any time you desire in the privacy of your own home.

LED Light
Locking Cover
and steps, I put this in

This is me in a few weeks, lol

This is dh and me in a few weeks!!

The waterfalls...oh how pretty...
We are going to build a 10x12 lower deck of our larger deck from the dinning room... for now and build the railings and top after it arrives...slowly...we got $2000 knock comes with all the above with installation and free delivery, can't go wrong...
Up early, when I travel with dh in his truck is like his truck ran me over..a lot of pain but this time I was lots of those heat pads on back, shoulder and good as new tomorrow..have a great Sunday..thank you for visiting, hugs, Lorraine

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pink Poinsettia-hafl sewn and half pinned

I hand sewn the 3 small pedals and one larger last week, but having to deal with wonder under, it was very hard on my fingers and late last night I tackled it with the sewing machine...It looks good, I used pink holographic thread so it has a shine to it from far away viewing...Got up this morning and pinned the 4 other pedals and it will be done tonight..the sewing part anyway, class is going to be closed so at least wanted to get this much done...I probably will work on it more this evening as we are going to go and see Harry Potter and also look for a hot tub..found out is also go for those that are diabetics..I was getting for my pains for the arthritis as I take so many hot showers a day to relieve the pain...I cannot wait to get to my purple..I will be using a royal purple for the leaves not sure if i will carry it out through the whole quilt.
Dh and I had a kinda worried day yesterday, I kept my self so busy and did not sit down after about 3 hours straight of doing things around the house...found out later he did worry at work.
Last Friday Dr Gordon told Terry he was thinking of doing something to his heart in 2 weeks as his stress, one part did not come out good..well, he called last night for my report..I do not have blockage to my heart, YEAH!1 but I really knew this because the heart beats were so strong..but he did tell me that I have a very large "painful" cyst behind my right knee...I told him I knew this since my last knee surgery on my left knee 4 years ago..I had them in both back knees..but the left one left on its own..It is painful, when I do a lot with my knee it is about a size of a nickel. but when I do it is the size of a quarter..that is why the back side is always painful..He said this is related to being a diabetic, some thong I did not know..anyway we are fine today and going to the movies..and hope we have enough time to look at some hot spas..we are going to put it on the deck...So you all have a wonderful weekend, I know I will and thank you for visiting my blog. lots of hugs, Lorraine

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Embellish Brooch is done going out in mail today

I had fun this morning with my Embellisher going crazy with a piece of blue felt..about a 5x5..felting every type of fabric, a bit or roving, lames..but this ended up being the section I pick for the brooch as the girl I am sending it to like blue and I hope you like it the UK..I was going to just a make a double flower and decided she needed a face and put some Angelina fiber behind here...I think she is adorable..
Snowy is not with us anymore..we just felt like with Suzie we just did not need another dog..told him went back to my son..Suzie did the next day kept on checking for her outside and yet while we had her, she ignored Snowy and Snowy wanted to play..but every time I went out there she would run for the bushes or to the side of the house and was afraid she would get into the back no fence back there..I fell a few times on my hands thank goodness trying to get her..I am not sad as I know she will end in a home with little children to play with her..
I had to have a blockage test yesterday, it was suppose to on Monday but I had to change due to dh work..I was told it was a simple test and you are in and out..It was not..It was HELL..first she probe me from my groin and upper thigh and all the way down my legs to my toe..and it hurts..with this gel..than a lady comes in and they put these cuffs from my thighs to my toes..and 2 on my arms..As tight as they can get it to beat..In the meantime I am freezing my butt off and I kept telling them I was to get pneumonia and they just laugh, and I wasn't kidding the next thing they do is do the cuffs and the ultra sound and from the upper thigh, to the hurts too, they said some people liked it and I said they must be sadistic people..they laugh again..well..when the got to my knee which they had that right above the knees..I thought I was gong to die with pain..any way they could not get a beat with my toes and the woman remarked her toes are frozen I think that is lasted 45 minutes..when they told me I was done..I sat up and got down and went to my clothes and put them on while they in there and told them goodbye asking when will Dr Gordon received them..I already had waited 45 minutes to emergencies comes first and there were 4 of them..I came home and went straight to bed to try and get warm...I dared my dh to put the ac on in the truck..he did not.It took all night and some this morning and I am find now but just now I just wait and till Dr. Gordon calls to let me know if I have blockage..I know I don't those beats were strong Have a great day, my dh should be home soon from his stress test and he took the day off..
We are going to look for a hot tub maybe today if not on Saturday..I am told being a diabetic that I am not suppose used them but hey I use to take trips to Hot Springs, AK to go to the spa up there, the best there is and I have been about 6 in different areas..Have a great day and thank you for visiting my blog. hugs, Lorraine

Sunday, July 19, 2009

ATC from Joy Vale in Australia

It is such a pretty card..what better color to add to purple than lime green, my other favorite color..also the feather and post card from her town..Anglesea, Great Ocean Road, Australia..gosh I thought is was going to the card to add to my collection of Post Cards..all three of my sisters and I collect post cards..just today my youngest sister, Patti, said she was going through her and it was wonderful going back in time and having the fond memories of the person that sent it too her..I need to do that one day too..lots of hugs, Lorraine who is finally caught up with posting on her blog for the

New Puppy with no name

Here she is, our new puppy..My dh wants her, I did not because of Suzie..but I got Suzie 15 years so ..I wanted to wait till after Suzie..she is old and i do not want her be jealous and something happen to far she has been outside and she is outside now, something I just do not like..but son and dh said she less scared out there than in the house..but I will have become an outside and inside dog..We haven't named her yet, of course, dh said Whitey..I do not want this name..Anyone with any idea for her..She is under the gazebo so that makes me feel a little better..she will be sheltered. She is so cute hugs, Lorraine

ATC and PC swaps done

This is my PC for Stitching Fingers. Stitching Fingers has different groups that you can join that interest you. I must be on a dozen as I do so many different techniques with fibers, mediums and such. This is for the PC swap. This card will go to the UK. I love butterflies. I know I could have added more but than we have my limited health issues..but it is still pretty. I think anyway. I hope the person that I send it to will like as well.
This the ATC group for Stitching Fingers that I am in..I had to laugh when I made this..I love hearts so I was cutting out heart shape and was going to do a random sizes..but I laid this heart, the other heart was still attached and fell into guess what another butterflies..who doesn't like butterflies..any it is a purple theme with one other I have a royal purple int he background, under the Angelina fibers is violet but you can not that and I use violet Angelina fibers for the inside of the wings..I added beads inside and outside the butterfly. I hope this person like this card also..I have received hers the other day with a post card of where she lives in the UK with a purple feather..I wish I could repay with a PC of Memphis but I do not drive and I do not have one here but thinking when I do get to shopping is to just mail her one from here..Her card will follow as I forgot to take a photo.
I also this weekend with my stomach pains which I just begged God help me with lasted 3 days..I am not sure if has been from the over dosing of the pain pills or naproxen..but my pain was gone but it wasn't worth the pains in my stomach..I am much better now. I worked in between them and also worked with them to get my mind off, it did work so well but did accomplished what I wanted too...Or it could be the Fish Oil Omega Pills I started a week ago and took with every meal..only to find from others that they only take one a it will be while till my stomach settles..I know I must have lost about 2 more lbs..
When I had my check up with my heart specialist I had lost 9 lb from when I went to my regular 2 weeks ago..I was so thrill.
I go in tomorrow for my blockage leg testing at 11 am..bit scared but the out come will be what it will and we go from there...Thank you "listening" to my thank you visiting my blog and hope you all have a wonderful week coming up..lots of hugs, Lorraine

Friday, July 17, 2009

Borders on Orange Bloomers

I finished adding the borders sorry this is an awful photo and the color not even good..I have it crooked again..I need to get that program that can straightening out..just haven't yet..Or put something on designing board with lines on them. I am even surprised I even did this today, I have had a stomach since after the Dr's app yesterday and can not get rid of it. but with another green binding it will be pretty I think and I know my small meandering will take care of those I am going to try and machine quilt this tonight..I just could not do any more bias today, my eyes and wrist just could not handle that so I will try again tomorrow..
My friends, I have to have a ultra sound on my legs, they did not call me for an app today and very upset about that..He asked me if I get out of breath very quickly when walking or doing anything and I told him and I don't..than he asked me my legs hurt and like a dummy I said yes..they hurt in the calf area, the lack of exercises, I told him and than he grabs my leg and pushes on them and it is hard as rock, he asked me how have they been that way and I told a few days..because again, lack of exercises..when I was doing those bicycle two to three times a day it did not hurt..oh well, I guess I will get it done..he had 3 long words for what it is called, than he said blockage of the legs, I can remember dh had an app with him also and we see is fun too..I get to watch what they do to him and vice Our EKG's hasn't changed or gotten any he is dh have another stress test next Thursday...he had one in January..Every time I turn around it is something, that is why I do not like going to the all..or the dentist..lots of hugs and enjoy your weekend and thank you for visiting, hugs, Lorraine

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Progress Report

This is what I have been doing all day yesterday and early this morning..Making purple, more like a royal purple,. and pink bias for the two stain glass poinsettia for Ruth Blanchet class..Ohhh sometime I wish I had the fusible ones, lol but I am going to give it a shot at the machine..I can do just about anything or try anything but when it comes to straight lines, forget it, my hand shakes, it just seems like that is the only time except for not eating right with my so wish me luck..or these two might sit awhile before sewing them by hand..Actually to tell the truth I had forgotten about the pedals..was going to satin stitch them but then I remembered I was working on a stain glass quilt..than I could not find, the other night or all morning, my bias makers or bars for making bias..I have the sizes in the metal and remember I had use and bought the clover 1/4 to make that table runner....or after I get done with both of these quilts, I will more than likely find them I had dh pick on on the way home from work so that I could do this last evening but it just something was always going on that I ended up doing after 8pm and stayed up till I had them done...I wanted to use a darker pink for around the flowers but I just did not have any in my hand dyes or regular fabric..I just hope the electricity does not go off...but tan I can do all the leaves under one of those lanterns by a window..still do not know how to use the generator and I really don't think my dh wants me too either..have a wonderful day and hugs, Lorraine PS..also have a Dr app at 2 so not much but some knitting while there..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Purple Poinsettia on backing and veins added

Here it is and I just love it. Now I have two projects to work by hand. I will pick a day and do hand worked art and some knitting...I can not wait till this one is done..I decided the pink one is for my sis Patti. She never did a Christmas quilt from me and Mary got my winder Bargello last year,...Is this good Patti? Lots of hugs Lorraine who is now for sure going to lay down till dh comes home with my machine.,have a great evening everyone,

My Purple mock up Poinsettia WOW

I decided I had made a great decision so went forward and did it. I think this going to my favorite all time quilt for Christmas as I have a quilt for four rooms in my home..with these two it will make but this is going to be where I sit the most, my dinning room..Isn't it pretty, sorry not conceded but love can you not tell. These hand dyed fabrics were on the bottom of the pile or I would not had them, my purples and lime greens are always used up and have dye it was meant to be and have enough to make at least 3 more, lol I might use one of them for the backing..
I need a break as my light box was heavy..not dh fault I told him to move it off the I was going to be using it today..He made mine and it is large and heavy..he does this kind of stuff for me all the today he is going to pick up my newer Singer I got last year that after 3 months of using it went ca put...the guy said it was the timing..I told I hope he right cause all I did was use the turn by hand because I had some thick sewing to do and after that it did not work..and than I couldn't sew for awhile so that is why I am having fixed now.
What I really want is my old iron horse, commercial singer, that thing is what I used from 2003-2007 with every thing and anything..over 100 classes and about 32 groups..used every type of fabric, metals, plastic and etc on that thing..but had it fixed last year and it still did not sound we are not sure if we want to pay for another fixings...I know if I would just get on Janome, sorry sis, you are not going to get it!! I will get to it..but first I need get all this done, charity not today either...What do you all think, purple works for poinsettia even if they don't come in purple..too bad too...lots of hugs, Lorraine who is going to a very needed break and lay down for a bit..have a good one this afternoon.

OK need feedback please..what do you think of these for my new Poinsettia quilt

I am using two different dyed fabrics for the leaves, a light and a dark. the lighter color is also fairy dust fabric..something tells me I probably should not but will any way called Blossom, perfect for this I think but what do you would be nice to hear from you all here or for those who do not have a goggle account keep sending the emails to me...ok..thank you..boy I did not realized I had so much had dyed fabric..I saw a lot of potential but that is another day..but a few colors are missing so when my back says it is OK, I will be dyeing again..actually today I feel like doing some sun prints as the sun is bright and Storm was pretty bad at few times yesterday, but electricity stayed on, whew..I think I will use the brown veins on this one so that the pedals is the show of this quilt....lots of hugs, Lorraine and again thank you for visiting my blog..I really really appreciate a lot..

Monday, July 13, 2009

Poinsettia with veins added for Ruth's class

I had to guess by peeking underneath as the light box light went out so I think I did good..the veins are pinned as I am doing them by hand.. This is leftovers that I made with Nancy Chong's class, Celtic Table Runner at QU..I still have enough for two more for the green and a lot of the brown..but it is hard to find where to use the is on the light side going to dark...oh well..
It is storming here and thundering and dh did not show me how to use the generator so if the electricity goes out, I will use a lamp and sew on my bed the I have already cut out another set of fusing but have not decided on fabric, I really would love to do one in the purple family, lavender, lilac and so on....but probably end up being red dyed who knows till I get there. have a nice afternoon and thank you for visiting ...hugs, Lorraine

Mocked up borders and binding for orange flowers

Here is s mocked up version of the borders and binding for "Orange Bloomers" (what I decided to name it,lol). I have a lighter green around the white and than added anther inch and half border, than a bit darker green for the will be smaller..I had these already in my stash so I am going to ahead and used them..Now I just hope my meandering machine stitching will take away the wrinkles and it should..I have come across this one other time..It also to my "Rosy" quilt..I used the fairy frost for the background and thinking this where my problem may be as I loosen the tension and it still happen and use interfacing in the back of "Rosy Girls", name for the other simple can one I did take out the satin stitching on the lower leaf and will satin stitch it on that little border so it does not disappear..Thanks, Marilyn, I ended up doing this way after all. what do you all think..I tried an orange binding and just hated it..I think this way it "pops" out more..
I have seem to figure out how to overcome the pain. every 6 hours I take a Naproxen and a pain pill. I have started on fish oil supplement..I am managing it very well. Well, it is about time I say..I haven't use the Celadrin cream in days.,.which also works for about 3 hours or more..but at least now I am smelling like a drug store. but it is there if I need it..My dh is buying me a back brace too..
I go into the heart specialist on Thursday and just hope and pray he does not take me off the meds..I think this is the time he wants to do a probe into my heart..I am not ready for it so going to avoid as much as possible. I do not want to be laid up..I did dishes and cooked dinner last night and it felt good to finally pitch in around here..Today I will tackle the bathroom, which is an easy job but still could not bend over..I have some shelves that I want to put my nick knacks back after taking all the books out and cleaning them and adding them to my Shelfari list...I have almost 800 books already in there and I haven't even hit my cookbooks..about or more than 300 of them..I love doing this,. no we never get rids of books, we love our books and sometimes we will reread those we bought 35 years ago when we first married and read a lot of books...I have forgotten what they were about so why not..My dh has made me shelves in every room in this house when we first moved in..4x to about 2 inches from the ceiling. My MB has a smaller one. they all have books in them..some say that is excessive but who Oh I got 25 dollars richer too. I used to hide my money in my books, it was Sleeping Beauty with the $20 bill and a dresser trinket ceramic piece I made had $5. Now I have hidden about $60 about 20 years ago in my cook books but when I went to get the money, I could not remember which book..we did one time go through quickly so maybe I will find this do you do that too?!!
Made a list for me to do for today and probably way too much and never accomplish it all but at least I have one..I will sew the Orange Bloomers first thing. Than I will finished my lacy butterfly with hoop and dragon flies with Angelina fibers for "Rosy Girls". Than I will clean up some..not sure if I can stand on the ladder yet so that might have to wait till dh comes home..all depends how much I want to get the way, when I take these pain pills, I can gab a Thank you for visiting my blog and "listening to me gab" lol have a wonderful day every one..lots of hugs, Lorraine

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Funky Flower finished satin stitching

I had done this once and it did not go through so hopefully it will this time..I did get to finished it tonight even with the electricity flickering all evening..whew!! I used for the first time Sulky cotton variegated green thread for the stems and can see some light and dark areas..
Not much left of the pretty hand dyed fabric but hope enough for a little quiltlet..I will add curly Q's around the flower.. The middle with have black beads.. I am not sure on the border or color for the binding yet. This is hanging with about 4-5 quilts underneath it as the designing wall I was hoping to use, my dh has not picked up the paint cans and mess under it so I can get to it. ohhhhh I will also do small meandering on this quilt..when it small I usually do..thank you for visiting my blog and have a good tomorrow...hugs, Lorraine

Friday, July 10, 2009

Satin stitching finished and another art quilt started

Finished the satin stitching and now to adding a smaller green around the white and than more white and than orange for binding..I think so fare..
My Funky flower..dyed fabric except for the background..another simple art quilt for the Autism charity..than I have already sketched the scene for the Alzheimer's art quilt, a much more involved quit and will take a bit more time..I am waiting for dh to load my pen that you use with a sketch pad or any type of when I am done I can just unload right here on the computer..Flowers, they make all of us smile..don't they!! have a great weekend and thank for visiting my blog..hugs, Lorraine who is heading for bed..

Satin stitching on orange flowers done

I have finished satin stitching on the orange flowers and did some leaves but had to take them all out as I ran out of the thread I was now to find a thread that will match..gave me something to do in the bed while the heating pad did its dh just have pick out the threads in the sheets tonight..I did not get them
I have some puckers..I usually put interfacing in the back when doing a lot of satin stitching and I forgot too...I realized it after I had many of the orange flowers done..and got to the outside of them..I have a few puckers so hopefully the tiny meandering of machine quilting will take that away as I plan do only the outside to make the flower "pop" out..I just hope there is going to more fabric on the outside after I am done squaring it up..if not any recommendations from anyone..I had so much fun and been doing it slowing and resting my back it is working just fine, so I am a happy camper
I had worn a girdle last week to help with the pain and sissies told me that was not good so I thought I put on some very tight pants today, well I lost so much weight in the last year and half, none of my stretch pants where tight enough so I took in about an inch and half each of my dark blue one and walla, a long tight pair of pants that is helping a lot..would not dare go out with them, to many bugles will show, lol well, off to the bed for another 20 with the heating pad so I can finish this little quilt.
OK, Mary, Patti, Kathy, Rick, Steven and Don what are doing for the autism, curious minds wants to know and send me a photo so I can put it on my blog and show them off...I got most of my family to do something for the autism..Mary's grandson is autism..Hi Philip, Aunt Lorraine loves you...
I wanted to go out and get some sun but will wait till tomorrow when dh is home..just in case I get clumsy and hurt myself more..been that way a lot You all have a wonderful weekend, hugs, Lorraine and thank you again for visiting my blog..I really appreciate it, wish you all had a google account so you can be followers to my blog...bye..

Thursday, July 9, 2009

6 Stocking tops fussy applique ironed on

I have cut out and put on fusible appliques on these 6 stockings. Now I just to sew around them, not sure if it is going to satin stitching or just zigzag..depends on my back and how long I can sit at the machine..of course I like to add different fancy stitch work so we will see. The above the middle size pattern that they have on their website to trace out and comes in pdf..Below is the quite larger ones. I had all these from previous years of making Christmas cards for groups I was in the past years..except for the larger snowman..I had a beautiful teddy bear but it was larger than the larger it was huge. I still have my flannel that I need cut into 1/2 inches strips and tie together and knit with size 17 needles..if I can get it done, it will go with stockings. The middle one above is ornaments so will gold thread to make them look like they are hanging down. Gold threads will also be use for all the motifs on all stocking but the snow man. I also will do a little beading on most of them..this is the fun part, sewing and putting beads on.
As you see these stockings are hanging over the larger part of my ironing board. Now for the Alzheimer's top to get done and can just sew away on the tops.. I had forgotten that I also signed up for two swaps both due at the end of this month..a brooch with a felting class and an atc with purple as the color problem on either one...just got get to them..Below is the link for volunteering in making stocking for our guy overseas..I am just making a just have to make one..if you want.
The autism URL is: These three charities need our help so help out if you can.. I will put these stockings up again when they are all finished with the white tops too..
I have had a few really bad days with my pain..I just wish it would just go away..I though I was getting better..that wham it is here again...that is what arthritis is all about..I am still young to have more of a life..but it does curtail it a been in and out of bed..but had gone to bed quite early, 9:30 and was up at 2pm and my was not that much in pain so I dug in, lol but now I will have a cup of hot tea and relax and go back to bed for a few more hours..thank you for visiting my blog and have a great day, hugs, Lorraine

Friday, July 3, 2009

Starting on my autism charity quilt

I am not one to work with oranges, but saw this print and just right to make one smile..So did some fussy cutting made up some leaves..not sure how large it is, did not measure it sure hope there is no limit..but a lot of work to do on it I will do some of the thread playing on it.. The background is white fairy frost fabric...
I did get all my poinsettias petals and leaves cut out and now just laying on the fabric..since I am sewing the bias by hand I will be able to do it the way Ruth want us too..anyway it will be pretty. hugs, Lorraine thank you for visiting.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Background fabric found-finally

I finally after about 20 or more auditioning fabrics, I decided with this fairy frost lilac for my background. It looks great with the hand dyed and that green..hope I have enough of the dyed fabric for the borders but if not I will I always Ruth's class is still open for sign ups if is where you would go... I already have the pedals and leaves traced on wonder under and cut, now to put them together, but that will have to be tomorrow..I have also started on one of the charity quilts so I have this to work on now, too...enjoy..hugs, Lorraine

Poinsettia class with Ruth

I have chosen my hand dyed pink fabric to make the petals for the poinsettia and this green for the leaves.. I have extra bias for the stain glass part already done so will be sewing this by hand or machine, if I think I get it nice and I haven't chosen the back ground fabric out yet but having doing this, it will be easier on me..I have probably done this a bit backwards but bending over and working with the background is not good for me at this time..I love poinsettias but love the pink ones..I wish they had them in purple..I saw some at Lowell's and got all excited, headed right for them last year only to find out they painted the leaves..ohhhhhhhhhhhh...maybe I should have done this in lots of hugs and again thank you for visiting my blog, Lorraine the bottom of the left side you will see a map. It will be deleted as soon as my sissies need the info on the towns we have been being Navy brats...I was also a navy wife..I have taken a lot of genealogy trips so I have been to many towns and cities..of course there is more but we gave up last night enough is of course for

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