Monday, July 13, 2009

Mocked up borders and binding for orange flowers

Here is s mocked up version of the borders and binding for "Orange Bloomers" (what I decided to name it,lol). I have a lighter green around the white and than added anther inch and half border, than a bit darker green for the will be smaller..I had these already in my stash so I am going to ahead and used them..Now I just hope my meandering machine stitching will take away the wrinkles and it should..I have come across this one other time..It also to my "Rosy" quilt..I used the fairy frost for the background and thinking this where my problem may be as I loosen the tension and it still happen and use interfacing in the back of "Rosy Girls", name for the other simple can one I did take out the satin stitching on the lower leaf and will satin stitch it on that little border so it does not disappear..Thanks, Marilyn, I ended up doing this way after all. what do you all think..I tried an orange binding and just hated it..I think this way it "pops" out more..
I have seem to figure out how to overcome the pain. every 6 hours I take a Naproxen and a pain pill. I have started on fish oil supplement..I am managing it very well. Well, it is about time I say..I haven't use the Celadrin cream in days.,.which also works for about 3 hours or more..but at least now I am smelling like a drug store. but it is there if I need it..My dh is buying me a back brace too..
I go into the heart specialist on Thursday and just hope and pray he does not take me off the meds..I think this is the time he wants to do a probe into my heart..I am not ready for it so going to avoid as much as possible. I do not want to be laid up..I did dishes and cooked dinner last night and it felt good to finally pitch in around here..Today I will tackle the bathroom, which is an easy job but still could not bend over..I have some shelves that I want to put my nick knacks back after taking all the books out and cleaning them and adding them to my Shelfari list...I have almost 800 books already in there and I haven't even hit my cookbooks..about or more than 300 of them..I love doing this,. no we never get rids of books, we love our books and sometimes we will reread those we bought 35 years ago when we first married and read a lot of books...I have forgotten what they were about so why not..My dh has made me shelves in every room in this house when we first moved in..4x to about 2 inches from the ceiling. My MB has a smaller one. they all have books in them..some say that is excessive but who Oh I got 25 dollars richer too. I used to hide my money in my books, it was Sleeping Beauty with the $20 bill and a dresser trinket ceramic piece I made had $5. Now I have hidden about $60 about 20 years ago in my cook books but when I went to get the money, I could not remember which book..we did one time go through quickly so maybe I will find this do you do that too?!!
Made a list for me to do for today and probably way too much and never accomplish it all but at least I have one..I will sew the Orange Bloomers first thing. Than I will finished my lacy butterfly with hoop and dragon flies with Angelina fibers for "Rosy Girls". Than I will clean up some..not sure if I can stand on the ladder yet so that might have to wait till dh comes home..all depends how much I want to get the way, when I take these pain pills, I can gab a Thank you for visiting my blog and "listening to me gab" lol have a wonderful day every one..lots of hugs, Lorraine

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