Thursday, July 9, 2009

6 Stocking tops fussy applique ironed on

I have cut out and put on fusible appliques on these 6 stockings. Now I just to sew around them, not sure if it is going to satin stitching or just zigzag..depends on my back and how long I can sit at the machine..of course I like to add different fancy stitch work so we will see. The above the middle size pattern that they have on their website to trace out and comes in pdf..Below is the quite larger ones. I had all these from previous years of making Christmas cards for groups I was in the past years..except for the larger snowman..I had a beautiful teddy bear but it was larger than the larger it was huge. I still have my flannel that I need cut into 1/2 inches strips and tie together and knit with size 17 needles..if I can get it done, it will go with stockings. The middle one above is ornaments so will gold thread to make them look like they are hanging down. Gold threads will also be use for all the motifs on all stocking but the snow man. I also will do a little beading on most of them..this is the fun part, sewing and putting beads on.
As you see these stockings are hanging over the larger part of my ironing board. Now for the Alzheimer's top to get done and can just sew away on the tops.. I had forgotten that I also signed up for two swaps both due at the end of this month..a brooch with a felting class and an atc with purple as the color problem on either one...just got get to them..Below is the link for volunteering in making stocking for our guy overseas..I am just making a just have to make one..if you want.
The autism URL is: These three charities need our help so help out if you can.. I will put these stockings up again when they are all finished with the white tops too..
I have had a few really bad days with my pain..I just wish it would just go away..I though I was getting better..that wham it is here again...that is what arthritis is all about..I am still young to have more of a life..but it does curtail it a been in and out of bed..but had gone to bed quite early, 9:30 and was up at 2pm and my was not that much in pain so I dug in, lol but now I will have a cup of hot tea and relax and go back to bed for a few more hours..thank you for visiting my blog and have a great day, hugs, Lorraine

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