Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pink Poinsettia with trim-thin pink one for now

I just do not know what to say when I put up a photo when it is crooked...but that I am a crooked picture taker..it is squared..lol I finished the last bias last night...I would have been finished with borders as I started at 5:30 when I woke up but my back would not let me do a thing..so I did not get to it till last evening..this morning I got to add the thin pink trim border..I will add another background fabric but a tad bit darker as I ran out of what I used here..I will get it ready to machine quilt..more than likely, stitch in the ditch, ugh..and than I will put veins inside my pedals, it is my quilt and want to even if I haven't seen anyone else do it..thank will put some curly Q's in 3 places..I will put in the finished quilt when done..oh I will use another pink for the binding...sure glad sis, Patti's, favorite color is pink!!
I hope you all have a great sunny day, mine is not but pretending that it is..lol
Going to take photos of the spot my hot spa is going to show you all later..I took some of my bathroom but my fish are missing so when they get done I will add them here as well..lots of hugs, Lorraine
Oh, I was playing around with the follower thing last night trying to see if I can help sis get there to follow me, well looks like I am following me now...lol I have tried to delete it all I did was delete the photo..oh well..

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