Thursday, July 16, 2009

Progress Report

This is what I have been doing all day yesterday and early this morning..Making purple, more like a royal purple,. and pink bias for the two stain glass poinsettia for Ruth Blanchet class..Ohhh sometime I wish I had the fusible ones, lol but I am going to give it a shot at the machine..I can do just about anything or try anything but when it comes to straight lines, forget it, my hand shakes, it just seems like that is the only time except for not eating right with my so wish me luck..or these two might sit awhile before sewing them by hand..Actually to tell the truth I had forgotten about the pedals..was going to satin stitch them but then I remembered I was working on a stain glass quilt..than I could not find, the other night or all morning, my bias makers or bars for making bias..I have the sizes in the metal and remember I had use and bought the clover 1/4 to make that table runner....or after I get done with both of these quilts, I will more than likely find them I had dh pick on on the way home from work so that I could do this last evening but it just something was always going on that I ended up doing after 8pm and stayed up till I had them done...I wanted to use a darker pink for around the flowers but I just did not have any in my hand dyes or regular fabric..I just hope the electricity does not go off...but tan I can do all the leaves under one of those lanterns by a window..still do not know how to use the generator and I really don't think my dh wants me too either..have a wonderful day and hugs, Lorraine PS..also have a Dr app at 2 so not much but some knitting while there..

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