Monday, July 30, 2007

Wine Dyeing-what fun

Tie Dyeing done. it sure came out a different color than the solid piece. Maybe I used up most of the color the first time. I still like what it did. More fabric to play with.
Here it is dried and ironed. I just love the color. I can not really say what it is. I want to say lilac, because I love this color a lot. But than it has some blues in there..but all in all I am very pleased with it. Look forward taking out the tied dyeing tomorrow.

As usual I did the photos wrong but will explain after each photo. This is my wine, Sangria with oranges inside that has been in the fridge for over 8 months. I was told the drinking wine is good for a diabetic so I thought I would drink some wine. Well after my husband bought those very expensive wine and having to drink them himself, we went to Sangria as I remember drinking this while in Hawaii at our picnics and parties with 7 up. Well, I just do not like wine. I had forgot about the 7up and tried drinking it as is, horrible so it sat in there for all this time taking up So I figure why not try dyeing some fabric with it as it stains any and every thing..well and behold, it works Above photos is the fabric stuff in the wine with the

This was suppose to be the last photo, emptied of all its
This is all the oranges that are left in the bottle. Let me tell you they still were nice and plump so can you imagine hoe potent they might have been to Never mind the wine
This was suppose to be the second photo's showing the fabric coming out of the bottle, believe it was not easy. Boy those knitting needles sure do come in handy for me lately with a lot of projects, this being one of them, lol
This is the fabric hanging to dry, Do you see that blue spot in the middle. well that is ivory detergent that I thought I would rinse it out with and as soon as it hit the fabric it turned a really pretty blue, wish it would have stayed that way..acid with soap neutralized forgot..I could not throw the wine out so I now have a twisted knotted fabric in a bowl, this time, lol, for some tied dyes..showing tomorrow. I am going to leave it over night.

I will not be doing much jewelry as I have an art quilt that I am getting to do and than my journal quilt for Houston, I know I am behind in all this but now my juices are flowing for some of the fun art for me. I will post photos of my Flower challenge, I think I can I will find out but the journal quilt we are not allowed to. but as soon as it is over in Houston I will post them and how I made them.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Crochet Beaded Bracelet

I did it! Crocheted a beaded bracelet and let me tell you it was not that easy. I was going to take photos as I went along so I could show those interested how to do this, I have so many books and none of them showed how to hold the beads with the yarn and actually crocheting the beads. but guess what, my Sony digital camera is broke. It broke last night. So till next time I will just let you know it is all single crochet. I also learned how to knit or crochet the loop for your closure. My bead is a large one as I did not have any smaller one to use, but it works. I just crocheted it to the bracelet so it would be very strong and it is. This is suppose to a straight bracelet but it kept twisting, I feel like I had way to many beads as for each stitch there is a bead. I let it twist and than went from there and it does actually looks better than the other way.
Now onto knitting a bracelet, might a problem or take a very long time. I tried to use the knitting needles and my hands got very painful after 4 rows so do not know if I will even be able to knit with wire, when it comes in this week. we will see. I have to stop pretty soon as I have two deadlines for art quilts in September and it is getting here pretty fast. One for my flower power challenge and my 4 8x11 for my journal quilt, I have finally decided on what to do for my journals quilts something that is pleasing to eyes and something I love to do. I guess it will all depend if I get it done if not whatever I have done will be an addition to my dinning room walls. My flower power with be a Hibiscus as I love them and I do not feel I am a but a hibiscus..

Friday, July 27, 2007

My crochet PAVE seed beaded ring and bracelet set

This is the bracelet that matches the ring. What a pain sewing all those beads took 3 evenings to do it. I was going to count them in case someone wanted to know how many beads but not at this point. I added a button to the end instead of a bead.
This is my seed beaded ring. I have so much fun trying to do my own thing. I have added pink silver lined and red here and there to my ring. I had some pink variegated thread my sister sent to me so I worked on it last night. I do not have the right needles to put the beads on the thread nor do I have the right size thread. So I crochet the ring and just sewed the the beads by hand. Came out so pretty and looks good on my hand. At least I got more done than the book markers. I have been wanting to do more but my body just doesn't want to. I am wanting to paint paper with all different ways so hopefully I will be able to do them this weekend.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My pink clay beads with seed beads bracelet

I made this tonight. I wanted to knit a bracelet but need more practice before doing it so I decided to play a little. I have all those clay beads and had more pink clay beads than any other. This bracelet is about a bead or two too many but it doesn't fall off and taking apart twice I just did not feel like it.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter's book

I have been trying to read Harry Potter's book and it has taken my this long to do so. I have my son and his wife over on Sunday and did not get to read it. But I love them over so.. Than when I woke this morning I was reading after I had done a few chores and what happens, our electricity goes out. that was at 1030 and it was off till 530 pm. 7 hours with none. Also the hottest part of the day.
I tried to sit out side but the sun was in our front yard so I had to try and read it at a window that had more light than the rest of them in my home. So I was getting a bit warm so went out outside about noon and the shade was there and read for about 2 hours but my eyes where getting tired..I put my ac on in my car and tried to read in it for about 20 minutes, it was very uncomfortable. so I came and took a nap. lol my dh came home about 530 and told him to get ready we are going to mom's place as it was getting a bit warmer and lo and behold the electricity came on. So I have about 100 pages to read and will finished it up tomorrow morning as I need to rest my eyes. It is a great book so if you are a Harry Potter fan do get it.

I finished reading it about 815 am this morning. It was such a nice read. 7-24

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter's book in my hands

I finally got my book in my hands to read. And that is what I will be doing till it is read. No art or painting will be done..maybe some jewelry in between breaks. I am on page 284 and has 750 far it is great reading and keeps me wanting more.

My lilac beaded bracelet

I finally got my dh to go the the NEX. Navy Exchange to pick up my Harry Potter book we had pre-ordered a few months ago. Paid 18.98 with taxes..that was about 530 was opened at 9 am and could not get him so when I woke up from my nap, my book was here. I read it for awhile and had to put it down for a few hours and made my beautiful lilac beaded bracelet. I still to the the just right bead to put on the tips of the dangles..

Friday, July 20, 2007

Pauline's cross stitch

Pauline made this for my nephew's baby, Gwendolyn Alisa Lausterer. She is about 2 months old now. This is so pretty and they will love it.
This is what my favorite dil made for her great niece.. She is due in September. Isn't it soooooo pretty. Pauline loves to cross stitch and I am glad she has a hobby beside her being a working wife. She is married to my oldest son, Michael, for 2 years on November 5th.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

YLI Candlelight thread

I just received these about a half hour ago. I was only going to order a few for my pillows but saw how lovely they are and how I can used elsewhere that I ordered the whole thing, all 21 colors. I for sure will not use all of these for pillows. I ordered them from Bonnie McCaffery site So if any one is looking for them, she carries them. I use to about 3 and half years ago use to be able get Angelina fibers from her only. This is when I took the Elements class, first one offered at QU, and it was hardly heard off then. How time

Amethyst Glass Bracelet made-Turquoise added

Here is my Turquoise bracelet added. I made that about 5 am this morning. Did not feel like sewing and needed a blue bracelet. They are so much fun to make and so easy and quick. I had to add a different bead to this one as another huge bead made it to large. This color I wear a lot so it will be used more than the others. I love to wear teal/turquoise as that is a color that looks good on me.. The yarn is ocean breeze Fun Fur..These beads are plastic, if they were glass they would have been to heavy. I love wearing these type of jewelry for the simple fact I can use them every day and also I am allergic to all metals but sterling silver and gold.
Here is my Amethyst glass bracelet I made today. I made it different than my green one. I did a double strand with some beautiful Moda-Dea Frivolous Ultra Violet fiber. This fiber yarn is just so pretty. It has 3 different stands of fibers. The glass beads are from Hobby Lobby. They had a 50 percent off yesterday on their glass lucky did I I bought two different strands of shapes and mixed them in this bracelet.

Pin Cushion from Sister

I received this wonderful and pretty pin cushion - I call it my Tiger Mushroom Pin Cushion..the stick pins and beads were made by my twin sister, Mary Adkins. She also send me some goodies..these beads in their own containers. Of course you see a lot of purple. Mary knows I love I am not one to make pin cushions, have tried but it is not my thing, lol. I have a lot of pin cushions, a lot made from Mary and a lot I have collected where ever I go. thank you sissy for a wonderful package. It could not come on a better day. love you much..

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Robbi Joy Eklow Pattern received

I received this pattern of Robbi Joy Eklow of her new (The Sequel) Groovy Guitars, Too! I did her first one and enjoyed it so much. I had made it for my bil in Fl. This one is quite larger than the first one. 35 x48 inches. Not sure who will end up with this when it is done. I had used all hand dyes with the other one and plan on doing the same with this one. This is one pattern that I do follow as I love her patterns. I will order more later.

New jewelry made

My new set of jewelry made. Saw this on a show in DYI yesterday. I usually do not watch TV..but had a neighbor's visitor's dog barking so much and I just could not take it so I put all the TVs on. So what was on was a jewelry show and it was call Knotty (Naughty) Jewelry. This is done with our wonderful yarns that we have out there. I choose to use my lime green eyelash yarn. I knotted in between the beads. This is was so simple. It took a total of a hour to do. Took me longer as I redid where the loop and bead for my necklace was going to be. It was hard to get it off the bead in the back so I put it to side and now can reach it better and remove it. Had so much fun.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

My Fringe Maker and Rope Maker

I received these on Friday and dh finally put it together for me yesterday. A simple design really. I will have some fun making and experimenting with these two. It said on the rope maker you "might" need extra hands..probably so as I always used my door knobs when I made my own rope. Now I do not have to use cardboard for my base in making fringe. You can make it as small as an inch and it you want it larger than you see, you let drape from the bottom metal thingie and make it as long as you like.

Experimenting with duck cloth and fabrics

Finished bookmarkers tonight-7-26. Added beads and fibers to finished them.
Added fibers and Angelina fibers. Will now do some playing with holographic threads and finished the edges.

Here I am experimenting with duck cloth. These are the book markers that I am making. They do not so hot but in person looks pretty good. I have 100 per cent cotton, lame, felt with Angelina fibers on these and will add some chiffon to the one on the left. The one on the right is done and will add Angelina fibers and fibers to glitz it up a bit. I did not break a needle with any of the cottons, but as soon I worked with the lame, walla, one broke. Why I do not know. I was worried I was going to be breaking a lot of needles trying out the fabrics over the duck cloth but did not. I will add to this as I go.
I love working with duck cloth. Christopher Nejman books "Pillows" is a wonderful source of a book that shows you how to punch fancy fabrics, as I call them, on duck cloth. I think I am giving in and going to order the DVD. I hear it is an awesome as his book.
I can not wait to start my pillows and will this week. Once I get going I know I will not be able to stop. It has been a wonderful experience shopping for all these fabrics. Made me appreciate the delicate fabrics more than before that we have out there. I started to look different types of fabrics not just the delicate ones but others as well. Of course had to by them as well. One thing about going shopping in person, you can order a 1/4 or 1/2 of a yard if you want too. Online it usually is a yard.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


These are the book markers I worked on the was going to add some beading on them, small seed beads as they will have to go in between pages. Then realized the swap I am in is for a felted I am working on them now. They are 2 inches by six inches. I have received long book markers, but they are usually too long for my books that I do they usually end up with some sort of craft book. These are called my "Animal skin" because I have used fabrics that has different patterns of animal skins.. and than gussy them up a bit with fiber.
The ones I am working on has a duck cloth for the backing, added different types and textures of fabric and punched them on. They do not look so hot right now but when I get done with the Angelina fibers and felt a few pieces of fiber they will do just fine. Theses I am making are 2 inches by 8 inches, as one of the swappers mentioned her's were 10 will put photos up when done.
I am reading some of those books that came in today and I am inspired for sure. The bags book is love hand bags and shoes.

Books received from craft club-some chat

I do like ordering books. I love Amazon. But sometimes we can find better deals. I had these books on Amazon when I got the little notice about joining a craft book club. You buy 4 for a dollar and buy 2 more for the next year. I used to do this with the Literary Guild for years a long time ago. It was great. So will I will give it a try. Since I saved over 50 dollars I will for sure. The books are what has strikes my fancy lately and wanted to know more about it. 1. Easy Beaded Knits by Jeanette Trotman; 2. The Decorated Bag (embellishing handbags, purses and totes) by Genevieve A. Sterbenz; 3. Creative Native American Beading by Theresa Flores Geary, Ph.D; 4. The Art of Polymer Clay by Katherine Duncan Aimone and 5. Knitting Beyond the Edge by Micky Epstein. Looks like some good reading coming up and excited about it too.
I read the newest book by Christopher Nejman and was very excited with the pillows. I have designed about 3 now for myself. When I brought the book with me to dinner so that my sons and mother could pick out a pillow so I could make them one. First of all, Mom did not like any of them but also said she had to many already. My sons, Mike (with Pauline his wife) and Terrance picked out the same pillow..the Elegant one and I do not think they know that there is fabric paint on it..they might change their mine..BUT low and behold, my dh picked out 3 different pillows he would love to have in his living room..why his, I do not live in it but a few hours a week..I do not watch TV in there..I have my own in every room (5 rooms) if I want to watch but the poor old So it is his room..and guess what, he has to clean up after himself too not lucky can I

Ribbon ear rings-catching up

Finished ear rings. I do not have much supplies. I think they came out pretty good for what I had to worked with..I will wear my large ones to the Dr's on Wednesday this
This is what I have been working on since last night. These are ribbon ear rings from one of my jewelry books that I bought last week. So simple and sooooo wild.. They are not done yet. I need to do the tops and I might try to add a bead or two to the hook that I will put on them. I will do some metal work with some sort of curly q's too. Will post when I get them done. Wanted to put these on my blog..I am having so much fun..but these shell circle shapes is all that I had and also the ribbon yarn that you knit with. The larger one is something I just played around with when I found them at the dollar tree store and just thought why not..Yes I will wear them to the Dr.'s office next week. lol..They are cheap enough that if I lose one it is not like losing my diamonds or gemstones/diamond earrings..and for the summer, I will for sure be the gypsy that I am..I use to wear 4 rings on each hand, bracelets, toe rings, ankle bracelets, I still wear these.. but stop when I stop going places..but now I am back to wearing my jewelry except only one ring on each oh no toe rings either..I have one that I bought with a diamond in it and it was not cheap and going to see if my Mom wants it..
I haven't posted much the last few days. As I am still trying to get my sugar and cholesterol down. I did fine till I went out to dinner on Sun with family at the Bahama Breeze..I did not eat much but it was "what" I ate..shrimp, scallops, spinach dip, 3 chips, Cuban bread and what did I order for my meal..seafood platter with yellow rice and the works..and a fruit dish. I ended up bringing it home. I think I had like about 6 bites and it was so salty..Mom had the same thing and she loves her salt and she even said it was to salty..Dh had it for dinner the next
Than I had a eye specialist appt yesterday which I dreaded. They usually put me on the this machine and it takes about 5-7 on each eye and when I am done, I could scream. My eyes are so sore and fatique and they usually do a dilation..but they did not do any of them and was so thrilled and lost a night of no sleep because of I go back in another 6 months..and I can drive again. as my eyes has not been tearing on me when I walk out the door or driving and can not see. It only has done it about a dozen times in the last 6 I am good for now..hope it stays this way. Now to get rid of the fear of driving since I haven't in 2 and half
I am working on some bookmarkers and when I started them I forgot to to felt them so had to start over again.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Paper Charms

These are paper charms I worked on yesterday and beaded them last night. I wasn't going to do anymore. I just got side track. I was looking for different types of paper to do some painting on and ran across a black (nature) paper. I called them nature at they have either flower petals, leaves, wheat and/or other stuff in them. These were thicker than the usually paper I have.
I use to belong to a club that sent me in a 16x16 square postal cardboard outsides. I always knew when they were here as the postal clerk had to bring it to the door. lol I think it was either for carding or scrap booking..kept up with it for over a year. The theme was usually for what is going on the the following month. I would get card stock, different types of paper, some ribbons, charms, beads, templates, instructions and so on. This is one of the paper, I wanted to make a black and white but ended up putting Lumiere metallic gold and copper and a little of blue over it and than added plastic that I painted with seta paint and fused it. I did try other stuff but looked ..I though it looked really nice and than added the beads. Now I will have to use a light medium gel or UTEE over them and embossing powders at the edges, gold.. I will add another black paper on the back since I am going to use a gel or utee. I am going to make a set of earrings and a pendant out of these. I will use a black cording for the necklace. I made enough for both of my sisters and a few left over.
I was trying to get into the mood of getting on with the art journals/challenges that I have ahead of me. Just could not get in the mood..So I will try again tomorrow.I just might need a break for a few days to refresh my mine. Sometimes this happens. lol

Friday, July 6, 2007

Christopher Nejman and Fiber and Wire Books

Two new books arrived. Yesterday I received my Fiber and Wire Beads & Jewelry by Lisa Vann. Wonderful book. Only paid $3 dollars for this book and looks like very new to me..Yes, I am getting into jewelry. My late uncle and aunt use to make jewelry in the early 90's..wish I took it up then, at least they would have been able to help me and also let me know who their suppliers were.
Another gonna be favorite book will be Christopher Nejman's Pillows came in today..What an awesome book. I used a lot of the threads and fabrics he has mentioned in his book so I will not have to buy much. I will learn from this book for sure. I use to make pillows when I had my ceramic/pottery business and my ex-sister in law did too and would sell them. But nothing like these..These would have sold like hot cakes. Ours were a lot larger though.

Add a bead or beads post cards

Received this bead a card pc yesterday, Thank you Tonia. it is lovely.
I started this last night and finished them so they could go out in the mail this morning. We had to do a pc and you could add a bead or beads. This is punching on the Huskystar ER10 of mine..boy do I love this machine. I have been working with only 4 needles for over a week now..Haven't broke one. Also not holding breath anymore as I push the peddle to the
This card has different colors of roving on the bottom, added Angelina fibers and than took some plastic film wrapped in tulle, so that it would adhere to the fibers of the fabric..Than I threw in a bunch of beads to see what I would used and the pearls won.. So I beaded the pearl following the contour of the film wrap all the way down. It is so pretty in person. Added fiber to the edges. I was experimenting again..the only way is to try and see how things go together. Click on the photo to get a larger view.
Now onto my book marker swap. I only have this and another 2 pcs to do and am done with swapping for awhile. I have classes I have to catch up on and some challenges and journals to do before September so I will be busy.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Flower ATC

I made 4 of these Flower ATC. The flower on the upper left is felted on stabilizer and than sewn onto the fabric. I added a leaf on the bottom. Theses are sunflowers. I added velvet paint, from my ceramic stash..(these were used on dry bisque and than fired and when it comes out of the kiln, it would have the look and fell of suede. I figure I had a few bottles left and if it gets fired in the kiln, why not on the fabric and heat gun, it trying to use these up..) on the cat tails, brown, to add more dimension, and blue on the outside of the worked. Holographic gold thread for some glitz..Than beaded where ever I could. I really and truly had fun doing these. This one so far an extra one. These are being sent out tomorrow morning for the Embellish group.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Red inches, charms and ATC received

Received ATC from Ellen and Book marker from Jean, thank you ladies these are awesome.
Received these today from Jean Spillane. These are for swap in 2 groups but I do get them mixed up. The ATC is great, I love the way Jean expanded the fields and love the post card and all the beads. Have to find out what size the larger green beads are. thank you Jean. I love them both.

Received these lovely art pieces today (7-18)from Marian from the UK. Flower ATC and Book marker. I would love to learn how to do the ribbon embroidery Marian did on her book marker. It is so pretty, thank you Marian. I love them both.

Received these today (7-17) from Liz. I hope she did not have anything else in the package as it came to be opened. Thank you Liz I love them both. I love ATCs.

Red Squares and ATC from Emmy S. and red squares from ? but I think it is from Liz H. thank you both, love the way you did your inches, Emmy. (7/16)

I worked on these for the last couple of days. Wanted to get these little ones done. The first 5 are inches that are not finished on the back side or sides. The person receiving them can display as they want. I do not much care for doing these as I felt the whole time doing them there were something did not have much embellishing for red so did the best I could..I used my African fabrics scraps to make these. I love to bead so most of mine has beading on them. The other 9 was just different ways I did my charms, these are finished ones. I made 32 of these. Now I can get back to doing other arts.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Charms Made

I made these charms over the weekend. I made 25 of them. 2 different techniques were used. On three of theses, I used a pretty fabric, laid cracked ice and Angelina fibers and than laid hand dyed cheesecloth and punch it with my embellisher machine. Than free motion on my sewing machine. Using a metallic thread and also the same thread for the satin stitch. The other two 2 charms I did punching of dyed scrims of different colors with Angelina fibers. On one of the charms, the butterfly is ribbon; one is added beads for the antennas; one is one of my fiber beads; one is a butterfly; beads front and back and one is beads on the outside with a tail. These are the back sides.

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