Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter's book

I have been trying to read Harry Potter's book and it has taken my this long to do so. I have my son and his wife over on Sunday and did not get to read it. But I love them over so.. Than when I woke this morning I was reading after I had done a few chores and what happens, our electricity goes out. that was at 1030 and it was off till 530 pm. 7 hours with none. Also the hottest part of the day.
I tried to sit out side but the sun was in our front yard so I had to try and read it at a window that had more light than the rest of them in my home. So I was getting a bit warm so went out outside about noon and the shade was there and read for about 2 hours but my eyes where getting tired..I put my ac on in my car and tried to read in it for about 20 minutes, it was very uncomfortable. so I came and took a nap. lol my dh came home about 530 and told him to get ready we are going to mom's place as it was getting a bit warmer and lo and behold the electricity came on. So I have about 100 pages to read and will finished it up tomorrow morning as I need to rest my eyes. It is a great book so if you are a Harry Potter fan do get it.

I finished reading it about 815 am this morning. It was such a nice read. 7-24

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