Sunday, July 29, 2007

Crochet Beaded Bracelet

I did it! Crocheted a beaded bracelet and let me tell you it was not that easy. I was going to take photos as I went along so I could show those interested how to do this, I have so many books and none of them showed how to hold the beads with the yarn and actually crocheting the beads. but guess what, my Sony digital camera is broke. It broke last night. So till next time I will just let you know it is all single crochet. I also learned how to knit or crochet the loop for your closure. My bead is a large one as I did not have any smaller one to use, but it works. I just crocheted it to the bracelet so it would be very strong and it is. This is suppose to a straight bracelet but it kept twisting, I feel like I had way to many beads as for each stitch there is a bead. I let it twist and than went from there and it does actually looks better than the other way.
Now onto knitting a bracelet, might a problem or take a very long time. I tried to use the knitting needles and my hands got very painful after 4 rows so do not know if I will even be able to knit with wire, when it comes in this week. we will see. I have to stop pretty soon as I have two deadlines for art quilts in September and it is getting here pretty fast. One for my flower power challenge and my 4 8x11 for my journal quilt, I have finally decided on what to do for my journals quilts something that is pleasing to eyes and something I love to do. I guess it will all depend if I get it done if not whatever I have done will be an addition to my dinning room walls. My flower power with be a Hibiscus as I love them and I do not feel I am a but a hibiscus..

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