Saturday, July 7, 2007

Paper Charms

These are paper charms I worked on yesterday and beaded them last night. I wasn't going to do anymore. I just got side track. I was looking for different types of paper to do some painting on and ran across a black (nature) paper. I called them nature at they have either flower petals, leaves, wheat and/or other stuff in them. These were thicker than the usually paper I have.
I use to belong to a club that sent me in a 16x16 square postal cardboard outsides. I always knew when they were here as the postal clerk had to bring it to the door. lol I think it was either for carding or scrap booking..kept up with it for over a year. The theme was usually for what is going on the the following month. I would get card stock, different types of paper, some ribbons, charms, beads, templates, instructions and so on. This is one of the paper, I wanted to make a black and white but ended up putting Lumiere metallic gold and copper and a little of blue over it and than added plastic that I painted with seta paint and fused it. I did try other stuff but looked ..I though it looked really nice and than added the beads. Now I will have to use a light medium gel or UTEE over them and embossing powders at the edges, gold.. I will add another black paper on the back since I am going to use a gel or utee. I am going to make a set of earrings and a pendant out of these. I will use a black cording for the necklace. I made enough for both of my sisters and a few left over.
I was trying to get into the mood of getting on with the art journals/challenges that I have ahead of me. Just could not get in the mood..So I will try again tomorrow.I just might need a break for a few days to refresh my mine. Sometimes this happens. lol

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