Saturday, September 27, 2008

My New computer is needing a part

Since I am on dh computer, he has no software to edit a photo..I have quite a few photos on my digital camera, but we will have to wait for Tuesday for the new video computer is only a little over 3 weeks old..first the mouse went and they sent that and now this..I told my dh that I wanted to take it back and get a new but he won't..He has the exact computer I I told if something happens to mine again, I was downloading everything that is in mine here..he is not happy about it..all he has to do is take it back by the 2nd of October, it will have been a month..
Last night I found a wonderful Autumn pattern for place mats and that is what I have been doing since about 1pm today..First thing I did was finish putting the corner fans on the Christmas quilt with the middle now it is in the pile of the other 10 quilts that needs to be but I will use my Janome for soon as I can get on it to learn it..nope haven't been but will this coming week..
I am almost done with the top part of the place mats..I did not make enough checkerboard for the borders so that was disappointed that I had to cut more strips and redo those but now I have to do is sew the tops and bottoms on 4 of the place mats...I am making 5 as Mom is always here for dinners and we always have only 4..for sure there won't be an addition in the family anytime soon it will do...I than iron on he leaves on one corner and I will sating stitch that on..than comes the batting and back, which I will use some novelty print of leaves and fall it can be reversible..I will use a leaf pattern to quilt the place mats...just taking a break for now.
I will add these photos as soon as I can..I like it a lot..for the pieces in the middle I had two prints with wheat on them and used them...
Have a great Sunday..hugs, Lorraine

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

4 Waterfalls photos one of Kauai and 3 of the same falls in Indiana

To see a better photo of the falls, please click on the photo and you see a larger version.
I had to end doing this in my Print Master which I really do not mind...takes up less space.
The top right photo is a photo I took on the island of that time I had a system to tell where it was taken..on the back it says #3 so till I find this paper work..I do not remember the falls name as there where so many on Kauai all of them beautiful..I had one of the big island and I do know the name but could not find it..but that is not the one I had chosen as it was really far way on the opposite site of the walls.. on of the big island's fall.
The next 3 photos is from my brother, Donald Lausterer of the same falls, sorry I have the name some where and will give it's name as soon as I find the the top right looks like it might have been during fall before winter and closer look at it. One on the lower left is during the summer, my favorite one..the lower right is the same falls but frozen..I would love to do this in a an art quilt..but there would not be much color to it..the only way I think I could do it is to have different white fabrics, sheers and so on...The one I am going to do for this class end up being the one on is a closer view. Thank you Donny and Kathy for sending them to me..I will end doing your falls one it is pretty too.

A note to those from a class-Waves and Waterfalls

I am having trouble loading the photos of my waterfall photos when I do I will let you all know..I am sorry...I think they are too large....oh how I hate learning new software and machines..will try again later on..going to shut down and see that will help..hugs, Lorraine

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Finished middle section and sewn down fans

Here it is and I think the golden leaves and berries did much for this quilt. Everything is done on it..the windows are there, smoke out of the chimney and I could not remove my name on the mail box, the stitching was so tiny, not one of my seam ripper could get it out nor none of my sharp embroidery scissors what I did was go over it with gold is okay but next time I will know to use a lighter thread!! What do you think? I have sewn the outer points with a decorative stitch..we iron the seams open and knew I did not want to do a stitch in the I am saving the middle part for quilting. I will add a backing fabric and do the quilting..but I have to square it and add the four corners to it..but to me the hard part is done..a lot of work for a 9 inch if it wasn't a Christmas quilt, it would have never been done...but I am one who loves to decorate at Christmas and go way out.
A closer look at the holly leaves and berries.
A closer look at the scene itself. I added more snow to the ends of the berries and leaves on the bottom part..Thank you for viewing my blog and leaving every one else I love receiving comments. hugs, Lorraine
I am having serious problems on my computer so if you do not see me here for the next couple of days you will know why..but please keep on checking..

Monday, September 22, 2008

New embroidery threads called Kreinik Facets-Petite and Regular sizes

My mail call today. I ordered these last week as I found them looking for different threads, embroidery, to use for a class that is coming up next month..not even sure if I can but will do my best to use them. These are called Kreinik Facets and comes in the regular and petite sizes. They look like beads are added to the threads..the photo above you can see the sheen on them..This will be something I am excited about using.You can purchase these at or
I had to clean out my threads storage and where I keep the ones I use all the time..I was getting caught with the loose threads on my chair and feet..I get in a hurry and do not put them away like I I went through all of them early, I mean early, this morning..I decided to count them and I can not believe I have 468 spools of thread..not counting my DMC thread and serger threads. I mostly have rayon and metallic..of all brands and different types of metallic..I have about a dozen cotton threads for machine quilting and hand quilting. So now they are nice and neat and I won't tangled up in them anymore..I placed a large order for the holographic threads that I am running out for the holidays..
This week is CSI week, all the new shows are I will have something to watch as I either knit or work on something by hand.
I am still having problems with this new computer that has Vista in it..I do not like the new Vista and would do anything if I could remove it and put in XP back in. to much security issues what do I do, I spend a lot of my value time trying to learn this and still haven't found time to learn my EQ6 or new sewing machine..My Corel Draw Suite 12, which I might have use a half dozen times does not work on this computer because Vista was not on the sad to pay so much money and two years later you can' t because you buy a new computer...this is how these people make money.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Investigation fronts of my vest

Now I really like this a lot. I knew if I did some embroidery and couching of fibers, it would take away that bold dark purple and bright did its job.
Here is a closeup of the embroidery done in blue holographic thread and the couching of fibers. They are not cut yet..when I get them cut I can add the lining and than sew them together..not sure if I will bother to do a reversible.

Bargello Blues fabric-purple run

I decided I wanted to do the purple run in Bargello Blues. I finally sent a photo in for the gallery as I have been having problems with photos and putting them here on the blog. I think this will be a pretty one..I am doing a small one..Next lesson we will learn how to design a bargello, I have mine in a sketch but needs a lot of work. from the left 2 and 3 are supposed to change with each other..

Oops I did the same photo twice below-closeup

Here is the closeup so sorry but if I try to delete one of them I usually end up losing the posting.

Finished middle section and added holly leaves

I finished my middle section..till I just noticed that my home is missing a window and smoke..easy to be fixed..I am putting holly leaves around the scene so the white edges doesn't show. I have to sew down the scene and than iron on the holly leaves and than I can finish this quilt for Nyla Morrison's Fancy That class. Below is a close up.
I used Tyvek, cellophane, sheer fabric for my snow..using while rayon thread so it has a sheen to it. I might add around the holly leaves some pine all depends..I think I have put enough time into this quilt already..what do you think about the holly leaves...

Friday, September 19, 2008

My new recliner-chair and fabrics

Here is my new chair and fabrics I choose last night. The photos is not doing it just justice at all..the fabric is a brown with specks of blue and green and whatever else..very pretty in peraon..the green fabric is going to be what I make my cushions out of..I bought a yard of each and pricey but worth it..I bought this chair and my mattresses at Samuel's Furniture in Cordova, Tn..ask for Gwen Lausterer/Carpenter...she will make you feel like a million dollars working with you..wonderful interior designer..if you live in the Memphis will be glad you I won't be getting either one for about 2 months..I laid ont he mattress last night and oh how I dreamth about it when I went to bed...but I will wait and it will be worth it..Found the perfect couch for Terry, dh, and we will put that one on lay will take us a year to pay it off..but it is gorgeous. My dh is 6'3" and this couch is 100 inches long and 45 inche deep..oh it is comfortable..I am and never have been a couch person..If I am going to lay down I will go to dh lives on his couch..and at our age, we deserve all the comforts of life now...
I had trouble posint these yesterday morning.

Middle section of Christmas Fan Quilt

After finishing doing the couching on my vest, I went to work on my little this is fun to me...even if it smaller..a bit challenging than a larger one. I still have more snow to put in but ran out of Tyvek and cellophane so will be doing that today..I was gong to put the lettering over on the snow but when I did a test on it, the lettering was so crooked and not even so it is now on the envelopes from the mail box minus the word home..but I think every one will know what I mean..still have to make the mail box look like it is open, just need some black to outline the hole are..I need to give the cardinal some "fuzzy top" lol..than figure out how I am going to put the snow over the rest of the trees, home and so forth..I may have to use a straight stitch as these are small and working with Tyvek and cellophane just did not do for me...or I could paint it on. I put sheer over the window and than made the added so much all ready.
Below is the close up of the the message to all..on the envelopes. What do you all think..the over circle will be encased with holly leaves and berries..still needs to done..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ruth Blanchet's new class at her website

I just signed up for a class that Ruth Blanchet will teaching in October...It is at her website where you can sign up for it..It is called the "Holly Wreath" Very simple art quilt..but by looking at you more than likely can do more if you wanted..I see place mats and a table runner for sure..I am excited about...sis is taken it to.. I did not know if I could copy her photo to put here so you will have to look for yourself.. Ruth has given me permission to display her photo here. Isn't it just so pretty...

Back of Vest that is couch with fibers

I have to put it in PrintMaster in order for this computer accepts my larger photos..Any here are two photos of the back of my vest with 3 different fibers.. I love doing this part in anything I do..I think it looked even better when I added the lime green fiber. I was going to do some fancy embroidery stitching with blue holographic thread and decided this is enough and no will remember what I have on the back when they see the I will now start on the front.
I put fusible interfacing on the backside so there would less shrinkage. There is very little. I will add beads to front but not in the I can see them bothering me when sitting in a chair.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mail Call for the last couple of weeks

I ordered this pattern a couple of weeks ago. This is called "Freedom" designed by Ruth Blanchet. She has a sale going on right now so if you are interested here is her website: I am really loving bargellos, they are really not that hard to sew up. I will probably do this sometime next year as it is the largest bargello I so far have done with Ruth. There is no more bargello classes at QU and was told there will not be any more. So I go to Ruth's site to keep me up on it..also she is going to be teaching a few classes starting in Nov that I will sign up for and so is my sis...One is a Christmas one and it looks fantastic.
CORRECTION HERE: Ruth will be teaching all of her Bargello classes at QU,( in fact her Bargello Twist is coming up soon...the one that really started me on doing Bargello quilts)..but no new class in the Bargello technique..sorry and I knew what I meant but not others...

I received Margie workbook for Cotton Dyeing Basic the end of August..This book is for dyer with all the special detail Marjie has put into it..pages for your recipes..for you swatches that you dyed..and so on..Made just us..wonderful workbook..I am glad I got it and signed too..a special note from Marjie makes it even can order this book at Marjie's website on the supply list on the bottom:
This is my EQ6 I received the other day..I went and viewed it..boy do I need some refresher lessons....and already taken the Sampler class at QU... It starts on the 17 of October..I will try with all that I do get in about 5-6 hours a week..hope that will help me along..I just love it...also you get to put 4 activations and that helps us as we have 2 computers and one laptop..some and I some, or maybe I should a lot of programs, you can only use it once and have to single ones for all computer being used.. I just do not know anymore..

You all should have the seen the hard time I had getting this into my blog..I just hope the text will be there..I had to load the photos and than go back and edit after trying about 5 times..have a wonderful day and hope I get my Adobe Photo software today...

Awning Damage from winds of Ike

These are not the greatest photos but than lately with all the new software just does do what my older version does.. I also might need a new I noticed the photos either have a blue dot of very pale like these..tried everything on the camera..
A branch fell from our oak tree yesterday morning after the horrible winds and rain we had. My dh still can figure out how it ended up on the awning facing a completely direction that where the tree is...we figure when the limb fell the wind must have turned it around for it to be the way it is..he will take photos tonight before removing it. He could removed yesterday as the roof was damp all day...safely and not worth one's life..
Now we just do not know what to do...we had so much problems with the guys that put this awning up and do not want them to do this job we are hoping state farm will give us the the money so we our shelves can find some one else to fix it...two of the panels are damaged and the long thing that holds the awning up is bent..this is where we had our bulge from before..we might just put in the extra money and put a wood one up...We still never did get the last pole that Mr Reed was going to pay for to have it put in....we have not called anyone on the contractor or subcontractor but have talked to a lawyer a few months ago before they fixed the awning..but still needs another pole as the weight is not distributed correctly...Can you all believe it..we just had this tree trimmed on the bottom Thursday...something is trying to tell us something and we are being stubborn about it..I should be able to have an awning any where I like, trees and all...have a great day..

Friday, September 12, 2008

Dr's appointment yesterday and chat

I went to see my Arthritis Dr. Adams yesterday. It was a good visit.
I never did get the results from my blood work so I asked him to tell exactly what was on it..Nothing...nothing, not even my psoriasis arthritis..which he and the nurse said it would not show up in blood work.. But he did tell me that the there was something in my blood work but he explained it to me like this..take an umbrella, you have the umbrella area and you have 7 spokes..the spokes are my antibodies that is going to the umbrella and doing fighting it..but the blood work did not tell what it was fighting..I was concerned that this was bad so I asked him was it good or bad and he smile and said it was very now I know there is absolutely nothing wrong with my blood...this is we have to work on getting rid of the pain and the skin I am going to be taken medication that I will start on Sunday evening..I start out with one pill and every Sunday after that I add another pill. Dr Adams did say it might make me nausea..yuck..than the 3rd week after taking the 3 pills I go and have my blood work done and see Dr Adams a week or so after to check on me to see if it is going to work for me..he is doing this very slowly, which I like and eventually if every thing goes right I will be taken about 5-7 pills on a Sunday takes awhile for results but I have the psoriasis one third of my life and the pain the last 3 years..I can wait and be patient if it works for me..
I have ordered the update for EQ5 to EQ6..and also a program to help me with my photos..they are out of portioned and the color is off..I hate new things..I like it simple and to the point..that is what my older version did..but the newer version decided to keep up with the other photo programs and now I can not get my photos to come out right...but won't stop till I do...I now am returning two programs....unless dh wants them for his would not be a problem if I did not take classes..on line....but I day I won't and than I can get rid of the programs..
My tree is gone, now I have a pile of wood chips in its slowly will fill the hole and than we can do some planning on the yard..they must have grin ed the surprise lilies around the tree as we just never got to dig them up..but I have plenty around my yard..
I have a Ricky Tims DVD that I bought a long time ago, about 2 years) never did get to view was in my folder and finally went through them tonight and found it so I will tonight..I am told it is good one.
My dh has shut down for 10 day..M-S, off Sunday, another 3 days...this mean he get no time off for anything...I usually have to cancel Dr apt. and have to pray that nothing happens to me..It was suppose to for 3 days..yeah right..they are always changing there minds that the employees never know what is going to happen, is one of his bosses that no cares about and he does know this too..So now I will cook up a storm over the weekend so he just has to reheat his meals as I can not wait for him to eat late....but maybe son number one will join me in a few of them...
Son number two is going to off for the weekend so we will feed his cat...have a nice weekend all..

Thursday, September 11, 2008

my vest values what do you think now

I have changed the left side to turquoise...does it look any better..there is more of the fabric with that purple on it..I am saving it for the front..this is for the back right now..or is the dark purple to much now..I will for sure have to go out and buy some if it is..I think so now that I am viewing it thank you Marilyn, Anne and Ruby for you input, it helps a I need more in put..thank you again, hugs, Lorraine

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Trouble shooting on moy values for my vest

I had planned on using four values in this vest...but pulled out the deep turquoise..when I did the light purple, dark purple and print..I just was not sure if it looks I did the light purple, print and than the dark purple...what do you all think? leave me a comment...this is something I am going to be wearing..need to get this vest done so I can get on the next..Carol Miller, dean of QU, is the teacher and her next one is something I love to do...couch yarns and stitches on to we will be doing scrunching, if you haven't done this, you do not what fun you are missing, tucks, and help me decide...thank you for viewing my blog..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tree Cutting photos

These are the photos I was busy taking today. there are more but only put these up....James, Sam and Chris has done a wonderful job..l.I can not believe they even raked up all the leaves in my yard..very neat...They will come back on Thursday to finished the job. thank you guys..

Having a bad hair day PC

I am putting this here because this is one of the photos that did get into one of the summer galleries of QU..I also won a package of goodies for this, 95 dollars worth..1st place in a group..Now this is having a bad hair

Monday, September 8, 2008

Moss Roses and Fall Tulips

Here are newest additions to my yard..Moss roses and my red tulips..yes they are..just different..the first owner of this home had them in the yard..and has bloomed every spring and this time of the year..We will have to dig them and my dutch irises on the other side to have our steps re cemented and enlarge..

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Autumn Table setting

I had fun redecorating my table setting for autumn. I made this scarecrow in 1986 while living in the home for about a month..or so. I am missing 3 crows that go on the his arms and one on the pumpkin...
A closer view.

Back side of scarecrow. look at the pig at the lower left..cute
Sorry for such large photos when you click on them but haven't figured out how to make them smaller yet..or work with scarecrow is a lot darker than the photo..this is not fun any more for me.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I have been busy

I have been so busy this week with dh off. We have out and about everyday and I am exhausted..Plus had a Dr.'s apt..
I have a new computer and trying to get use to Vista, which is not bad..I have new software..only one I am not happy with..I use ACDC for all my photos and such..but having to buy one to go with Vista is not like my old one..I have not yet figured out how to make my photos smaller like I did before...the box for the pixel/inches is gone, no more..the only way I so far can a smaller photo is to send it directly as an email and it sends it at 640..which is OK but anyway.
I have not played with my new machine..just have not had time..I printed lessons on 3 classes last evening and haven't even read them...this is not I am totally looking forward to Monday but than the tree cutter probably will be here so there's goes that..I do have apt on the 11th for the arthritis Dr..
With my family is what happened..He does not want me to have my cyst/tumor on my left side of the back of my neck removed..He said it is a fatty cyst..but told him with the pain that is now generating from their I wanted too..he than told me that unless it is for a disk or is a place that takes longer to I asked him if this is a cyst that will have others on my body did..and would they wrap around my neck bone..he said no but it could, if they have feelers and he he did not think so, they would wrap around my nerve..and I would feel it..told I did not want to wait for that kind of pain...well looks like I am..He is checking my potassium count to see what is causing the cramps in both calves when I get up in the about hurting...this hurts..I have been drinking all the water my body can no more please..We find out how good my sugar is next week.
Tomorrow we will go to the movies..than I will have my family over and it has been a long two sons, mom and us..I am making Chicken Kiev, which I haven't in years..
Went to Cosco's for the first time yesterday, boy I could go crazy in this store..we decided to visit this store at lease every other month for the My youngest son added me to his membership.Thanks, Terrance
I finally had my sun glasses taken care of today and do not know when they will return..can't wait till this is done...just think I started this in Dec of last year...for 3 pairs of glasses...I had to two episodes with my eyes last morning, I awoke not being able to see clearly for almost 3 hours..a few days later my right eye felt mussy...very soft and not hard at all Ask Dr Reed what cause it...he did not know..he had never heard this and oh well...
Reed construction and the sub contractor, Norton's never did come and put in the last this still needs to finalized..and done with period.
Have a great Sunday.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Middle section for Christmas wreath fan-not finished

Here I have finally with tiny piece finally got all the pieced on here to start sewing them on and than get on to the fun part..thread painting in trees, fence and so on..than add the this I am looking forward too..I am using two different techniques in putting the snow in and if it works than I can work on my brother's photo he sent me of where he lives waterfall that is cool is that... Do not know when I will be able to get back to this because dh is home and we seem to have been going somewhere every I work in between all else..You all should have seen my first mail box..the cardinal was the size it is now but the box was a lot smaller and he was towering over the mail box..back to the drawing board...I drew that cardinal looking at a photo on line so hope it passes.. I will use a black seed bead for the eye..I am also putting this in here as dh has transferred all my stuff to the new computer but the program I have used for the last 5 years, he could not and am worried of what I will have to do...learn something new, I do not have the time with the new computer and new sewing machine..where is the time for anything else new..but not complaining, just grumbling a little because I wish I had more hours in a day to all that I would love to do or wish we did not need so much sleep, rather be playing than have a great morning and day..

Monday, September 1, 2008

Memphis Folklore Music Festival 2008

After about a dozen photos, this is all that came out..I only took one photo and that was the one with dh and son..My dh is not use to digital camera..when carries a camera it is those old fashion huge that has to be develop..Most of the ones he took here, were double visions from moving while taking the photos..just click to see a larger version.
This is what we bought from the vendors at the festival. I always support them when going to some place like this as they did me when I was a vendor at festival and craft shows..and it never fails, I always find something I can not live We all had a good time...We now have done this for the last 2 years for my birthday and Labor Day...what fun it was..I love listening to the different bands and the most enjoyable one was the band Calypso music and to look at them in the way they dress..just to make larger..

My brother's bathroom being remodeled due to mold

These photos are from my brother's Don bathroom being remodeled. They bought the home not knowing it had a mold problem. I was told that in Indiana, a lot of the older homes do some some mold..Their bathroom was loaded as you can see in the first two photos.. Mold can cause some serious damage to one's lungs. Also keep a cold from getting better. I have read up about is something I am glad I do not have..I know because we removed our tile area and put the laminated preform thing... and love it..the tile was not taking care of by the previous owner and was so hard to keep up with. I am so glad you all have done this..Don and Kathy, you air in home is so much better, I bet.. These are photos of what my brother, Don, found on a field somewhere, you can read where in the quote I pasted with the photos..from Kathy..Kathy, I would love it too and it is so pretty with your roses..wonderful fine you all. Sorry for the misspell words in your spell checker said they were all right..little does it know they are Please if you want to view a larger photo, just click on the photo and another window will come up with a larger photo...thank you for viewing my blog.

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