Monday, September 15, 2008

Mail Call for the last couple of weeks

I ordered this pattern a couple of weeks ago. This is called "Freedom" designed by Ruth Blanchet. She has a sale going on right now so if you are interested here is her website: I am really loving bargellos, they are really not that hard to sew up. I will probably do this sometime next year as it is the largest bargello I so far have done with Ruth. There is no more bargello classes at QU and was told there will not be any more. So I go to Ruth's site to keep me up on it..also she is going to be teaching a few classes starting in Nov that I will sign up for and so is my sis...One is a Christmas one and it looks fantastic.
CORRECTION HERE: Ruth will be teaching all of her Bargello classes at QU,( in fact her Bargello Twist is coming up soon...the one that really started me on doing Bargello quilts)..but no new class in the Bargello technique..sorry and I knew what I meant but not others...

I received Margie workbook for Cotton Dyeing Basic the end of August..This book is for dyer with all the special detail Marjie has put into it..pages for your recipes..for you swatches that you dyed..and so on..Made just us..wonderful workbook..I am glad I got it and signed too..a special note from Marjie makes it even can order this book at Marjie's website on the supply list on the bottom:
This is my EQ6 I received the other day..I went and viewed it..boy do I need some refresher lessons....and already taken the Sampler class at QU... It starts on the 17 of October..I will try with all that I do get in about 5-6 hours a week..hope that will help me along..I just love it...also you get to put 4 activations and that helps us as we have 2 computers and one laptop..some and I some, or maybe I should a lot of programs, you can only use it once and have to single ones for all computer being used.. I just do not know anymore..

You all should have the seen the hard time I had getting this into my blog..I just hope the text will be there..I had to load the photos and than go back and edit after trying about 5 times..have a wonderful day and hope I get my Adobe Photo software today...

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