Monday, September 15, 2008

Awning Damage from winds of Ike

These are not the greatest photos but than lately with all the new software just does do what my older version does.. I also might need a new I noticed the photos either have a blue dot of very pale like these..tried everything on the camera..
A branch fell from our oak tree yesterday morning after the horrible winds and rain we had. My dh still can figure out how it ended up on the awning facing a completely direction that where the tree is...we figure when the limb fell the wind must have turned it around for it to be the way it is..he will take photos tonight before removing it. He could removed yesterday as the roof was damp all day...safely and not worth one's life..
Now we just do not know what to do...we had so much problems with the guys that put this awning up and do not want them to do this job we are hoping state farm will give us the the money so we our shelves can find some one else to fix it...two of the panels are damaged and the long thing that holds the awning up is bent..this is where we had our bulge from before..we might just put in the extra money and put a wood one up...We still never did get the last pole that Mr Reed was going to pay for to have it put in....we have not called anyone on the contractor or subcontractor but have talked to a lawyer a few months ago before they fixed the awning..but still needs another pole as the weight is not distributed correctly...Can you all believe it..we just had this tree trimmed on the bottom Thursday...something is trying to tell us something and we are being stubborn about it..I should be able to have an awning any where I like, trees and all...have a great day..

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