Friday, September 19, 2008

My new recliner-chair and fabrics

Here is my new chair and fabrics I choose last night. The photos is not doing it just justice at all..the fabric is a brown with specks of blue and green and whatever else..very pretty in peraon..the green fabric is going to be what I make my cushions out of..I bought a yard of each and pricey but worth it..I bought this chair and my mattresses at Samuel's Furniture in Cordova, Tn..ask for Gwen Lausterer/Carpenter...she will make you feel like a million dollars working with you..wonderful interior designer..if you live in the Memphis will be glad you I won't be getting either one for about 2 months..I laid ont he mattress last night and oh how I dreamth about it when I went to bed...but I will wait and it will be worth it..Found the perfect couch for Terry, dh, and we will put that one on lay will take us a year to pay it off..but it is gorgeous. My dh is 6'3" and this couch is 100 inches long and 45 inche deep..oh it is comfortable..I am and never have been a couch person..If I am going to lay down I will go to dh lives on his couch..and at our age, we deserve all the comforts of life now...
I had trouble posint these yesterday morning.


Ruby said...

Lorraine, your chair looks like a Morris recliner from the 1920's. Very Arts and Craft period of furniture. I'm with Terry. Love my couch!

LorraineS said...

Hi Ruby, This is a Thomasville Chair/Recliner. One that you sit on and it goes back and when you get up, it comes up with knobs on the sides. This is what I needed for my comfort when relaxing...Never did get the name of it but will now..Curious minds wants to It is so comfortable that I am afraid when I take breaks, it won't be breaks and more than likely I have never been a couch I do not lay on a couch..I figure that is why we have beds...His family is for sure couch people..all of them..My step dad was always sleeping on the couch..but we kids, 5, always sat on the chairs we had.. I will take a photo of the couch we are going to put on layaway for Terry tomorrow night as we are going back and put some money down on pay for my mattress..all foam or what ever..I hope I will be able to get out of bed when it arrives in about 6-8 weeks, for both..hugs, Lorraine

Anonymous said...

Its looking fine, you can find more Recliner Chairs here…..

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