Monday, September 1, 2008

Memphis Folklore Music Festival 2008

After about a dozen photos, this is all that came out..I only took one photo and that was the one with dh and son..My dh is not use to digital camera..when carries a camera it is those old fashion huge that has to be develop..Most of the ones he took here, were double visions from moving while taking the photos..just click to see a larger version.
This is what we bought from the vendors at the festival. I always support them when going to some place like this as they did me when I was a vendor at festival and craft shows..and it never fails, I always find something I can not live We all had a good time...We now have done this for the last 2 years for my birthday and Labor Day...what fun it was..I love listening to the different bands and the most enjoyable one was the band Calypso music and to look at them in the way they dress..just to make larger..

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