Friday, September 12, 2008

Dr's appointment yesterday and chat

I went to see my Arthritis Dr. Adams yesterday. It was a good visit.
I never did get the results from my blood work so I asked him to tell exactly what was on it..Nothing...nothing, not even my psoriasis arthritis..which he and the nurse said it would not show up in blood work.. But he did tell me that the there was something in my blood work but he explained it to me like this..take an umbrella, you have the umbrella area and you have 7 spokes..the spokes are my antibodies that is going to the umbrella and doing fighting it..but the blood work did not tell what it was fighting..I was concerned that this was bad so I asked him was it good or bad and he smile and said it was very now I know there is absolutely nothing wrong with my blood...this is we have to work on getting rid of the pain and the skin I am going to be taken medication that I will start on Sunday evening..I start out with one pill and every Sunday after that I add another pill. Dr Adams did say it might make me nausea..yuck..than the 3rd week after taking the 3 pills I go and have my blood work done and see Dr Adams a week or so after to check on me to see if it is going to work for me..he is doing this very slowly, which I like and eventually if every thing goes right I will be taken about 5-7 pills on a Sunday takes awhile for results but I have the psoriasis one third of my life and the pain the last 3 years..I can wait and be patient if it works for me..
I have ordered the update for EQ5 to EQ6..and also a program to help me with my photos..they are out of portioned and the color is off..I hate new things..I like it simple and to the point..that is what my older version did..but the newer version decided to keep up with the other photo programs and now I can not get my photos to come out right...but won't stop till I do...I now am returning two programs....unless dh wants them for his would not be a problem if I did not take classes..on line....but I day I won't and than I can get rid of the programs..
My tree is gone, now I have a pile of wood chips in its slowly will fill the hole and than we can do some planning on the yard..they must have grin ed the surprise lilies around the tree as we just never got to dig them up..but I have plenty around my yard..
I have a Ricky Tims DVD that I bought a long time ago, about 2 years) never did get to view was in my folder and finally went through them tonight and found it so I will tonight..I am told it is good one.
My dh has shut down for 10 day..M-S, off Sunday, another 3 days...this mean he get no time off for anything...I usually have to cancel Dr apt. and have to pray that nothing happens to me..It was suppose to for 3 days..yeah right..they are always changing there minds that the employees never know what is going to happen, is one of his bosses that no cares about and he does know this too..So now I will cook up a storm over the weekend so he just has to reheat his meals as I can not wait for him to eat late....but maybe son number one will join me in a few of them...
Son number two is going to off for the weekend so we will feed his cat...have a nice weekend all..

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